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You need someone like the Lone Ranger


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Why is it that it was the Lone Ranger who captured the Bad Guy and not the town Sheriff?

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You need someone like the Lone Ranger

  1. 1. iTip Why YourBusiness Needs a Lone Ranger iOwn Advisors @iownadvisors
  2. 2. Did you everwonder why itwas the LoneRanger whoalways capturedthe bad guy…….and not thetown Sheriff?
  3. 3. It wasn’t that the Sheriff wasafraid…..
  4. 4. ….or wasnot seriousabout hisjob
  5. 5. Like a goodbusinessperson, he had tofocus on his primaryobjective. In the Sheriff’scase, his primary objectivewas…..
  6. 6. …..Keeping peace in the town
  7. 7. It did not makesense for him togo chasingaround thecountryside afterevery bankrobber, cattlerustler, or horsethief whobothered thetownsfolk.
  8. 8. The Sheriff was smart enoughto recognize when it madesense to call in an expert forassistance.
  9. 9. By bringing in the LoneRanger when he neededhelp, the Sheriff couldfocus on making thetown a better place tolive.
  10. 10. Your iOwn Action StepWhen running your business, take time tostep back and understand when it is time tocall in someone like the Lone Ranger For help starting, buying or growing a business, we are your Lone Ranger. iOwn Advisors @iownadvisors