Final presentation - SMM class 12


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Final presentation of my Social Media Marketing class at UCR, Fall '12

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Final presentation - SMM class 12

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing ClassFinal Presentation
  2. 2. My Blog Posts Comments Most viewsFinal numbers: 11 20 Vlog (27) No visible pattern to when most views happenedIn the future:  I will try to keep it as a travel blog (at least until I get back home)  It might be helpful to prove that I am qualified for a job requiring international experience 2
  3. 3. The Vlog Step 1: Content – bullet points on what I want to say Challenge: Keeping it short Step 2: Taping – 6 -8 attempts and about 20 min Challenge: Looking straight into the camera Step 3: Uploading it to YouTube/Blog – 30 views so far Challenge: Bringing myself to upload itNext time: I would ask someone to tape me and remind me of looking directly into the camera 3
  4. 4. FacebookMost important strength: effective brand management tool  Brands can approach the customer in an environmentwhere he feels comfortable and is open to suggestions This class made me consider Facebook through the eyes of a brand:  when to post  what to post  how to react to customer inquiries  If I‘m ever in charge of a company‘s Facebook page, the learnings of this class will surely come in handy4
  5. 5. Twitter I didn‘t use Twitter before the I will keep my Twitter account class BEFORE  learned everything about it in class AFTER I probably won‘t use it to tweetBiggest Strength Biggest WeaknessShort and to the point Not very visual I follow:  Tripadvisor: Travel community offering tips, tricks, suggestions  Travelzoo: best travel deals  Travelettes: interesting travel blog by girls 5
  6. 6. LinkedIn I didn‘t use LinkedIn before, only the German equivalent Xing It is a great tool to:  Present your expertise and experiences  Win attention from potential employers  Stay up to date by joining groups and following discussionsGroups I joined:  Bertelsmann (my employer)  UC Riverside (my U.S. University) 6
  7. 7. Closing thoughtsImportant Take-aways from the class: Social Media is NOT free – it takes time, effort, equiment and there are opportunity costs Consistency over all SM channels is very important Checking my stats and ROI was actually funI will keep: I won‘t keep or In the future: use less: Blog I might use LinkedIn  Twitter Social Media Delicious  Vlogs at a job in Marketing 7
  8. 8. Thank you for your attentionFelicia ThomasFee loves Travelling: 8