Membranes from inorganic substances


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Ceramic membrane lies in the category of man-made membranes that are developed from inorganic substances. They are in contrast to natural membranes since they are used where concentrated acid solutions are present.
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Membranes from inorganic substances

  1. 1. Why you may choose ceramic membranesCeramic membrane lies in the category of man-made membranes that aredeveloped from inorganic substances. They are in contrast to naturalmembranes since they are used where concentrated acid solutions arepresent. An added advantage is that they can be used in high temperatureactivities. They are made using crystalline or non-crystalline solids. This giveengineers the option of either heavier or lighter membranes depending on theneeds of the job.Ceramic membranes are broadly categorized as dense or porous. The densecategory is mostly used in gas separation, for instance the purification ofoxygen from the atmosphere. The porous ceramics are applied in filtration ofmicro and below processes.This high detailed quality ensure that the end resultsare of the desired finesse.Good qualities of ceramic membranesThe stability of ceramic membranes is one factor that attracts engineers tothem. They are stable in terms of their chemical, mechanical and thermalaspects. This makes them suitable for longer lifespan. Though the durability ofceramics come at a cost, the long life service they shall give you is the reasonyou need to buy them. They are thus suitable for a wide range of applicationsin water and pharmaceutical fields.The availability of ceramic membranes is not matched. They everywhere youmay be, so you need not to worry on their ready availability. You shall get whatyou need at your home comfort without incurring any travel costs. the otheravailability channel is through the internet in which you can search for whatyou need from your personal computer. This comes with a secure way of onlinepurchasing and a very efficient delivery channel.Ceramic membranes separate solutions through physical means. Anotheradvantage is that they are eco-system friendly: the wastes are bio-degradableand easy to handle.The range of temperature for activities involving ceramic membranes is wide.They vary from low to high temperatures which other membranes cannotwithstand. This property is made possible by the best chemical and thermalqualities that come with ceramic products.The running expenses of ceramics are highly reduced due to the non-openedoperation cycles which are also continuous. Closed cycle processes safe a lotof energy as well as increasing the speed of operation. This is a plus when itcomes to energy saving measures in the world today. There is also the merit of
  2. 2. favor sterilization and backward flushing. This results to bacteria resistance anda moist free storage after use.Disadvantages of ceramic membranesThese membranes come in heavy weights. This may cause a problem in termsof their application as they may require a large task-force to run them. The costof producing ceramic products is high. This may be a reason for customers toopt for the other types available. However, this shortcoming is neutralized bythe durability of ceramic membranes in comparison to the other types.Where ceramic membranes are appliedWaste water industry is the the major field that utilizes these membranes. Lately,other sectors have joined in. These are chemical sector, metal field, paperindustry, food and beverages and clothing industry. you want to know more visit