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Timber Rattlesnakes


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By: Blake

Published in: Education
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Timber Rattlesnakes

  1. 1. Timber Rattlesnakes By, Blake
  2. 2. Weight and Length Male, males weigh two pounds and length 100 to 115 cm Female, Females weigh up to 1.3 pounds and length 100 to 115 cm
  3. 3. ColorTheir color is yellow to brown to dark brown.
  4. 4. Body Covering They are covered in scales. Fun Fact scales are made from material like our fingernails are.
  5. 5. How it breathes All snakes breathe out of an opening behind their tongue
  6. 6. Alive or Eggs? These snakes are pit vipers so they give birth alive
  7. 7. How many babies They have five to twenty babies
  8. 8. What are the young called? Baby timber rattlesnakes are called baby rattles
  9. 9. How do they travel They travel by slithering
  10. 10. Where do they live? Range of the Timber Rattlesnake
  11. 11. Do They Migrate or Hibernate? They migrate to their dens and they hibernate in the fall.
  12. 12. Warm or cold Blooded Snakes are cold blooded
  13. 13. Herbivore, carnivore and omnivore They are carnivores
  14. 14. How do they Protect themsleves They protect themselves by shaking their rattle and biting.
  15. 15. Endandgeraded if so why Yes they are endangred because people keep coming on timber rattlesnakes territory
  16. 16. additional facts The timber rattlesnake, canebreak rattlesnake or banded rattlesnake is a species ofvenoums pit vipers endemic to the eastern United States.
  17. 17. Animal Kingdom They are reptiles.