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Apps for Jazzers


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This is a presentation on some of the great apps available for musicians of all types.

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Apps for Jazzers

  1. 1. TRANSCRIBING – AMAZING SLOW DOWNER (ASD) Amazing Slow Downer – APS Lite - $14.99
  2. 2. TRANSCRIBING - ROBICK Robick - $2.99 – allows you to adjust by cents, nice aesthetic interface
  3. 3. TRANSCRIBING - ANYTUNE Anytune – Free / $14.99 Pro – lots of options, looping, EQ, raise and lower pitch and tempo
  4. 4. TRANSCRIBING - MIMI COPY mimiCopy - $4.99 – best for setting loops
  5. 5. TRANSCRIBE! SOFTWARE (DESKTOP APP) This software is amazing! $39 well spent The software will tell you which notes are being played with a visual representation on the keyboard. Green and Red dots on the keyboard indicate notes in tune or out of tune.
  6. 6. METRONOME – FROZEN APE Frozen Ape - $1.99 – you can easily create playlists and set emphasis on certain beats Goes by Tempo or Metronome
  7. 7. METRONOME – METRO TIMER MetroTimer – free, includes light
  8. 8. ALL-AROUND MARCHING BAND DIRECTOR HELPER APP: A.P.S. MUSIC MASTER BY BARNHOUSE $2.99 Tuner Metronome View Scores as PDF and mark them up Glossaries Record Audio (wave file, so very large)
  9. 9. TUNER – TE TUNER (TONAL ENERGY TUNER) $3.99 You can select the instrument, and it will tell you how many cents sharp/flat. Tone Generator Analysis of waveform (you can see all the harmonics)
  10. 10. Cleartune – 3.99 Pano Tuner - free TUNERS
  11. 11. EAR TRAINING – A.P.S. TRAINING TUNER $2.99 This app will play two tones and you have to guess if the second is sharp, flat, or the same Made by Barnhouse publishing company
  13. 13. SCALES LEXICON $4.99 iphone.html
  14. 14. FINGERINGS APP $7.99 Fingering App is by Patrick Q. Kelly Interactive fingering charts for woodwinds and brass
  15. 15. IREAL B $7.99 Displays and plays chord progressions. Download songs from website
  16. 16. IGIGBOOK – MOBILE SHEET READER $14.99 Mobile sheet music manager (allows you to see the melody/lyrics/chords) This app is basically an index of all the real books. Import your real book PDFs and they can be easily searched and viewed. Playlist features Auto turn pages with another synced device
  17. 17. FORSCORE – IPAD SHEET MUSIC MANAGER $6.99 Ever wanted to get rid of those heavy big band books? Auto turn pages with a foot pedal (purchased separately) Pay for sheet music through the app Create links to hand repeats
  19. 19. SCANNING APPS (TO SCAN SHEET MUSIC) CamScanner - free TurboScan - $1.99
  20. 20. FINALE SONGBOOK FOR IPAD Free View, play, print any finale file View and print PDF files Use AirTurn Page turner
  21. 21. CD METRONOME This isn’t an app, it’s just CDs of audio files you can purchase from: Practice with your own personal live drummer. Why use a metronome when you can infinitely adjust your own drummer? $22 per CD
  22. 22. ITABLA PANDIT Indian drone Use this app to warm up, play with scales, experiment Ingred Jensen’s favorite app
  23. 23. RECORDING APPS GarageBand $4.99 TinyVox Pro $9.99
  24. 24. SOUNDCLOUD Free Music social networking site Discover new music Record rehearsals and concerts Post private or public Record to MP3
  25. 25. OTHER COOL APPS Shazam or SoundHound – app will identify any song iBone SoundGecko – take the text from any website and turn it into an audio file Cloud storage – SkyDrive, Google Drive, iCloud Mercury – slow to load but it’s the fastest internet browser Evernote – organize your life, record to very small files (low quality) BlogPress – use for updating your wordpress site or blog Waze – crowd source your traffic info Virtuoso Piano GrooveShark – currently in litigation, this app is like Napster, android/jailbroken iphone only Mog, Rdio, Spotify – subscribe to listen to 9 mil songs Movie Pro – best video recorder Instagram – pics and videos (new!) Animoto – make slide shows very easily Scribd
  26. 26. YOUTUBE – MORE THAN A VIDEO SITE YouTube is the second most used search engine, just behind Google New trend: posting videos of transcriptions matched to music Rob Egerton – hundreds of trombone transcriptions McKenzieBone – The Eminent Vol.2 JJ Johnson Solo Transcriptions as a playlist!
  28. 28. MY FAVORITE LEARNING APP - STITCHER Stitcher – you can find a podcast on anything. Example: Soundcheck Podcast – Colin Stetson