Automatic Wordpress Youtube Plugin


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Use this automatic Wordpress yYoutube plugin that will automatically posts video posts. Wordpress Youtube plugin that automatically post videos based on keywords. It can automatically create video blog posts so it optimal to start a niche video site.

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Automatic Wordpress Youtube Plugin

  1. 1. Automatic WordPress Youtube PluginBuilding a video site is definitely a great idea and you can easily do that by installing simplyWordPress Youtube plugin. Videos are loved by people no matter what type of niche they areinterested in and we must not forget that video sites are also loved by search engines. Moreover, Ithink building a video site is much easier than a normal onesince we do not have to spend so much time on article writingand there millions of videos we can use.myVideo poster is a premium WordPress Youtube pluginwhich can be set up to scan as many RSS feeds as you want,and post videos directly to your site. It is a kind of softwarethat automatically posts videos with descriptions. It can be usedfor a standalone video blog or you can use it to add valuablecontent to your existing blog. Overall, it is a kind of WordPress autoblog plugin for videos.The usage of it is really simple you add the Youtube RSS feeds you wan to use and the pluginwill automatically grabs the videos and creates the posts. You can also set it up to add thedescription and the tags if you want.Check out more details hereFeatures of Automatic WordPress Youtube Plugin  Check if embedding is allowed before posting! (optional)  Research niches directly from the plugin and get a list of potential RSS feeds!  Define the posting interval and amount of the videos!  Repost the comments on your own blog! (optional)  Can automatically create tags for the videos! (optional)  Automatically optimizes the titles for better SEO  Removes duplicate words from urls and filenames of the thumbnails (powerful SEO optimization).  Downloads and saves the thumbnail images to your upload folder. (optional)  Renames the thumbnails for better SEO!Benefits of This WordPress Youtube PluginHere are some benefits of using this automatic WordPress Youtube plugin.  It can automatically create blog posts every time you upload a video.  Add valuable content to your niche blog.  You can create self-running video sites gaining thousands of visitors!Check out the official website for more details, demos and screenshots. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS & DEMO