Turkey (officially called the republic of turkey)


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Turkey (officially called the republic of turkey)

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Turkey (officially called the republic of turkey)

  1. 1. Professional School of Administration in Tourism Technical English II Teacher: Lic. M. Sc. Carlo Espinoza Aguilar Fifth Cycle Student: Royder Castillo Navarro
  2. 2. Founded: October 29th, 1923 Flag and Shield:
  3. 3. The city of Ephesus (la ciudad de Éfeso): It is one of the main tourist destinations in Turkey, outside its capital Istanbul
  4. 4. In ancient times Ephesus was one of the twelve Ionian cities located along the Aegean Sea and very close to it, just 3 kilometers, is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.
  5. 5. Pamukkale: The Cotton Castle in Turkey Pamukkale natural spa, meaning in Turkish is "cotton castle". These wonderful terraces, famous in his day for countless commercials
  6. 6. The waterfalls we see is another natural phenomenon that produced by layers of limestone and travertine. With his white smile catch us dream a dream, visible splendor of ardor laden baths.
  7. 7. Cappadocia, the underground city of Turkey This is a place of unique geological formations, an enclave full of history, immersed on a natural wall, giving rise to numerous settlements throughout the centuries.
  8. 8. Citizens lived inside, without building any home because nature had done for them.
  9. 9. Temple of Artemis (Ephesus)
  10. 10. It was a temple in the city of Ephesus, Turkey, dedicated to the goddess Artemis, called Diana by the Romans. Its construction was started by King Croesus of Lydia and lasted about 120 years.
  11. 11. The Blue Mosque(La Mezquita Azul)
  12. 12. It has beautiful blue tiles that give it a radiant and very special, so it is known as the Blue Mosque.
  13. 13. RESTAURANTS: Pierre Loti Café: Each tea costs about 0.50 euros
  14. 14. Imbat Restaurant: Prices: 17 € - 22 €
  15. 15. Pear Park Samdan Restaurant: Prices: 46 € - 77 €
  16. 16. HOTELS: Eurostars Hotel Old City; habitation double $. 207 double superior habitation $. 440, family habitation $. 260.
  17. 17. Hilton Istanbul, double room $ 322, Double $ 500 Executive Hilton. King Suite $ 1400.
  18. 18. TYPICAL DISHES: Meze: elaborated with eggplant, cheese, seafood, black olives and peppers. It is usual to take them with some spirit.
  19. 19. Döner Kebap Ingredients (4 people): -1 Kilo of beef. -200 Grams of onion. -200 Grams of tomatoes. -100 Grams of green pepper.
  20. 20. The Baklava is a pastry crust pie, which is stuffed with walnuts, hazelnuts or pistachios.
  21. 21. TURKISH FOLK MUSIC Horon (Hora)