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1) qiuyan presentation e27

  1. 1. Hiring For Your Start-Up and the Importance ofCulture
  2. 2. PrestigeMNCs Start Ups
  3. 3. PredictabilityMNCs Start Ups
  4. 4. BenefitsMNCs Start Ups
  5. 5. SalaryMNCs Start Ups
  6. 6. TravelsMNCs Start Ups
  7. 7. HotelsMNCs Start Ups
  8. 8. BottomlineSTART UPS ARE POOR!
  9. 9. EmpowermentMNCs Start Ups
  10. 10. EnvironmentMNCs Start Ups
  11. 11. Your BossMNCs Start Ups
  12. 12. MeetingsMNCs Start Ups
  13. 13. When You Are Tired MNCs Start Ups
  14. 14. BreaksMNCs Start Ups
  15. 15. InterviewsMNCs Start Ups
  16. 16. After WorkMNCs Start Ups
  17. 17. The Soldgers Creed1) I work hard, I play harder2) My stress is balanced by my excitement3) I make things happen4) My work speaks for me (I take pride in my work)5) My every idea comes with an action plan6) I am a team player7) My team mates can trust me to get things done8) I value add9) I keep things simple10)Challenges make me feel alive (if Im not challenged, Im bored)
  18. 18. Ask Yourself Who? What? Questions?
  19. 19. Some Lessons1) Don’t hire just because the person has awesome credentials or you can be buddies2) Get referrals3) Don’t be desperate. Patience pays.4) Hire someone that believes in your vision5) Get everyone in the team to interview the person.6) Hire self motivated individuals7) Set the right expectations8) Encourage ideas & teamwork9) Listen10)And lastly….
  20. 20. HAVE FUN!