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Theological Libraries: With a focus on Oahu


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Theological Libraries: With a focus on Oahu

  1. 1. •Source:
  2. 2. Overview Theological Librarianship History Professional Organizations Largest Institutions Local Institutions
  3. 3. Theological LibrarianshipRole in Society - Faith joins professionClientele - Spiritual or scholarly pursuitManagement/Governing AuthorityAmbiance - Sacred aweSpecial Aspects - Research and Technology
  4. 4. History Ecclesiastical to Theological American Library Association (ALA) - 1884 ALA Religious Documents Round Table - 1916 World War II spurs international collaboration
  5. 5. Professional Organizations 1946 1947 1954-1961Comité International de Coordination des Associations 195de Bibliothèques de Théologie Catholique 6
  6. 6. Largest Institutions“Theological libraries supportinstitutions of higher education thatfocus primarily on training candidatesfor the ministry. Their collectionsinclude scholarly resources across thespectrum of the theological curriculumand allied disciplines.”
  7. 7. Local Institutions The New Hope Christian College – Hawaii Library Levinson-Krupp Memorial Library, Temple Emanu-El Chaminade University Benedictine Monastery of Hawaii Carmelite Monastery
  8. 8. New Hope Christian College – Hawaii Libraryis dedicated to providing informationresources to enrich the studies of allmembers of the college’s community. Ourprimary goal is to increase theinformation literacy of emergingChristian leaders and provide resourcessupportive of a biblical higher educationcurriculum.
  9. 9. Library Worldhas a user-friendly app forstudents tobrowse throughthe collection. Academic databases are harder for students to navigate.
  10. 10. Levinson-Krupp Memorial Library “A library is a living thing. Otherwise it’s a museum.” ~Deborah Washofsky “A library is like a garden. You have to weed it and let it grow.” ~Sally Morgan•Source:
  11. 11. Temple Emanu-El“The church is credited with being the earliest repository oflearning in Western Europe.” Roger W. Phillips
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Nodel Judaica Special Collection
  14. 14. Chaminade University Sullivan Library Benedict’s Ruleinstructs the reader to “listen… with the ear of your heart.”
  15. 15. Benedictine Monastery
  16. 16. Carmelite Monastery•Source:
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