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GrowthAccelerator Strategy


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Strategy Leadership - Six Question Challenge - Will you benefit from GrowthAcclerator? - Take the Challenge and find out. Answer Six Simple Questions, if any answers are "NO" then GrowthAccelerator may be for you. Read my introduction to GrowthAccelerator at and then get in touch with me today!

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GrowthAccelerator Strategy

  1. 1. The Six Minute Strategist Business Strategy, Frameworks for Growth GrowthAccelerator Strategy© John colley 2013
  2. 2. GrowthAccelerator Strategy 1. Do you have a clear business strategy? 2. Have you analysed your internal strengths and weaknesses? Business Access to 3. Are you aware of the opportunities and threats facing your business? Development Finance 4. Are you clear where you want to be in three years time? 5. Have you evaluated your competitors strengths and weaknesses? 6. Have you carefully evaluated your routes to growth? Coaching Growth Leadership & & Training Accelerator Management If the Answer to any of these is “NO”, Innovation GrowthAccelerator may be for You Masterclasses and IP© John colley 2012
  3. 3. GrowthAccelerator John Colley, The Six Minute Strategist A Registered and Approved Coach for Growth Accelerator helping Ambitious Businesses to achieve rapid and sustainable growth by providing tailored expert advice Want to Learn More? Business Access to Development Finance Contact Me Today Coaching Growth Leadership & & Training Accelerator Management 07813 672 612 Visit my WebSite To Learn More Masterclasses Innovation and IP Achieve Your Business Ambition!© John colley 2012