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Google + Does Your Insurance Business Need It?

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Google + Does Your Insurance Business Need It?

  1. 1. GOOGLE +Does Your Insurance Business Need It? /insurance- marketing/insurance-business- google/
  2. 2. So far we have covered how insuranceagents can effectivelyuse Facebook and LinkedIn to find andengage prospects.Both social platforms are also great forestablishing an extended identity online,providing convenient updates to currentclients and delivering new informationabout your business. /insurance- marketing/insurance-business- google/
  3. 3. However, we have yet another major socialnetwork to cover.Enter social media giant, Google+, whonow claims to have 170 million users.While its numbers alone make it the secondbiggest social website, it’s not nearly asactive as the others. /insurance- marketing/insurance-business- google/
  4. 4. So, is it worth even having a businesspresence on there?Mashable and American Express OPENforum recently published an article askingthat very question.Jacob Smith, digital marketing specialist forZumba Fitness, says “yes” – specifically fortwo reasons. /insurance- marketing/insurance-business- google/
  5. 5. Google Adds SEO Value to yourInsurance Company /insurance- marketing/insurance-business- google/
  6. 6. Google has tied SEO value into having apresence on Google+.Try searching for “GEICO” and you’ll noticethat GEICO’s Google+ page appears on thefirst page of the search results.John’s Insurance Company will show up inan organic Google search if John has aGoogle+ page. /insurance- marketing/insurance-business- google/
  7. 7.
  8. 8. It’s Easier to Share withProspects Who Use Google /insurance- marketing/insurance-business- google/
  9. 9. “Google+ has a lot of integration with otherGoogle products,” says Smith.If you’re writing to a prospect in Gmail andwant to speak to them in real time, justhop onto a Google+ hangout to discusspolicies in real time. /insurance- marketing/insurance-business- google/
  10. 10. Google+ hangouts also allow agents toshare documents and swap screens in realtime without having to switch platformsand use Skype, for example.Communicating with prospects and clientsin a non-intrusive manner is becomingmore about convenience andcommunicating in their preferred medium.Needless to say, a lot of them use Googleproducts. /insurance- marketing/insurance-business- google/
  11. 11. So, what’s the consensus?Get on Google+ but don’t invest a largeamount of effort in it just yet.Consider posting company or relevant newson Mondays and Wednesdays, which arethe platforms most active days. /insurance- marketing/insurance-business- google/

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