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FileCatalyst Webinar featuring Forbidden


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Providing an overview of FileCatalyst, the Forscene video-based platform, and the integration between the two

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FileCatalyst Webinar featuring Forbidden

  1. 1. FileCatalyst – Partner Spotlight Twitter feed: FileCatalystWebinars Forscenepro Forbidden Technologies
  2. 2. Agenda • Welcome / Introduction • FileCatalyst Technology Intro • FileCatalyst ISV Partner Ecosystem • Forbidden Technologies Introduction • Overview of FileCatalyst Direct • FileCatalyst Integration in Forscene • FileCatalyst & Forscene value proposition • Conclusion • Q&A • Next Steps… | © Copyright FileCatalyst, 20142
  3. 3. Introduction | © Copyright FileCatalyst, 20143 Elton Carneiro Indirect Channel Manager FileCatalyst Jason Cowan Director of Business Development Forbidden Technologies
  4. 4. Corporate Overview What we do? • Provide Enterprise Grade Software solutions for moving large data around the world • Patent pending accelerated file transfers via our unique UDP based approach • Simplify complicated large file transfers for the enterprise end user. • Provide all the tools for fast integration into existing enterprise infrastructure • Provide all the management, security and monitoring tools required to move large data across corporate networks • Provide integration solutions with all major cloud vendors, including, Amazon, OpenStack and Windows Azure | © Copyright FileCatalyst, 20144
  5. 5. FTP / TCP Overview • Provides reliability, error checking, ordered packets in a stream • Congestion control built in • Internet could not survive without it • Works well for most internet traffic, email, web browsing small ad-hoc transfers (HTTP, FTP, SFTP, SMTP etc) | © Copyright FileCatalyst, 20145
  6. 6. File Transfer Issues with TCP • Flow control limits transmission window, causes dead air with high latency • Very aggressive in response to network congestion, cannot tune in application layer • Result is less than ideal performance on wireless, satellite, or long haul links • Can be tuned but still not ideal for many-one, one-many | © Copyright FileCatalyst, 20146 TCP is a very serial process. Each packet of data must be received before a new packet is sent = Decreased transfer speed Source File Destination File Acknowledgments Data Packet
  7. 7. Acceleration with FileCatalyst • Ideal for bulk file transfer • Predictable - Can send at a perfect rate • Not affected by latency or packet loss • Congestion Control implemented in application layer • Tunable congestion control aggression • Instantly detect link capacity | © Copyright FileCatalyst, 20147 Source File Destination File Acknowledgments FileCatalyst completely saturates the pipe by sending multiple blocks of data = Increased transfer speed
  8. 8. 8 *NA = North America Bandwidth Improvement with FileCatalyst Accelerating File Transfers | © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2014
  9. 9. FileCatalyst Protocol Considerations • Plays fair with other traffic on network • 10 Gbps file transfer, single stream. Found by independent study to be only solution to maintain 10 Gbps with high latency and packet loss. • High performance for many small files • Features that reduce amount of data transferred (Compression and Incremental (RSYNC) ) • Security, reliability, automatic resume • Automation tools, SDK, central management | © Copyright FileCatalyst, 20149
  10. 10. FileCatalyst ISV partner Ecosystem 10 | © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2014
  11. 11. ©Forbidden Technologies plc 2014 What is the Forscene Platform?
  12. 12. ©Forbidden Technologies plc 2014 How are we used – Traditional Broadcast Post – on premise ENVY – UK post house +120 offline suites
  13. 13. ©Forbidden Technologies plc 2014 How are we used – Traditional Broadcast Post – on location – Bangkok airport
  14. 14. ©Forbidden Technologies plc 2014 How are we used – Sport deltatre – European Tour – workflow
  15. 15. ©Forbidden Technologies plc 2014 Forscene recap In short • December 2014 release of new Forscene UI and MAM • SaaS (Software as a Service) licensing, pay as you use • Available anywhere, on most devices over the public internet • Integration with leading technology brands Forscene’s future • Story editor in longform productions • Sub-clip and highlights editor in sport • EMEA and North American adoption
  16. 16. FileCatalyst Direct 16 • A point-to-point file transfer solution requiring software at both endpoints • Client applications include: • HotFolder: Automated and scheduled Transfers with folder synchronization • Express: Desktop client, manual process • Java Applets: Upload, download, 2-way & headless applets (no client-side install required ) • Development Tools: Command Line, Java & .NET API for seamless integration • Mobile Applications: iOS and Android | © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2014
  17. 17. FileCatalyst Integration in Forscene What’s available from BVE London 2015 • Client has Forscene and FileCataylst servers in multiple venues • Select clips in Forscene MAM • Transfer high res between two on premise servers • Movement of original hi-res file to other Forscene locations Looking forward • Adding the ability to download a hi-res sequence from the Forscene editor. • End user requiring original source – Connect to any location and download the file
  18. 18. Why should you use FileCatalyst technology when using Forscene? | © Copyright FileCatalyst, 201418 . • Enable high-res file transfer Forscene’s multi site clients • Forscene’s on location workflow (Keo Films example) • Cost effective solutions, moving clips that make up the edit • Tried and tested products • POC sites post BVE London (introductory offer) • Tried and tested solution available at NAB 2015 Come see us at FileCatalyst Forscene Stand R40 Stand E34 Feb 24-26, 2015 – ExCeL Expo Center – London.
  19. 19. Q&A | © Copyright FileCatalyst, 201419
  20. 20. Thank you