iStylista SS12 Women's Fashion Trends


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Check out iStylista's definitive guide to Spring Summer 2012 trends. What a year it's going to be for fashion.

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iStylista SS12 Women's Fashion Trends

  1. 1. prada rodarte{ }fit to print | print | proenza ScHoulerverbmark (a surface, typically a textile orgarment) with a coloured design or pattern• transfer (a digital image) to a surface: peter Sompatterns of flowers, aquatic scenes, abstractshapes printed on to fabrics.
  2. 2. dKnYdVFdVFJIl Sander
  3. 3. Kenzo dolce GaBBana Kenzo JonatHan SaunderS peter pIlotto moScHIno marY Katrantzou peter pIlotto marY Katrantzou JIl Sander carolIna Herrera peter Som drIeS Van notennIna rIccI HollY Fulton
  4. 4. { } bod•y•map | ‘bädē | map | noun a three-dimensional representation of the physical structure of a person including the skin and bones: showing all the physical features through diaphanous or transparent coverings. [as verb. ] to map the body’s shape. JoHn GallIanomarcHeSa marcHeSa marcHeSa marcHeSa
  5. 5. SopHIe tHeallet maISon martIn marGIela marc JacoBSGIVencHY rIcHard nIcoll JIlmarc JacoBS Sander celIne lanVIn puccI
  6. 6. marc JacoBS marIoS ScHwaB marIoS ScHwaB dVFcHrIStIan dIor JoHn GallIanoJIl Sander JoHn GallIano
  7. 7. tHeYSKenS tHeorY reem acra GIamBattISta VallI andrew Gn{ } ir•i•des•cent | ,iri’desənt | adjective showing luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles. marc JacoBS oScar de la renta aquIlano rImondI ORIGIN late 18th cent.: from Latin iris, irid- ‘rainbow’ + -escent . cHrIStIan dIor VerSace
  8. 8. ralpH laurentHe rowetroantonIo BerardIBlumarIne
  9. 9. mulBerrYGIVencHY cHanel louIS VuIttonGIorGIo armanI
  10. 10. mcqueen { } peplum•tas•tic | pepləm’tastik | adjective a short flared, gathered, or pleated strip of fabric attached at the waist of a woman’s jacket, dress, skirt or blouse to create a hanging frill or flounce. GIorGIo armanI cHrIStIan dIor • of extraordinary size or degree • usually a couture detail • (in ancient Greece) a woman’s loose outer tunicmcqueen mcqueen or shaw [ORIGIN: via Latin from Greek peplos.]
  11. 11. FendIdaVId KomaoHne tItelSacaIzac poSen
  12. 12. JaSon wuJaSon wumarc BY marc JacoBSmarc BY marc JacoBSGIamBattISta VallI
  13. 13. { } lace up | lās əp | noun a fine open fabric, typically one of cotton or silk, made by looping, twisting, or knitting thread in patterns and used esp. for trimming garments. verb [ trans. ] entwine or tangle (things, esp. fingers) together: he laced his fingers together and sat back.louIS VuItton louIS VuItton nIna rIccI SacaI
  14. 14. JonatHan SaunderSwIllIamSonroBerto caVallIJonatHan SaunderSpuccI
  15. 15. alBerta FerrettImoScHIno andrew GnmcqueenmulBerrY Honor JennY pacKHammarnImoScHIno louIS VuIttonlouIS VuItton dolce GaBBana
  16. 16. carolIna Herrera carolIna Herrera { } new hor•i•zon•tals | n(y)oō ’hôrə’zän(t)ls | adjective not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently or oScar de la renta for the first time. parallel to the plane of the horizon; at right angles to the vertical: a horizontal line.GuccI
  17. 17. oHne tItlecarVen roKSanda IlIncIc FendI GuccIcarVen GaretH puGHBurBerrY prorSum GuccIdKnY praBal GurunGantonIo BerardI pradapeter pIlotto Stella mccartneYBcBG Suno SacaI
  18. 18. { } wIllIamSonor•ange | ‘ôrənj;‘är- |adjectivereddish yellow, like a ripe orange incolour: an orange glow in the hearth of a fire. zero marIa corneJo VIctorIa BecKHam SopHIe tHeallet
  19. 19. SopHIe tHealletalBerta FerrettIpeter SomnIna rIccIdereK lam
  20. 20. mcqueenmarc BY marc JacoBS wIllIamSon mIcHael KorS HermeSmarc BY marc JacoBScHrIStIan dIor marc BY marc JacoBScHrIStIan dIorFerraGamo FerraGamo Reed-kRakOffReSORt
  21. 21. pHIllIp lIm FendI marc BY marc JacoBS{ {fresh as a daisy | fre SH as a däzē |pHraSe( as) fresh as a daisy; healthy and full of energy, nottainted.ORIGIN Old english dæges ōage [day’s eye] (because pHIllIp lIm GIVencHYthe flower opens in the morning and closes at night).
  22. 22. preenralpH laurenmarc JacoBSacneVerSuS
  23. 23. louIS VuItton BalmaIn mulBerrY JoHn SaunderS BlumarIneValentIno moScHIno ralpH lauren marnIaKrIS mIu mIunarcISo rodrIGuezmIcHael Van der Ham VIonnetVerSace JoHn GallIano
  24. 24. YSlzac poSen YSl VIctorIa BecKHam { } GIorGIo armanI night•time | ‘nīt,tīm | noun the time between evening and morning; the time of darkness: slipping away over the river in the nighttime | [as adj. ] the government imposed a nighttime curfew.
  25. 25. JaSon wuroBerto caVallI GIVencHYmIu mIu FendIGIorGIo armanI BotteGa VenetalouIS VuItton BlumarIne GIVencHYJIl Sander roBerto caVallIHaIder acKermann marIoS ScHwaBSopHIe tHeallet narcISo rodrIGuezGIorGIo armanI Jean paul GaultIer
  26. 26. etro etro alBerta FerrettI donna Karan HermeS{ } trib•al | ‘trībəl | adjective of or characteristic of a tribe or tribes: tribal proenza ScHouler designs of rock and earth from africa. • members of tribal communities, esp. in the mIcHael KorS donna Karan Indian subcontinent. derIVatIVeS oHne tItel tribally adverb.
  27. 27. { }de•tail | ‘dētāl |nouna decorative feature of a garment or work ofart.• the style or treatment of such features : theclassical french detail of the necklace.ORIGIN early 17th cent. from french détail(noun), détailler (verb), from dé- (expressingseparation) + tailler ‘to cut’ (based on Latin YSl YSl
  28. 28. {candy coloured hair} narcISo rodrIGuez comme deS GarconStHaKoon roKSanda IlIncIc
  29. 29. drIeS Van noten BlumarIne {flatforms} roBerto caVallIcHanel cHloe
  30. 30. { } with classic couture detailing, be it fluted sleeves, peplums, the fawned over garments with profusion. Adding hips, curves and details text | tekst | curving back of a sac shape or the generous tent of the trapeze. Off to both bodies and garments, they also have the added advantage of the catwalks, however, this took another form: surface technique. accessorising a garment allowing the wearer to be free from belts or noun Which is not the same thing as superficial.” Vanessa Friedman, bands. The peplum’s return is both refreshing and yet contrived, like a piece of written or printed material Financial Times. a forgotten friend making a planned reappearance. There is an air of regarded as conveying the contents of a superior contentment to this embellishment that makes the clothes ––– 10 trends ––– feel expensive and other garments feel anxious that they don’t have a particular work. peplum – that is peplumtastic. 1/Orange Fire colours burnt down the runways with clean precision. While 6/ fresh as a daisy ––– Overview ––– it might not be the mainstay colour of every collection, it causes a These fresh clothes are like a deep inhale of breath, not trying to ‘diamond in the rough’ sensation as it gleams at you from the catwalk be anything, just existing as a pause or a moment. They represent,The Spring/Summer 2012 collections feel like spring collections and begs to be noticed. The key to getting this trend right is to throw through simple colours, lines and faultless tailoring, the quiet skillshould: bright and romantic, refreshed and colourful, bountiful flame colours onto your body with unerring confidence and set a room of an artist rather than the forward thrust of creativity. Garments thatand energetic, light and uplifting. Scrubbed, clean models bounced alight. exemplify generations of talent in a simplistic rendering of fit anddown runways with a spring in their step revealing their flesh in form. Not boring but precise, not printed but plain and not complexan unabashed and exuberant manner. This dance of light, airy, but content. Think fresh, clean and pure thoughts.joyful clothing provides a canvas on which to showcase new high- 2/ fit tO Printperformance fabrics that not only look good but feel good as well. The digital revolution keeps on coming. This season we swim in pixels as more and more designers use this medium to express themselves. 7/ new hOrizOntalsNew finishing techniques too, provide dry, slick or crisp touches Angular geometry and graphic lines appear season in and seasonwhere prints add an obvious array of seasonal imagery and are Largely applied to highlight digital artwork (the abstract world of computer generated graphics), we now see digital techniques out, this is not a new concept or a new technique but it is sufficientlyimmensely popular. prevalent to get a mention. These horizontal lines are wearable, cube rendering lifelike and historic prints in obfuscation previously not possible. The potential for print combinations is colossal and while we like and often un-uniform in their thickness. The most interesting and ––– influencers ––– have not reached maximum velocity we are very much in the rapid ‘new’ of these old lines are the horizontal stripes that include black experimental growth phase. These prints range from fauvist florals to boxes within them, giving a trippy almost ‘magic-eye’ effect to theNew influences to shape the season have been the premature death aquatic mammals, the conjoining element being the 3D nature of the garment.of Amy Winehouse, the Royal wedding and Catherine’s huge reach images, not in anyway appliquéd, but intrinsically realistic. There areon fashion. People are now not only making clothes that mimic her enormous, bold and colorful, tropical, romantic, elongated, abstract 8/ triBalstyle but they are desperately trying to make clothes that she might and ethnic prints as well as paisleys and skins. The character of this clothing is distinctly un-tribal but the prints,choose to buy in the hope of sky rocketing their sales. The horrendous colouring and overall feel of them oozes African tribal references.floods in China, Pakistan and Australia have wiped out crops forcing 3/ iridescent Sharp cuts, swinging skirts, neat jackets and even evening gowns haveretailers to look for inexpensive alternatives and practically removing Giorgio Armani called his collection “Nacre at nighttime,” referring to gone native under a swathe of brown and ochre patterns. The printing100% cotton garments from the high street. the French word for mother of pearl, the gleaming natural underwater looks like ribs or bones and has a distinctly aboriginal quality to it. To treasure that could be used to describe all of this iridescent trend. The achieve this look you need a simple and uncomplicated garment thatRecurring factors that shape the tone and mood of this season are as link here is a shimmery almost unbelievable surface that marks these is covered in the natural colours of the African Sahara and looks a bitever the economy and the predicted double dip recession we are all so garments out as a collective group and allows them to slink through like a prehistoric cave painting.dreading. The ability for digital prints to provide endless inexpensive a crowd and grab your attention. Sometimes created using sequins, inpossibilities for creative imagery on clothing and the core ideal of any other instances a metallic tread or a lacquered surface. 9/ night timebrand: to create aspiration. Opulently rich and plumy this deep dark trend is intended for late 4/ BOdymaP night misadventure. There is no hint of Spring’s joyful rebirth but ––– fashiOn thOughts ––– Diaphanous, transparent and see-through fabrics reveal the body in instead a sinister and sexy nighttime vibe that gives a home to the all its glory. These garments, sometimes layered for more discretion, deeper garments of the season. Punching aggressively above the“The abstract art of Rodarte’s collections makes the Mulleavy show the form of the models while also highlighting the skilful gentle notes of Spring the aesthetic qualities of this trend are satinsisters fashion catnip.” said Luke Leitch The Telegraph. construction of the garment. There is an ethereal quality to this trend, fabrics, lace and sequin meshes, rubberised finishes, overly saturated an otherworldly confidence and a yet a vulnerability of the ultra midnight colours, and slices of gazar that follow the body perfectly.‘I find this spring/summer season to be much lighter and lightweight fabrics. A delicately dazzling statement.uplifting than the others.’ said Linda Fargo of Bergdorf Goodman. 10/ details 5/ PePlumtastic There are three details of note: the flatform (a flat platform) lives to“They’ve been sweating the small stuff in Paris. When the world at On the catwalks, designers displayed an obsession with this classic see another seasonandy coloured hair too makes a novel appearancelarge lurches from one extreme to another, you focus on what you couture detail, be it traditional peplums, flirty peplums, peplums that and clutch bags that cling to you are all the arm-candy you need.can control. On the catwalks, designers displayed an obsession kick from the blouse or burst from the bottom, these functionless details