Autumn Winter 2010 Fashion Trends


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The ultimate visual trend report for fashionistas to follow this Autumn Winter 2010. Use it for inspiration

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Autumn Winter 2010 Fashion Trends

  1. 1. e gl Anc 2 3 At A 1 PAstel r femme the PoWer leA fAtAle m e uP 4 tAll 5 6 7 tAils cro ste column ss Pfo dre Wif rd ssin e on g 8 9 10 s droP n’ the the u ee nd cQ stA m st bAd WAist lA #
  2. 2. # l nd etAi i IntroductIon monochromatic pastels while others use to move effortlessly with the body, bring tightly woven felts, rich structured A current of minimalism pumps through multiple pastels on soft cashmeres. The back the joy of dressing up although wools and heavily starched cottons. This fashion’s main vein this season, though key here is soft colours on soft fabrics, here, we are rummaging through a look is all about embracing the austerity we do see interesting deviations from worn to skip through miserable weather repertoire of men’s clothing rather of minimalism and showing that less the beat of this austere black pulse. with subdued optimism. than our usual dressing-up box. Details can be more. Fashions default position; There are, as always, two fashion camps: Think: Marshmallows include waistcoats worn with jackets, safe, wearable and alive with structural those that know it is Autumn/Winter Look: Dusty and pure pressed centre seams, pocket-watches, elements. and have a sense of the public’s mood Buy: A powder-coloured ties, cravats, handkerchiefs and for the Think: Architecture and those who are trapped in a fashion cashmere jumper. brave, a painted on moustache. Enjoy Look: Minimal and edgy fantasy and have no idea which way is the escapism... Buy: A beige column skirt. up. Broadly, this season can be broken in 3/ leather me uP Think: Like a man half; the saintly, commercial, wearable The obscene over use of leather this Look: Like a woman 8/ droP the waIst and disciplined collections and the mad, season is so all encompassing that it is Buy: A tailored three-piece trouser suit. The short, narrow silhouette makes an bad, glorious and strange. Phoebe Philo reticent of a time when no other fabric erogenous zone of the elongated waist described her Autumn/Winter collection existed. Couplets of leather skirts and 6/ stePFord wIFe and allows dresses and skirts to blossom as “strong, powerful, reduced”, which leather jackets have a subversive effect; Neat, dressy daywear worn by out below the nipped-in detailing. The could be the mantra for the both sexual and militaristic. Classic immaculately groomed women who shorter skirts, some pelmet-like in entire season. shapes are curved and carved into pay a little too much attention to detail their width, attempt to recreate all the extraordinary pieces of art side by side and thereby erase their uniqueness gawkiness of Olive Oyl, with none of her 1/ Femme Fatale with offerings of protective and warming with convention. These women are innocence. Here we have a trend linked Focused, direct and sexy, these women elements. S&M leathers constructed to eschewing fashion to live in a time warp only by detail and a move south of the in black with red lips or red with black get you excited about the cold. – but fashion has caught up with them. belt. The modernity of this look comes lips have an austerity and shadowy air Think: Gestapo Details include beehives, hand-cream from the bell shape or explosion that that is both dangerous and exciting. Look: As if you are about to pilot a [I imagine] and the new length skirt occurs below the dropped band and the Marching like warriors, they pound propeller plane in 1953 that hovers just below the knee with a insouciance of the wearer. towards you with purpose and poise, Buy: A long line leather coat. demure drape. Subdued colours and an Think: Twiggy even sill they have a forceful, fierce element of inappropriateness of occasion Look: Effortlessly cool energy. The key to this look is the depth 4/ tall taIls also beget this trend, as if they are Buy: A drop-waisted mini in a of colour, what some are calling an The cut of the moment is short at the about to do the gardening wearing gold structured fabric. ‘exploration of black’, showing off cuts front and long at the back, swooping brocade Capri pants and and textures rather than colours or into a gentle curve as it goes. A typical three-inch heels. 9/ alexander mcQueen digital images. Cut low to reveal vital dinner jacket-tail worn on atypical Think: Like a domestic goddess Powerful, ethereal and sublime describes body parts or draped to kiss and cling jackets. This elegant line is having a Look: Polished to perfection Lee McQueen’s last exhibition of 16 to curves. rebirth in womenswear and will eclipse Buy: Hairspray and a new length outfits. Shown in silence to a private Think: Film Noir meets Jessica Rabbit the Boyfriend jacket this season. We see pencil skirt. and select audience of editors, in an Look: Dangerous and provocative parkas, ruffled styles, classic double ornate and intimate setting. This sombre Buy: A new little black dress. breasted blazers, thick coats, trench 7/ column on atmosphere was not reflective of the coats and bouclé versions. ‘Strict’, ‘stark’, ‘severe’, ‘serious’, clothes which are a light and elegant 2/ Pastel Power Think: Penguin ‘disciplined’ and ‘monastic’ are the rendering of Mediaeval Empresses and Delicate dainty and powdery, these Look: Polished and purposeful terms being used to describe this Dark Age Madonnas. They are also candyfloss colours pique our interest Buy: Swallow-tailed jacket. monolithic trend. The clean lines and littered with references to his personal as they dance through the dreary black lack of embellishment is typical of a history. Handcrafted or hand-loomed, ensembles that mark many a winter 5/ cross-dressIng back-to-basics approach, clothes with the fabrics are perfectly cut and tailored runway. A charming visual surprise that Balance, ballast, basic menswear purpose and function – not fluff. An immaculately, rich with his creativity has a warming effect on the soul. This reinterpreted into credible girls clothing. indulgence too in non-colours such as and showmanship. escapism from the hefty weight of winter Double-breasted navy two-pieces are black, white, beige and cream compound weather is energetic in its lightness brilliantly simple and utterly timeless. the simplicity. There is also an aversion and sweetness. Some enjoy simple Superfine wools and cashmere, woven to curves and layers, think instead of
  3. 3. 1 FEMME FATALE sexually charged, assertive red lipped women out on the prowl. Antonio Berardi Emporio Armani Alberta Ferretti
  4. 4. Alberta Ferretti Christian Dior Donna Karan Elie Saab Christopher Kane
  5. 5. Chanel Gareth Pugh Givenchy Yves Saint Laurent Loewe
  6. 6. Narciso Rodriguez Carmen Marc Valvo A.F. Vandevorst Paul Smith
  7. 7. 2 PASTEL POWER delicate summer colours divert from the dark drama of winter. Marni Balenciaga Osman Balenciaga
  8. 8. Giles Decon Christian Dior Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs Vivienne Westwood
  9. 9. Giorgio Armani Gucci Diane von Furstenberg Diane von Furstenberg Jonathan Saunders
  10. 10. 3 LEATHER ME uP aviator chic, in a gestapo meets garbo leather- off. Celine Celine Gareth Pugh
  11. 11. Giles Deacon Christian Dior Gareth Pugh Burberry Prorsum Haider Ackermann
  12. 12. Christian Dior Philosophy Prada Loewe
  13. 13. 4 COLuMN ON minimalsim, beige and doric lines find companions in similarly shaped models. Chloé
  14. 14. Giorgio Armani Giambattista Valli Gucci Emporio Armani Giles Deacon
  15. 15. Michael Kors Stella McCartney Michael Kors Todd Lynn Gucci
  16. 16. 5 CROSS DRESSING masculine attitude & clothing is cut close to the female Hermes form. Chloé Hermes
  17. 17. Derek Lam Givenchy Zac Posen Kenzo Kenzo Balmain Michael Kors
  18. 18. Akris Julien Macdonald Rag & Bone Dolce & Gabbana Bottega Veneta Vivienne Westwood
  19. 19. 6 TALL TAILS tuxedo cuts & swallow- tail finishes add new flourish to coats & jackets. Celine Alberta Ferretti
  20. 20. Chanel Christian Dior Rue du Mail Byblos Valentino
  21. 21. Loewe Jean Paul Gaultier Byblos Matthew Williamson
  22. 22. 7 DROP THE WAIST low lying waist bands look drop dead gorgeous. Miu Miu Giles Deacon
  23. 23. Giorgio Armani Giambattista Valli Fendi Giambattista Valli
  24. 24. Rue du Mail Alberta Ferretti Rue du Mail Brian Reyes Miu Miu
  25. 25. 8 STEPFORD WIFE submissive & docile clothes on women who are anything but. Oscar de la Renta Rochas
  26. 26. Oscar de la Renta Louis Vuitton Oscar de la Renta Jason Wu Dolce & Gabbana
  27. 27. Dries Van Noten Yves Saint Laurent Prada Victoria Beckham Giles Deacon
  28. 28. 9 s e n’ d ue An cQ st m st Alexander McQueen’s final collection lA
  29. 29. 1920’s Chinese wallpaper as a Saggy knitted cardigan silk tabard with knitted tights and merengue skirt look and slouchy sheepskin boots mismatched and dreary. work as well as ice cream and pickles. 10 THE BAD creative droughts & inflated egos make these outfits less than desirable. Akris Louis Vuitton The Rorschach test stain on this matching two piece draws the eye to all the wrong places and lacks any elegance. Paul & Joe
  30. 30. How not to do the column of beige this season. Rochas Chanel Balmain Several designers tried this torso of ombré look, none with quite as little success as Karl Versace Largafeld. Cheap and nasty these looks smack more of cheap than chic.