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Mylovelycity 100524231548-phpapp02

  1. 1. • My city’s name is Iskenderun. I live in Iskenderun.It’s near the seaside.There are 287.000 people in my city. In summers the weather is very hot but in winter’s it’s quite warm.
  2. 2. İskenderun was established by Alexander the great in 333 B.Cİskenderun has a lot of touristic an historical places: st pierre church(one ofthe first churches in the world). Harbiye waterfall,mosaic museum are some of them.
  3. 3. There are a lot of cinemas,shopping,centres,cafes and restaurants in my city . By the way, orange and lemon are grown in iskenderun alot .
  4. 4. Cousine : we have a lot of delicious meals like kebap,döner,humus,kısır,içli köfte,künefe.
  5. 5. Künefe : a hot cheese – kadaif based sweetPeople : drink turkish coffee, turkish raki
  7. 7. mmm..delicious..