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  1. 1. REPUBLIC OF TURKEYWhere we are in the world
  2. 2. Turkey is a big country.It is on twocontinents:Europa and Asia.The population of Turkey is about 81 million.The capital city is ANKARA. Dalaman
  3. 3. This is our flag.
  4. 4. ISTANBUL is the biggest city of Turkey.
  5. 5. Culture• Muslims: 98%• Orthodox, Gregorian, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant and Christians: 2%• Turkish is spoken 90%.• Arabic is spoken 6%• Famous for: 1. Coffee and tea Muslims in Turkey 2. Carpets called "Killims" 3. Hand crafted goods• People eat: 1. Yogurt 2. Pilaf 3. Kebab Yogurt Turkish Turkish pilaf kebab
  6. 6. The Traditional Foods Of TurkeyThe rich tradition of the Turkish cuisine Dolmais popular throughout the world. Itincludes a wide variety of hot and coldhors d’oeuvers known everywhere as“meze” a wide selection of grilledmeats “kebap” , seafood, stuffed andwrapped vegetables “dolma” savorypastries “ börek”, pilav and dishes witholive oil and butters as well as wide ofvariety of desserts among themTurkish delight baklava, helva, kadayıfand several puddings. Baklava Turkish Delight
  7. 7. In our country ,bread is animportant part of our everyday food.we eat it a lot..
  8. 8. Turkey is the cradle of civilizations• The ancient Greeks called the area Anatole, which the land where the sun rises,but we call it Anadolu.• These civilizations are• the Hittites,• the Urartians,• the Phrygians,• the Lydians,• the Ionians,• the Persians,• the Romans,• the Byzantines,• the Seljuks,• the Ottomans,• AND NOW• THE REPUBLIC OF TURKEY.
  9. 9. Turkish CraftsTurkish tiles and ceramics, rugs and kilimshave decorated houses in our country and allover the world.
  10. 10. Climate Climate map.Mountains and deserts. Black sea Mediternean
  11. 11. • THE BLACK SEA REGION is a mountainous area covered with dense forestsSümela Monastery;It was founded in the year 386 AD during the reign of the Emperor Theodosius (375 - 395), legend has it that two priests undertook the founding of the monastery on the site after having discovered a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary in a cave on the mountain.
  12. 12. • THE MARMARA REGION extends from the European part (Thrace) to the North- West of Anatolia, encircling the Marmara Sea.
  13. 13. Aya Sofya Topkapı Palace • Hagia Sophia(Aya Sofya) is the 4th biggest cathedral in the world and it is a museum now. • Topkapı palace was the offical residence of the Ottoman Sultans. • Süleymaniye Mosque was built for Süleyman the magnificent by Sinan the architect. Süleymaniye Mosque Trojen horse
  14. 14. • THE AEGEAN REGION extends from the Aegean coast to the western part of Anatolia. • It has popular holiday villages, famous historical and natural sites , all this make the region extremely attractive to the tourists. • It is also an agricultural region where olives, figs are grown. İzmirDenizli-Pamukkale
  15. 15. Cappadocia• The area is a famous and popular tourist destination as it has many areas with unique geological, historic and cultural features.
  16. 16. • Atatürk is our great leader and reformer. We always remember him with respect.• Anıtkabir is the mausoleum of Atatürk. Everyday so many people visit Anıtkabir because we are grateful to him..
  17. 17. Children’s Day• Atatürk loved children and he dedicated 23rd April to the children.• Turkey is the first and only country to establish ‘’Children’s Day’.Every year,on April 23,the country rededicates itself to honoring and cherishing children and the freedom and independence of all people.Children from all over the world come and join this festival.• In 1979 UNICEF recognised this day as International children’s day.
  18. 18. FESTIVALS• There are two religious festivals in Turkey.The first one is the FESTIVAL OF SWEET.It comes immediately after Ramadan .Ramadan is the fasting month.During this time Muslims don’t eat or drink between sunrise and sunset.• The second festival is the FESTIVAL OF SACRIFICE.In this festival people sacrifice an animal ,usually a ram or sheep,and give most of its meat to poor people.
  19. 19. • THE MEDITERRANEAN REGION spreads in the South of Anatolia. The Taurus mountain range is covered with forests .
  20. 20. This is Evil Eye Bead.We believe It protects us from bad lookings.
  21. 21. Necla AVCI SEZEN