Top 7 Conveyor Equipment and Design Trends


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Conveyor equipment and construction design trends that direct correlate to production efficiencies.

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Top 7 Conveyor Equipment and Design Trends

  1. 1. 2012 Equipment and Packaging Trends at Nercon Eng. & Mfg., Inc.
  2. 2. Always Increase Capacity Just about every single conveyor system coming through our doors directly relates to increased capacity manufacturing goals. Even incremental increases in production capacity have delivered a fast ROI (return on investment) on new systems for high-volume consumer goods manufacturing customers. For more information, visit www.nercon.comThis container lid manufacturer required 300 lids per minute to meet big boxretail market demand for infant formula.
  3. 3. The Flexibility is in the PackageNercon continues to see major system projectsthat are specially designed to handle new flexiblepackaging.According to AMPAC, a global packaging company,one truck load of pouches equals 25 truck loads ofcans. Pouches also use 75% less energy to producethan cans.For more information, visit Pouch handling Pouches reduce the amount of source materials to make cans by 25 to 1.
  4. 4. What you See is What you GetNercon is experiencing increasing requests for visual inspection on wear components.The modified cover allows visual inspection of the drive A simple measurement guide is attached to the conveyorwithout removing it. frame that allows maintenance personnel to quickly determine when the chain needs to be replaced.
  5. 5. Preferred Components are a WIN-WIN Nercon’s engineering and management strategists have developed a preferred component program that increases engineering efficiencies and deliveries. When possible, the use of preferred frames and components is a win for customers who benefit from reduced purchased costs and faster turnaround time, and a win for Nercon to streamline production ofFloor assembly of system using preferredcomponents: Preferred frames are the same quality as repeatable and commonNercon’s custom engineering components. Preferred assemblies.items are determined by commonality, repeatabilityand value.
  6. 6. Application by Area or Room An increasing number of customers are leveraging the purchase cost of conveyors by selecting the construction level required by the application or environment. For example, a significant cost savingsManufacturing plants can have environments from dry, to caustic can be achieved bywash-down to cold room in one location. Components required for locating controls panelsextreme environments are often higher purchase cost items. in dry environments.
  7. 7. Increasing Changeover EfficienciesA food or consumer goodsmanufacturer who canshave minutes off everychangeover immediatelycorrelates to a competitivebottom line. Nercon isseeing a rise in tool-lessand adjustable brackets aswell as both pneumaticand electric actuatedautomatic rail systems. This guide rail system features a hand wheel and digital counter thatRead our white paper on provides adjustment of all the lanes from one side of the conveyorPackaging Line Changeover system.
  8. 8. The need for Sanitation Speed Food processing customers are focusing on conveyor equipment designs that increase sanitation efficiencies that often go beyond the requirements of government compliance. Watch Sanitary Conveyor VideoNercon’s all-welded tube frame sanitary level III conveyor design ismanufactured for COP (clean out-of place) and extreme caustic wash-downprocedures.
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