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Mobile CRM - Annabel Hembry

  1. 1. Mobile CRM Annabel Hembry Head of Group Mobile - Associated Newspapers - Marketing Services
  2. 2. Contents   Introduction   Putting it in to context   Our Mobile CRM Objectives   How we have translated the objectives   Some of the issues   Some of the successes   The future   Questions
  3. 3. Intro   Annabel – Head of Group Mobile at Associated Newspapers   Been in the industry of CRM for 15 years covering DM, Digital CRM and now mobile. So I have a good view of rationale - however the last 18 months have seen a pretty radical shift due to amount of barriers that have emerged primarily from the consumer.   Each area has it’s commonalities and mobile specifically has its own challenges   Today I will be covering our take on mCRM and how we have set ourselves up to be the technological and emotional choice for consumer interaction
  4. 4. Context   The UK has a very mature position and understanding of crm – we have all be engaged in it for years – The Queen uses birthday cards for centurions – it is not new.   We know the stats – we think that we can understand the new technologies and we certainly understand that consumers are more empowered to consume, post, review, blog, vote and ignore brand communications probably more so than at any time.   Neilsen’s Mobile unit have recently published a report showing that the mobile internet environment has reached its tipping point – i.e. it is now in a position where there is a confluence of elements that allows mCRM to be relevant.   That confluence is the: •  Availability of smarter devices •  The consumer desire for greater product enhancements (apple sold 1 million new 3G iphones in it first weekend in July) •  Competitive pricing packages •  Better content provision – specifically mobile content provision •  The rise of smarter mobile search technologies   The result of the confluence is that brands like Associated Newspapers have had to learn on the job and be prepared to juggle in order to keep up with the speed of choice and change.   The Queen could be sending out texts to centurions in the future
  5. 5. Context   35% of written communication in the UK is now via text. 85% of texts are opened compared to 25% of emails - a powerful, personal environment for crm   Search is still huge in the web environment – Google can now index over 1 trillion pages, meaning that the best sites for content will get spidered and the worst will be part of the huge wilderness of pages - so content has to be very specific   The average UK consumer views a page for 51 seconds – information transfer needs to be precise, relevant and polite and quick!   On average we consume 85 different websites each per month   This represents a challenge as most people (83%) access their content via search first, the second highest traffic driving channel is from the Social Media Marketing arena.   So slotting in a more complicated, personal, arguably less engaging channel like mobile into the mix, can cause issues for brands in publishing – particularly when most of our news comes out a day later……
  6. 6. Objectives   Understand which of our current titles has sufficiently pertinent content to repurpose into the mobile environment   Which ones of our brands had enough time to dedicate to the new demands of the newer content   Which properties were going to need new content elements to be suitable for the mobile confluence criteria   Once that was done – how would we make sure we could commercialise those environments?   And importantly what infrastructure could we put in place to at least be in a position to have a dialogue.   Then finally once the model worked – how to roll it out of multiple properties   But…… there are some issues:
  7. 7. Objectives   The standard issues •  Timings •  Capital •  Resources •  Politics   Plus outside our own environment there was and is the very real option of choice.   If we wanted to deliver granular news we have to compete with licence payers incomes supporting the BBC   If we want pure UGC then we have YouTube   If we want citizens journalism then we are too far ahead?   Dead end products? Mobile TV?   If we want presence then we have to crack the .mobi Google algorithm   On top of that there is understanding data and trends – all of which take time.
  8. 8. Solutions   The issues have meant that we have to tread a cautious path however we are getting there and have sourced a number of mobile elements that allow us to have a proposition that fits into the mobile confluence   What is it? –  We have taken a year to develop and learn a number of things: 1.  We have created an environment to allow mobile push and pull across all of our titles, in the form of a mobile single view database 2. We have developed a range of mobile internet properties [txt mobile to 65400 to get your .mobi metro site] 3. We have created some unique content areas that allow participation for consumers in under 51 seconds (the average page view) 4. MeMusic is an environment where you can create and vote on a UGC level 5. MeView is a mini version of YouTube but for us it allows the possibility of creating content to access the SMM environment in it own context
  9. 9.   Launch with 6 content channels: •  News, Sport, Fame, Weird, Metrosexual and Meview   Three revenue streams: •  Mobile display advertising •  Ecommerce •  SMS interaction:   Case Study: Drench Metroku sponsorship •  Readers complete grid to reveal the digits that go in the shaded squares then text answers to 65400 •  In 35 weeks generated 100,000 mobile entries •  All users are fed in to a central mcrm platform for ongoing monetisation
  10. 10. Daily Mail - Mailtxt   Launched Mailtxt in February - a free text service to subscribers   To build a mobile community of 50,000 that we could monetise through crm activity including:   games, alert services and other content offered through the mobile app   profiled offers - DM Wine Club online and offline activity included   profiled mobile advertising on mobile application from advertisers   additional in house offers from within DMGT group companies Send a Mailtxt Mailtxt Inbox Extras
  11. 11. What is at our disposal for newspaper mCRM   Text to win   Text voting   Answer match   Free prize draw entry   Winner draw facility   Voucher redemption   UGC areas   Mobile SEO   M-brochures Everything is run through our own 5 digit shortcodes into a central platform so we can learn from our consumers and market to them appropriately Associated Newspaper titles and our regional Northcliffe titles now have a single customer view mobile database of over 550k profiled numbers.
  12. 12. Summary   The market is moving always   We do not have the right to own the eyeballs like we used to - there are too many different places to see them nowadays   Take the long view that brands need association with trends not to own them   Use clever analytics to allow mCRM to be polite - offers need to be worthwhile or the churn will be large   Be prepared to get it wrong   Do not oversell   Ensure that you’re always innovate   Your audiences may not be the same as your paper audiences
  13. 13. Where to next for MCRM and papers?   There could be a time when consumers get all their info, data, gossip etc from the ‘cloud’ environments that are starting to take place online i.e. they will use engines to pull content into their own personal platforms – Digg now has 2million registered users for content pings   If that does happen then papers are going to have to provide strong opinions   Our mCRM is going to have to be super smart – we cannot split into niche areas and fire out messages to those niches – instead everyone will be a niche.   But this is a challenge for all brands who make money from advertising – my role is to help our brand along that road without hitting too many pot holes.
  14. 14. Thank You… questions?