Masters of Marketing - Search Engine Success: Videos


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Masters of Marketing - Search Engine Success: Videos

  1. 1. Masters of MarketingSearch Engine Success: Videos
  2. 2. The Benefits of VideoVideos are arent just entertainment, theyre also useful tools for marketingyour agency. You can use them for: • Promotional Purposes • Branding • Customer Engagement • Information • SEOToday, well discuss how videos can be used as a tool for those purposes.
  3. 3. Why Videos are HelpfulThey give your customers a look at who you are as an agency. They allow customers to put a face and voice with a name, which is great for building rapport with current customers as well as prospects. Videos also make for longer page visits to your websites.One of the factors of the search engines algorithms for pagerank is how long a visitor stays on your website. An engaging video is a great way to encourage people to stay on your site and not immediately exit, which helps you achieve a lower bounce rate.
  4. 4. Why Videos are HelpfulThey keep people interested in your agency.Like social media and blogging, videos can be used as a way to interactwith and present information to your customers. Similar to blogging, if youpost videos to your site often enough youll keep visitors coming backregularly and hold on to their interest.This is where the term "vlogging" comes from.c
  5. 5. What is a Vlog?A vlog is a video blog. You should be familiar with what a traditional blog is -creating original content in the form of writing or pulling interesting articlesfrom another site on the internet and citing the source. Use that same frame ofmind when vlogging.Create original videos about agency activities or postother engaging insurance-related videos.
  6. 6. What to Vlog AboutHere are some vlogging ideas:• Whats new in your agency or announcements.• Share new laws or regulations affecting insurance.• Explain how to do common tasks, like change a policy online.• Discuss the benefits of having a certain policy.When creating a video, keep in mind not to do it for the purpose of it going viral. Do itto inform and engage your current and potential customers.•• ff
  7. 7. Optimizing Videos Aside from using videos for engagement and information, theyre also used for SEO. To optimize a video, be sure to do the following: Include keywords in the title Add a description Include a link in the description Embed onto your site•
  8. 8. Sharing Your VideoOnce youve created a video and posted it on your site, its time to share it. Justlike sharing a blog entry, you can post your video to other social media websites. Besure to embed your video on your site when posting it to your site blog.
  9. 9. Where to ShareHere are some sites you can use to share your video:• YouTube• Vimeo• Facebook• Google+
  10. 10. What to do after SharingOnce youve shared your video, make sure you check backto the sites you posted it on to monitor the comments. This allowsyou to be a part of the conversation with your audience. provide insight for whatMonitoring comments can alsoyou can vlog about next or how to improve yourvideos moving forward. •
  11. 11. In Conclusion Videos are a useful tool for increasing brand awareness, improvingpage rank and engaging your customers. Just remember to optimize them properly and of course, share. Get more SEO tips at our blog: Thank You Haley Tranum Shan Willis