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Welcome to the House of Mirrors!We're Calgary's number one resource for your glass and mirror needs, custom frames, and much more! Since 1987, our showroom has been popular with homeowners, builders, and designers for hundreds of miles around. It isn't just because we have Alberta's best selection of high-quality shower doors, framed mirrors, architectural glass, and hundreds of other impossible-to-find glass and mirror products, but also friendly, helpful service with a smile. For more info.

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Glass Replacement

  1. 1. Mirror - The Beauty of HomesIt is said that you can see your real image only in a mirror. Apart from this, mirrors bringbeauty to your home. Reflecting light or sound is the property of mirror. It can be found indifferent shapes and sizes. For your protection, there are a few varieties that can also filterout some wavelengths. It is a delicate accessory and so needs to be carried very carefully.Industrial machinery telescopes, cameras and lasers are some scientific apparatus wheremirrors are used. Depending on the substrate suitability, a reflective coating is applied forits manufacturing. Rigidity, transparency, smooth finishing and ease of fabrication are thequalities of glass and due to this reason glass is also used for its manufacturing.On the basis of the materials quality as well as standard, the price can be decided. Forexample, the ones that are made up of either bronze or silver are the most expensiveones. There are many types that are more affordable as well. These can be placedanywhere in your house or office such as bedroom, bathroom, dining hall. For decoratingthe walls in your home you can use wall mirrors. There are varieties of wall mirrors thatyou can get on the market made up of different materials with different shapes. The bestpart about purchasing them is that, other than getting them from the market you caneven get them online. Depending on the color of your wall, you can choose your wallmirrors.You can get the suppliers all over the world. It can be crafted by using optimum qualitymaterials. There are a myriad of designs you can choose to decorate your home. There isone that will suit everyones taste, whether its classic or modern. As per the customerschoice they can be also be customized so that you get a mirror that is made just for youand you can be sure that it is one-of-a-kind. Mirrors are the best accessories that you canchoose for decorating your home or office. It is available in round, oval, square and manymore shapes. It has a wide variety of ranges depending upon the material it is made of asit can be made of bronze, later silver, glass. Get the most versatile accessory for yourhome or office to make it look chic and sophisticated without having to go overboard.Shower is used to conserve the water as a person bathes in a high speed of water streamin the form of spray. Advantages of Using Sliding Glass DoorsMost of us dream of owing a large palatial house but very few of us actually achieve them.The reason is simple, they are too costly for us and hence we have to satisfy ourselveswith the house we build with our limited income. But, with a witty usage of glass doors wecan surely add some extra dimension to our house. No, these doors do not add extraspace but they surely give an impression or rather illusion of large space. Besides thespace, these glass doors allow the light to easily pass which helps in the overall brightnessof the house.Sliding glass doors are highly popular these days because of their ability to create space inthe house. Since they side horizontally so there is no issue of space cramping as in thecase of conventional doors that open inside out. The sliding effect is achieved eitherthrough bottom rolling or they are top hung. In the earlier times, they were generally used
  2. 2. in the wardrobes but now days they are also being installed in the rooms or while creatinga partition in the house. The sliding doors are advantageous in the way that you can addthe space by slide-opening these doors and when the purpose is solved you can createprivacy by closing them. However, these doors are not only used because they help increating more spacious looks rather they also add to the attractive looks of the house andneatly designed glass doors look highly elegant in the house. They are also being usedextensively in offices fro the reasons mentioned above.As the lights easily seep through these doors so you end up saving some money becausein the day-time you will not need to switch on the light. You can bring the nature withinthe house or create this effect just by opening the curtains during the day time. If yourhouse is having conventional wooden doors then it is time that you though about installingthe sliding glass doors. It is better to take the suggestions of an interior designer who canhelp you with easy and attractive glass replacements. Once the look shave been finalizedthen you can talk to the professional agencies that can install the sliding door. However,you will need to clean these doors regularly as the glass doors look nice only when theyare clean. So, with a little bit of maintenance, you can enjoy a palatial house in the smallspace itself. Widen Your Horizon with Glass Door and WindowsLiving in a small space doesnt necessarily mean living all cramped up and confined to thelimits defined by the space. With a little bit of creativity, some easy tricks and the limitlessopportunities with glass work, you can open up a house as small as a studio apartmentand make it look large and beautiful. Here are some tricks that you can use to widen upyour horizons using glass door and panes, mirrors, colors and the right furniture.Before you move in the furniture, it is important to have a rough idea about the interiordecoration you will use. You can plan out which rooms to dedicate for what purpose suchas dining room for eating, bedroom for rest and relaxation and plan the focus of the roomaccordingly. So for dining space, the focus should be the dining table and in bedroom, itwill be the bed. Next, identify the need to use partitions to separate and dedicate samespace for different activities. For example, if you have a living room and no dining space,you could use a partition and create 2 different zones.Having chalked out the sections and rooms and identified the focus, it is now time toinstall glass door wherever required. For example in the bathroom, you can use glassshower doors to separate the section for shower from the wash basin. This not only makesthe small bathroom appear bigger but also separates different activity areas. In yourdrawing room, replacing wooden or other opaque partitions with glass not only makes thespace appear bigger but also permeates natural light better. You can also use glassreplacement in other rooms such as in your kitchen where glass doors help you locatethings better and also reflect lights to make it look brighter.
  3. 3. Now, its time to color the walls. You can use colors of lighter shades to do the walls andthe ceiling as light shades give a feeling of vastness. It opens up the rooms and alsoreflects natural light that makes the rooms brighter and wider. You can use white, peachor any light shade of green, violet, blue or even pink. Make sure the curtains are darkcolored as well, and also not made of heavy material. Light georgette or chiffon makeswonderful curtain materials. Light curtains on glass door and windows make a wonderfulcombination to give an illusion of big rooms. Glass doors: a new age materialDoors have been used and are still being used by people belonging to different civilizationsfor providing security to their house. Things have changed and today, doors not onlyprovide security to a house but also give it a classy and contemporary look to the decor ofthe house.The advancement in technology has made it possible to use various innovative materialsfor making doors. Glass is one such material that is being extensively used for makingdoors these days. Toughened Calgary glass door is idyllic for making doors as it is verystrong and gives an elegant and cheerful look to the room.A glass door can be used in multiple ways. It can be used as a sliding door or as aframeless door. Sliding glass doors can work both as a door as well as a partition at thesame time. These doors offer great flexibility in terms of design and are very easy tomaintain and clean. They come in frosted, laminated, mirrored and different designs.Frosted glass doors are perfect for being used in bathrooms as they are translucent andprovide an adequate amount of privacy. The biggest advantage of using glass door is, itallows light to pass through it which helps in saving daylight and keeps room lighted.A wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs are available in decorative glass doors. Forthose ones who like it simple yet classy looking glass door for giving a contemporary lookto the interior of their house. Gold and silver finishes glass doors is also widely availablewhich provides a grand look to the openings in the exterior of the house and offices.Stained glass doors are of fancy types and are often used as front doors. This decorativeCalgary glass door looks perfect when the house has nice exterior colors. Stained glassdoors are often used as cabinet doors and they give a graceful look to the kitchen areaand the living areas. Now days custom made glass doors are also available which adds tothe advantage of glass.The fact is that all types of glass doors perfectly compliment the interior and exteriordesigns scheme of a house and add to its beauty and ambience. One can even showcaseyour shower tile by picking an enclosure without any frame at all. Stores offer variousglass types, door styles and frame colors and that too in a single store. When upgradingtheir shower attachments home owners today have various substitutes to choose from.Different glass doors are a glass replacement which was prior restricted to windows. Theglass doors have proved a new age material in its uses and advantages.
  4. 4. Frameless Glass Shower Doors: Safe, Convenient, and ClassyEverybody wishes for a house that is comfortable and unique in its own way. People spendlot of money and time in customizing every part of their homes according to their ownpreferences and tastes. A bathroom is an important part of a house and people make surethat it does not lag behind the rest of the house in terms of style and comfort. They keeptheir bathrooms clean and sprayed with fresh scent so that they can enjoy spending theirtime alone with themselves while taking a shower. People spend a lot of money indecorating their bathrooms with things such as luxury bathroom fittings, accessories, andmirrors for making it more elegant and stylish.These days, most of the contemporary modern houses being built or reconstructed givesignificant importance to the shower area. The goal of achieving an attractive and relaxingshower area can be achieved easily with the help of new frameless glass shower doors.These add to the decorative components fitted inside a modern bathroom and lend a greatlook to the overall décor of the house. Compatibility is an important factor to considerwhen you ask a glass replacement company to show you something for your bathroom.Frameless doors are just perfect for a bathroom. They have made the use of showercurtains obsolete with their looks and utility.There are people who are always looking for something different and new for decoratingtheir homes. Frameless glass doors are just ideal for such people as they offer a uniqueblend of modern feel and class. For those who are conscious about style and fashion andare worried that what they might buy today will become old fashioned tomorrow should gofor glass doors as they never go out of fashion. These doors make even a simple bathroomlook like a sophisticated spa like space. Calgary glass doors have become a synonym formodern living and style. These glass enclosures are extremely attractive and offer manymore benefits than the ordinary shower curtains. Installation of these doors gives you aspacious and soothing feeling when you enter the shower area.Frameless Calgary glass doors are available in a variety of designs and structures. This isalso one of the reasons for a majority of people shifting to these elegant doors from theirtraditional enclosures. Unlike framed doors, frameless doors are easy to clean because oftheir sleek design, which provides you easy access to the complete surface area of thedoor. Some people are somewhat apprehensive about the safety aspects of these doors.The fact is that these doors are made from tempered glass, which is extremely strong anddurable. It is almost impossible to break them with any human force. In the unlikely eventof breaking of this glass, it will break into small round pieces that would not harm anyonestanding by the door, which makes them completely safe for use.