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  1. 1. ORENTHAL JAMES SIMPSON Football player, actor, spokesman, & felon.
  2. 2.  Simpson was born in San Francisco, California on July 9 1947.  He was Born with the disease rickets and had to wear homemade braces from age three to five. The disease left him pigeon- toed and bowlegged and left him to tough times as a kid, many of his friends would call him names because of his disorder.
  3. 3.  Galileo High School in San Francisco  Simpson played for the school football team, the Galileo Lions.  From 1965 to 1966, Simpson was a student at City College of San Francisco.  Simpson earned an athletic scholarship to the University of Southern California where he played running back in 1967 and 1968.
  4. 4.  Simpson married Marguerite L. Whitley and ended up having three children. They divorced in 1979.  Brown and Simpson got married on February 2, 1985 but latter both got divorced in 1992. O. J. and Brown had two children together.
  5. 5.  On the morning of June 13, 1994 Brown Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman, were found slashed and stabbed to death at the front entrance of Brown’s condominium. The small children, Sydney (aged 8) and Justin (aged 5), of the Simpsons were laying in their beds asleep with no idea of what had happen.
  6. 6.  O. J.’s Lawyers convinced the Los Angeles Police Department to allow Simpson to turn himself in at 11 a.m. on June 17. He did not turn himself in.  The police issued an all-points bulletin.  A sheriff's patrol car saw a white Ford Bronco belonging to Simpson's friend. When the officer approached the Bronco, Cowlings, who was driving, yelled that Simpson had a gun to his own head. The officer backed off but followed the vehicle with Simpson in a low-speed chase.
  7. 7.  The chase was on live television across the nation and would be a national obsession with every facet of the trial against O. J. Simpson. When people heard the chase some went to the chase and made signs supporting and encouraging O. J. to keep running from the police.
  8. 8. O. J.’S MURDER TRIAL  On January 24, 1995 the murder trial of O. J. Simpson starts and lasted eight months. Both O. J. and the city of L.A. spend millions of dollars on this trial. And in October 3 1995 O. J. Simpson was declared not guilty in murder trial.
  9. 9.  After the case O. J. Simpson promised to find the real killers but never did so. Some of Simpson's supporters changed their minds, as he seemed to dodge the civil jury's verdict for the victims' families and appeared not to search for the real killer as he had promised to do.
  10. 10.  Orenthal James Simpson could possibly spend the rest of life in prison, and according to O. J. he might be a gang “hit” from white gangs in Lovelock Correctional Center prison where he is serving his time.