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Sectoral information sheet


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This is the Youth Sectoral Information Sheet of the National Anti-Poverty Commission - Youth and Students Sector. NAPC is undergoing a national mapping of youth organizations for its assemblies. If your youth organization/s are interested in engaging the government's anti-poverty policies. Download and fill out the form and send to:

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Sectoral information sheet

  1. 1. Office of the President of the Philippines NATIONAL ANTI-POVERTY COMMISSION ORGANIZATIONAL INFORMATION SHEET 1. Basic Organizational InformationSector AcronymName of Organization Full NameMailing Address withPostal Code: Tel. No: Fax. No.Contact Details: Mobile No. Email addressContact Person: Designation:Nature of Organization: National1 Regional2 Provincial3 City/Municipal4Number of Members: Female: Male: Total:Year/s of Operation: Involvement in NAPC: New Old: Year/s participated:Accreditation: (please specifyaccrediting agency or institution anddate of issuance) 2. Geographical Area/s of Operation (Use the attached document referred to as Annex “A”) 3. Sectoral Issues and Concerns Top Three (3) Sectoral Issues and Concerns Stance/Position to the Issue Strategies and Programs 1. 2. 3. 4. Affiliation/s Name of Political Organization/Coalitions Advocacy/Issues & Concerns 1. 2. Submitted by: _____________________________ ____________________________ (Signature over Printed Name) Designation Date Accomplished:____________________________ 1 Organizational presence in at least two island regions and a minimum of three provinces per region 2 Organizational presence in at least three provinces in a region 3 Organizational presence in at least three municipality/city in a province 4 Organizational presence in at least three barangays in a municipality/city
  2. 2. Office of the President of the Philippines Annex “A” NATIONAL ANTI-POVERTY COMMISSION Area/s of OperationName of Local Organization Region/s Province/s of… Municipality/ies of…..