Understanding your audience - Geoff Copps


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Understanding your audience - Geoff Copps

  1. 1. Understanding your audience Geoff Copps 1st October 2008
  2. 2. Agenda •  The challenge •  The approach •  The solution –  3 stakeholder examples •  The future
  3. 3. Telegraph.co.uk – unique users UK audience growth Daily Telegraph total circulation Source: ABC total circulation data, 6-month roll; ABCe-audited data
  4. 4. UK audience crossover 5% … etc… Source: TGI.Net wave14. Print = AIR; TCUK = Last week
  5. 5. The challenge Measuring… …Knowing
  6. 6. Deciding on an approach OPTION 1: segment OPTION 2: segment your audience wider population
  7. 7. Deciding on an approach OPTION 2: segment wider population
  8. 8. Understanding your audience •  Externally focused –  Strategic –  Commercial
  9. 9. Attitudinal segmentation
  10. 10. OPTION 2: segment wider population UK population: 6 consumer types Telegraph audience: 6 segments
  11. 11. OPTION 2: segment wider population UK population: 6 consumer types Telegraph audience: 6 segments
  12. 12. The 6 cross-platform Telegraph segments Platinum Work Hard Spenders Play Hard Living The Established 26% of TMG 11% of TMG Dream Elite 22% of TMG 25% of TMG Family Focused 9% of TMG Discerning Indulgers 7% of TMG ‘TMG AUDIENCE’ defined here as ‘AIR’ for papers or ‘in last week’ for TCUK
  13. 13. Work Hard Play Hard Family Focused Living The Dream Young and driven Busy adults settling down Switched-on and savvy individuals living life at a into a life of routine and professionals with diverse fast pace –ambitious, family responsibility – interests and a broad active, career-minded family focused, ‘nest outlook – enterprising, up- building’ market, educated Established Elite Platinum Spenders Discerning Indulgers Upstanding citizens, typically Older affluent individuals – Middle-aged and older married, middle-aged and many are retired. Time-rich individuals, modest and with a successful career. and enjoying the good frugal. They tend to be Self-assured, well-informed, things in life cautious in their purchase patriotic, conservative habits and outlook on life
  14. 14. Bringing readers and editorial together
  15. 15. Editorial workshops Who? …What? …How? …When? •  Encouraging a working knowledge of who you are writing for •  Guiding strategy for content delivery •  Identifying opportunities in current platform offerings
  16. 16. Business content delivery Platinum Established Living The Work Hard Spenders Elite Dream Play Hard Older, Self-assured, Savvy, Young, affluent conservative enterprising ambitious Deliver required Cross-reference to Deliver unique Can be captured content in paper – drive them online content by strategies used market watch, for Living The investment tips, Deliver business Dream comment & opinion news you can use Target for new platforms
  17. 17. Identifying opportunities …Delivering content of appeal across segments, in a way that will pull in occasional reader segments
  18. 18. Maximising promotion effectiveness
  19. 19. Theorising success World War I in Colour DVD Collection National Geographic DVD Collection Food & Drink promotions (various)
  20. 20. Who should we be targeting? Who are likely to respond to promotions? 26% 25% 25% = over ¾ of occasional readers
  21. 21. What do they like? Military History content High High High Nature & Wildlife content High High High Food & Drink content Medium High High Eating Out High
  22. 22. What do they like? Photography High High High
  23. 23. Demonstrating the value of readers
  24. 24. Immersion Days Retail Day, Spring 2008
  25. 25. Ad sales insight: audience compatibility Busy & up-market 1. Advertiser’s audience: Look for convenience & quality Spend on formal clothing UK Department Traditional & patriotic Favour British brands store Spend on homeware Retired & wealthy Willing to pay for quality Spend on food & wine 2. audience: Source: TGI.Net wave 14
  26. 26. Ad sales insight: audience value 2. Advertiser’s audience 1. Advertiser’s audience: who are readers: Busy & up-market g Annual spend on suit £215 £285 Traditional & patriotic Annual spend on bed linen £68 £74 Retired & Wealthy G Average spend on a quality bottle of wine £9 £10 Source: TGI.Net wave 14
  27. 27. In conclusion…
  28. 28. Deciding on an approach OPTION 1: segment OPTION 2: segment your audience wider population
  29. 29. The future…
  30. 30. A customer marketing tool… Survey Database Customer Database Targeting subscription services, reader offers, client communications…
  31. 31. International profiling…
  32. 32. …Any questions?