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Libnova ICoC


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Presentation of the company Libnova during the Impact Centre of Competence Annual General Meeting

Published in: Technology
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Libnova ICoC

  1. 1. Technology changes. Information prevails. IMPACT Meeting Dec 2015
  2. 2. Company presentation
  3. 3. Leader in digital preservation Constantly working to enable organizations to be able to keep alive high volumes of data over long periods of time in an efficient way. > The team: 34 people. > Revenue: x3 last year. > Customers in 5 countries > Offices in Miami and Madrid
  4. 4. OAIS compliant Long Term Digital Archiving software Digital Preservation Storage Operative System Digital Preservation Services Our offer
  5. 5. Our offer: LIBSAFE Overview - Standards based OAIS aligned ISO 16,363 (TRAC aligned) - Capable +2Pb installations operative. Images, audio, video. - Powerful Validation, conformance, data format evolution, hardware migration and much more. - Easy to use Modern HTML, web based, fast, UX, no java. - Affordable Affordable license. Pay only for ingested Tb. Unlimited user seats. - Secure The system audits itself. Medical software and ISO 27,001 guidelines applied. - Future proof Open Source if we fail. Code escrow that will disclose LIBSAFE as open source if LIBNOVA fails. OAIS compliant Long Term Digital Archiving solution
  6. 6. Our offer: Main benefits - Fast to deploy and use. Turnkey solution Basic or medium requirements, nothing to implement. Install and it’s ready to go. A lot of ready to use checks and open source tools. Very intuitive and easy to use interface (all web based). - Reduces the preservation costs. Enables preservation at low cost. > From the preservation perspective: Automates procedures and workflows, automates data evolution, assures a good preservation quality, makes it easy to certify (TRAC). > From the IT perspective: Gives the Archive Manager autonomy for preservation planning. For instance, data migration between servers is automated (install new server, launch migration job from server A to server B and disconnect server A when finished; libsafe will migrate and verify all the data) - One solution. Comprehensive Except some early digital preservation tasks (forensic related), most part of the needs are already implemented. Easy to connect to other platforms (plug-in architecture, hot folders for automated ingestion, URL queries and retrieval, full API (80% of functions for early 2016, 100% for late 2016 version). - Peace of mind The platform is secure by design. Nothing is deleted, control files not overwritten but timestamped, all the data is written in at least two different locations (for instance, database and disk XML files), WORM system.
  7. 7. Our offer: Processes Ingestion job Sanitizer Preprocessor Performs an initial cleaning of the object, deleting unwanted files, fixing file attributes and permissions and verifying strange characters in file names or long paths. Applies customer defined processes over the objects, like generating new derivatives, renaming certain files, extracting OCR, etc. Validator Performs checks over the objects, its folder and files, to verify compliance. Verify the existence of a folder with a particular name, file numbers without gaps, sizes, jhove validation, etc. Explorer Extracts descriptive and technical metadata from the objects, including its characterization (real file format of a file). The descriptive metadata XML could be a METS, TXT, raw XML, XSLT Transformation or custom plugin (extracting from remote database, webservice, catalog API, etc.) Archiver To lower the risks (and to certify using TRAC), at least two managed copies of every object should be made. LIBSAFE will make and manage those copies over the storage servers without intervention. At least two and as many as the customer wants. Ideal for remote/cloud copies. Auditor This module verifies all the work done by previous modules. Is some information should be in the database, verifies it. If a stored file should have certain MD5 hash, hashes it again and verifies it. With this module, end-to-end corruption detection is implemented. Pre-SIP: From this point, all works without user intervention. >>> >>> Preserved object or objects. AIP is generated Hot Folders Web Interface RESTful API >>>
  8. 8. Our offer: Processes Retrieval job (DIP generation) Browse or search the collection metadata and retrieve individual files or complete objects. Using URL catalogs feature, it is possible to access an object from a URL call. Customer can add code to fit particular needs. It is possible to launch a full retrieve job to extract all objects from the platform in a standard way. Retrieve by URL Full retrieveRetrieve using catalog
  9. 9. Our offer: Processes Audit job This module verifies the coherence of all preservation data sources periodically, generating warnings if needed. When ingesting, LIBSAFE generates the MD5 hash for all ingested files and stores them in two data repositories: system database and security XML files stored in the filesystem paired to the object they represent. Every N days (1 week, 1 month, etc.) the system will enumerate objects needing auditing and launch an auditing job without user intervention. This job will regenerate every MD5 of every copy of every file and match it against stored MD5 in database and security XML file. Changing, erasing or adding anything anywhere without following ingestion methods will lead to integrity fault and will raise an alarm.
  10. 10. Our offer: Processes Evolution job Technology changes, rendering original content obsolete. The LIBSAFE dynamic preservation engine allows for maintaining file formats, metadata schemas and digital signatures up to date, keeping digital material alive so that it remains usable over time. File format evolution In the ingestion, real format of every file is extracted. For selected formats, migration is possible. This feature allows evolving TIF 4.0 to TIF 6.0 or PDF 1.3 to PDF/A, for instance. Metadata schemas evolution Not only files need evolution. Metadata schemas change over time. This feature allows schema to schema evolution. Digital signature evolution Digital signature of legal documents may expire. This feature allows to resign documents without user intervention.
  11. 11. Our offer: Other features Reports Several reports are available. More on the way.
  12. 12. Our offer: Other features LIBDATA OS Lowest cost/TB with digital preservation exclusive features (WORM, Local Hash, DeepSleep, etc)
  13. 13. Final Technology changes. Information prevails. libnova EMEA & LATAM Paseo de la Castellana, 153 Madrid - España Tel: +34 91 449 08 94 Fax: +34 91 141 21 21 LIBNOVA USA 14 NE First Ave (2nd Floor) Miami, Florida 33132, USA Tel: +1 844-894-6532