Final Idea (sort of) Presentation.


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  • Final Idea (sort of) Presentation.

    1. 1. Untitled.
    2. 2. Setting. Although Thriller Films are typically set in an urbanenvironment, we plan on transitioning between ruraland urban areas with use of a flash back.We felt that disregarding the general settingconventions of thriller films would create a moreinteresting atmosphere in the opening seconds of ourfilm.This also allows us to be more experimental and variedwith our use of music and FX.
    3. 3. Locations.Rural. Single tree.Old fashioned (If possible) interior of car.Dark street from inside car.
    4. 4. Characters.Our main characters are based on ideas similar tothese.The man obviously being mysterious and the womanbeing very glamourous.We are aiming to achieve a 50’s look.
    5. 5. Narrative Outline.Mid shot of hanging legs.Camera pans around and moves up to the hidden faceof main male character.Close up of the hidden face.First POV shot of watch which is a recurring feature.
    6. 6. Narrative Outline.Flash back begins. We now move to the urbanenvironment, but seen from inside the car.The watch is shown again whilst driving and when thedoor is opened to let in the woman.Woman enters car - The camera moves outside andthe car drives off , steadily getting further and furtheraway.
    7. 7. Narrative OutlineThe scene changes and now the character is in anurban area, walking down a city street.Whilst walking down the street our character bumpsinto another man and you don’t see his face until hehas passed; its the same person.The opening then ends and you are left with thequestions, ‘why is there two of them?’, ‘who is theperson hanging in the tree?’
    8. 8. Narrative OutlineWe know what to know what you think.Is there anything you don’t understand?anything you think we could improve on?or anything we could add?
    9. 9. Ideas/Messages/ThemesPhysiological Thriller.Film Noir.The fragility of the human mind.How easily we can be deceived by senses and howthat can affect our actions.
    10. 10. Target AudienceSocial Climbers and Aspires.We picked these because we thought they wouldunderstand the complex nature of the film.
    11. 11. Conventions Used.Narrative retardation.Flash backs.Enigmatic characters.Plot twists.Red Herrings.
    12. 12. Problems and SolutionsHaving to film the same character twice in one shot. -To solve this, we could use cinematic effects or editingtechniques. But to save time and effort, We will use along shot displaying two characters of a similar sizebuild.Hiring a classic car may be expensive or not possible. -We can shoot a newer car in different camera angleshiding the fact this fact.