inverse operations less than or equal to inequality symbols graph inequalities multi-step inequalities one-step inequalities greater than or equal to greater than less than number line algebra compound inequalities closed circle open circle percents proportions similar figures key words fractions underline decimals cross multiplication cross product solve by adding algebra tiles solve by dividing solve by multiplying solve by subtracting one-step equations crustaceans round worms polyplacophora monoplacophora gastropods bivalves mollusks cnidarians chilopoda flat worms echinoderms segmented worms insects vertebrates cephalopods invertebrates arachnids sponges arthropods animal kingdom good microbes bad microbes protozoans chloroplast cytoplasm cell wall endoplasmic reticulum cell membrane golgi apparatus vacuoles ribosomes animal cell plant cell nucleus cell stem plant cells specialized leaves flowers leaves seeds plants photosynthesis roots lichen microbes bacteria eukaryotes prokaryotes fungi virus
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