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Visual Inspection: Seeing is Believing


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Visual inspection ability for wear components on conveyor systems, such as modified frames, components and add-ons, not only reduce safety incidents, but also reduce down-time.

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Visual Inspection: Seeing is Believing

  1. 1. Visual Inspection forConveyor Maintenance
  2. 2. Maintenance This drive cover shows a laser cut-out design that allows maintenance inspection without a system shut-down.
  3. 3. Inspection The modified conveyor frame allows the chain to be visually inspected to determine replacement when it stretches to the orange section of the chart.
  4. 4. Inspection This cover includes a Lexan cover that allows visual inspection without removing it.
  5. 5. Inspection Another example of a Lexan cover drive guard.
  6. 6. Inspection Wire mesh guarding at least a foot away from moving parts prevents pinch points.
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