House Of Denim Project Update August 2009


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A project update about the 'House of Denim' project to set up a sustainable denim production facility in the Netherlands

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House Of Denim Project Update August 2009

  1. 1. House of Denim Project Update - 31st of August 2009 An initiatieve to explore the feasibility, viability and optimal set up of a sustainable denim production platform in the Netherlands. FRONTEER STRATEGY INNOVATION. CO-CREATION. BRAND DEVELOPMENT. ‘House of Denim’ - Project update August 2009 Earlier this year, we launched a project to explore the feasibility, viability and optimal set up of a sustainable denim production platform in the Netherlands. After interviewing industry experts and setting up hypotheses, we invited professionals on Linked-In to comment and offer input. Many of you did, for which we are very grateful. Your input has been both encouraging and inspiring; many of you emphased the importance of combining knowledge with the opportunity to experiment. Also, we were pointed in the direction of yarn developments based on alternatives such as hemp and nettles, as well as recycled post- consumer fibres (recycled jeans). We have incorporated much of your input and will be discussing next steps in the project soon. First up is a meeting with project partners at the City of Almere, most likely followed by the development of an in-depth business plan and identification of partnership opportunities. You will find our updated concept on the next page. As before, we welcome your input and suggestions - and commit to keeping you informed of developments. House of Denim
  2. 2. Updated ‘House of Denim’ Concept (August 2009) After input from international experts and professionals (thanks, LinkedIn group members), the original 5-point House of Denim concept has been enriched to include 9 elements. 0. Sustainable Yarn buying/co- development expertise. Aim is to 8. Dutch Sustainable Denim Store stimulate the development of yarns from eco- Retail outlet specialising in Dutch and friendly alternatives to cotton, like nettles or Sustainable denim brands, potentially run hemp, potentially also using post-consumer 1. Artisanal Mill. An crafts facility that by retail education course. fibres (recycled jeans), sustainably dyed. makes high-grade artisanal selvedge denim, using traditional looms (as well as potentially more modern machines too).Makes different 7. Denim Master Atelier Top-level sewing grades/weights of denim, for sale or use by shop that specialises in the production of own sweatshop & other brands. samples, complicated denim garments/show pieces. Also produces the House of Denim’s own 2. World of Denim. A museum-exhibit style jeans for sale. craft display installation that shows the steps necessary to get from a plant to a pair of jeans. For education of students, denim loves, shop 6. Denim College Facility for crafts education: staff etcetera. Also shows the environmental sewing shop that trains students in the impact. techniques and craft of sewing & making jeans and other (simpler) denim products. 3. Denim Archive A reference & inspiration library for denim developers 5. Denim & Sustainability and -lovers. Library of books, magazines Knowledge Center Center for and objects relating to denim production development & exchange of and collection of vintage jeans, focusing knowledge on matters of denim & 4. Blue Lab R&D facility for designers and on fabric, wash, treatments and styles of sustainability. Possibly a university participating brands to experiment with denim. chair. (preferably sustainable) yarns, fabrics, dyes, weaving methods, washes and treatments. House of Denim Prinsengracht 76 1015 DX Amsterdam Skype: JamesVeenhoff