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GenPeace General Assembly 2012 - Draft Executive Summary

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Executive summary gen peace ga

  1. 1. 2012 Generation Peace YouthNetwork Executive Summary GenPeace General Assembly GZO Peace Institute 3/22/2012
  2. 2. GZO Peace Institute 2 2012 Generation Peace Youth Network General Assembly 23 – 25 February 2012 Executive SummaryI. Program/ Activities 23 February 2012 Preparatory Meeting of the National Board Walter Hogan Training Center, Ateneo de Manila University A. Review of Activities for 2010 – 2011 2010 – 2011 GenPeace Activities 2010 2011 January – Anagnorisis launching January – GenPeace Planning February - UNDP Writeshop for Partners January 25 – 26, 2012 – Human Rights Caravan – PNU March - Trees for Peace – AWN – Peace April – Peace and Human Rights Training – Garden at Corregidor Cagval March – Tree Planting at Corregidor May – Peace and Human Rights Training at Cabadbaran city March - Mindanao for Peace Dialogue June 2 – 3 2011 Peace and Human Rights Training at Cotabato August – Beat the Drum to ban Cluster July – Peace and Human Rights Training and Munitions Workshop at Ilo-ilo August – Consultation Dialogue Education Course – Drafting of Peace Module (Education program – Akbayan Youth) September 21, 2010 - International Day of September – Walk for Peace Peace at Iloilo - Collection of Letrary Pieces on Peace (Anagnorisis) September 2009 - Peace Tiles September - Peace Ceremony at Ilo-ilo
  3. 3. GZO Peace Institute 3 2012 September - Photo Exhibit (PAZ – YSP) (petition, Lantern for Peace, Peace Messages, Peace wall) State Dinner for Eid‟l Fit‟r with PNoy September – International Day of Peace October – Lobbying QC and Manila - MWP - October - NAPC Sectoral Assembly - Youth institutionalize City ordinances Council – Elected - GenPeace November - Mindanao Week of Peace November – Participation of GenPeace in crafting the Youth Rights Barometer November MWP – Peace Caravan December – Regional Round Table Conference at Surigao City December – Peace and Human Rights Forum December - Waging Peace – Butuan City at Ilo-ilo; Peace Photo Petition; Waging Peace Peace Education (Peace Day) – Butuan City Peace Education (Peace Day) Young Leader‟s Peace Seminar ( Peace Day) Young Leader‟s Peace Seminar ( Peace Day)B. Members’ Assessment of GenPeace Work for the year 2010 – 2011 Members of the National Board had assessed the activities in accordance to their alignment with GenPeace core thrusts. The members had closely examined the work of GenPeace and said that the projects had triumphantly inculcated the value of peace consciousness especially among the youth. They recognized the network‟s efforts to initiate Peace Education programs among localities particularly in the South. More so, they have said that through the different activities and projects of the network, the youth became more deeply involved in the activities concerning peace. They also applauded the region-wide connections established by the network linking all youths from different regions to work for the cause of peace. They have also stated that due to the engagement of GenPeace programs in their localities, the programs of their organizations had been more peace – focused and the youth were more empowered and their passion for peace was reawakened. However there were some programs that were proven not so efficient when it comes to sustainability. GenPeace has a number of good initiatives but the impacts of these activities do not last for long. The group suggested that a more effective mechanism be used so that the youth will be deeply engaged in the network‟s activities. The group also constructively criticized the scope and limitations of the GenPeace programs. They have mentioned that these programs were very broad in scope and they also suggested that GenPeace programs should be well discussed among members so that the objectives will be clearer and will be more specific for different issue areas.
  4. 4. GZO Peace Institute 4 2012 More so, the group also recommended that the network must work on expandingits connections and partnerships over other key sectors in the Philippines. In addition,they had recommended that Genpeace programs should also cater on initiatives in otherissue areas such as gang wars and the like. The group suggested that the network mustexpand the network‟s participation in other conflict zone areas in other regions. Thegroup also recommended the Training for Trainers to further increase and develop thetrainers‟ skills in promoting and advocating peace initiatives. The group also urged allother peace members to re-echo the peace training to their respective communities. The Management Committee had also called for the active involvement of themembers. The committee had also urged them to be more committed with the peaceadvocacy. They have also suggested a new approach for GenPeace activities. Thedelegates from various regions would have to conceptualize the activities that will bestsatisfy the needs of their organization in their respective regions and GenPeace willsupport them in the form of resources. The committee also asked for a better mechanismof member recruitment for the expansion of the network. Moreover, they had called forincreased proposals on how the network could generate more funds to raise the projects.The committee also wanted to increase the collaborative efforts of different region – wideorganization to better advance the peace advocacy.
  5. 5. GZO Peace Institute 5 2012 24 February 2012 Successor Generation: Re – imagine the Work for Peace” Walter Hogan Training Center, Ateneo de Manila UniversityA. A Talk on the Involvement of the National Youth Commission on the Peace Advocacy: Mr. Gio Tingson, Commissioner of the National Youth Commission The National Youth Commission shares the vision of GenPeace in empowering,connecting and transforming the youth towards the advancement of peace. With this, NYCrecognizes the significance of peace building efforts especially among the youth. Mr.Tingson encouraged the youth to mobilize their thinking and re - imagine innovative andcreative mechanisms on how to best promote peace. He called that the youth may rekindlethe spirit of peace consciousness and initiate efforts to build peace in the country. He alsomentioned the upcoming 9th National Youth Parliament and motivated the participants to joinand help formulate policies particularly for the youth. He asserted that this event could be aneffective way of lobbying important peace initiatives and peace actions that would engagethe Filipino youth in various peace processes. He also encouraged the youth not to be mereconformists and dare to change the status quo and make a difference. The youth is a veryvital sector that could promote change especially in the peace building efforts of the country. Moreover, GenPeace had also renewed its partnership with the National YouthCommission. The two organizations will collaborate together to push forward more policiesconducive for promoting peace in the country. The NYC will serve as a support mechanismthat would endorse the policy recommendations of GenPeace in the country‟s legislativebody. Mr. Tingson also expressed his support on the “Give Peace a Shot campaign ofGenPeace Network”. He further promised a more integrated partnership of GenPeace and theNational Youth Commission for a successful campaign on peace. In the open forum, the delegates had asked the involvement of the National YouthCommission in Youth Development projects in ARMM. The NYC commissioner hadclarified that the commission only has an advisory role in the ARMM Youth Commission.The NYC could not directly interfere with the projects of the ARMM group. Also, thedelegates form Mindanao raised the issue of the lack of educational facilities in the region.Books and other learning modules are not well – provided in the area. More so, the schoolswere very distant and the schedule of classes was not on a regular basis. There were also aninsufficient number of teachers who are willing to teach in those isolated places. Thedelegates also raised the issue on the stringent process on the delivery of educational servicesin the region. The delegates also called for the NYC to act on educational reforms that wouldalleviate the deplorable educational conditions in the Mindanao area. In response, NYCcommissioner had stated that the NYC will redouble its efforts to lobby policy programs inorder to address the needs of the children of Mindanao.
  6. 6. GZO Peace Institute 6 2012B. Updates on the Mindanao Peace Process : Abdul Malik Cleofe, Mindanao Peoples Caucus Mr. Cleofe focused his discussion on the issues and challenges in the current GPH-MILF Peace Talks. He pinpointed that the current peace negotiations is part of a historicalcontinuity dealing with the Moro question. The Moro Question is a Sovereignty BasedConflict brought about by the arbitrary integration into the Philippine Republic of theBangsamoro peoples ancestral domains. The Moro struggle is the assertion of theBangsamoro peoples of their right to self-determination. He added that before the coming of the Spanish colonizers the Bangsamoro peoplesin Mindanao have all the elements of a nation-state. Nevertheless, the Philippine governmentfailed to recognize the statehood of the Bangsamoro group. They formulated various landlaws which had spawned a number of effects specially to the Bangsamoro‟s and to theindigenous people. The land laws institutionalized the dispossession of lands of the Morosand the indigenous people. The migration of people from Luzon and Visayas shifted thepopulation. Hence the indigenous peoples and the Moros became the minority. Furthermore,the entry of big businesses which displaced the Moros and IPs further resulted in violentstruggles. These land laws had marginalized a number of Moros and IPs. The Speaker also revealed that the Bangsamoro had indeed fought and defended theirhomeland against the Spaniards, Americans and Japanese, did not give up nor surrenderedand neither has been conquered. Moreover, The inclusion of the Bangsamoroterritory/ancestral domain to the Philippines was without their plebiscitary consent, aviolation of their rights as guaranteed by various United Nations instruments guaranteeingpeoples‟ right to self-determination. Several resistance and protests were made by theMoros led by the Sultans in Maguindanao, Lanao, and Sulu against the inclusion of theirterritory into the Philippines and the plea for the right of self – determination intensified. Note: (See On the GPH-MILF Peace Process.ppt)C. On the NDF Peace Process: Addressing the Past, Focusing on the Future: Prof. Ed Garcia, International Alert Note: (See ED GARCIA_ADDRESSING THE PAST, FOCUSING ON THE FUTURE.pptx)D. State of the GenPeace Address: A Report on GenPeace Accomplished Activities for 2010 – 2011: Ms. Debbie Cabanag, National Coordinator, Generation Peace Youth Network Note: (See GA_Natl_edited.ppt)
  7. 7. GZO Peace Institute 7 2012 E. Presentation of GenPeace Program of Action for 2012-2013: Wilson Requez, Sulong CAHRIHLGENPEACE National Assembly Planning and Recommendations (2012 – 2014) Key Result Area Specific Actions / Activities IndicatorsInstitutional Development A. Regional Communicate through social networking GenPeace Regional pages in Organizational sites, cellphone etc: Facebook per formation. Set-up Setup Regional Websites: not mandatory, Functional Regional A.1. link websites to genpeace site, everyone Websites Communication feeds info to network for A.2. Structure newsreporting/updates No. of members oriented Constant Activities: Orientation Seminar to local Agreed meeting schedule organizations: mandatory for ‘peace covenant’ signatories Regularized Regional Meeting: discretion Identified project tie-ups of regions (connected to expansion) Regular Education Discussions: secretariat, develop key flashpoints. Inter-organization project tie-ups for linkaging: rundown on programs of each org, look at possible tie-ups (regional or area-focused) Organizational Development and Institutional Stregthening for Island-wide Training CARAGA – led: Establish Islandwide Structure for GENPeace? Regional Structure? Proposed Structure: Elect a Regional Coordinator Or Islandwide Coordinator? Role to be taken by the Coordinator/ Co- Coordinator? Or Secretariat? (Communication and coordination with the Regional Coordinators) B. Finance Explore funding possibility with PCHR Written Proposal for PCHR Mobilization for a national assembly on Human Rights National Assembly held C.1. National and Peace: Expand to other government
  8. 8. GZO Peace Institute 8 2012 Effort agencies i.e. OPAPP, NYC refers? etc. C.2. Local Effort Developed proposal for Proposal Writing for FA and funding submission opportunities: thematic concerns i.e. peace ed. IGP concepts and internal Internal fund sourcing: Fund raising fund. (principle: (resource, influence, engagement in counterparting from local community) through IGP and sponsorship organization) of activities. Explore PPP – c/o CARAGA Well funded organizations Agreement on the membership fee with percentage allocation: Develop Peace tokens concept (activities on peace/hr counted as counterpart)Program and Project DevelopmentSectoral Linkaging (Connect) A. Consolidation Orientation Seminar for local Tap 20 organizations Effort organizations/members: “Basic Orye Seminar” needs to be developed Engage fraternal organizations of current GENPEACE partners. Example: Youth Peace Ambassadors, etc. Local Assembly: Per school? Local Coordinators. Update Community? Sectoral? Etc? on the peace process and initiatives. B. Expansion Effort Engage other youth groups with thematic New projects with expansion concerns: fraternity, SK, target organizations. Consultation with youth organizations Series of meetings with and partnership building target representatives. Local Orientations with target organizations. Social and „branching‟ as No. of tapped organizations expansion strategy C. Young People in SK Training Workshops as expansion Number of SK Trained. Governance strategy Engage SK (localized engagements) SK projects for peace awareness? Peace Forum with SK organizations Re-echo of peace forum and How to sustain engagement with the SK activities spearheaded by the groups? SKs.
  9. 9. GZO Peace Institute 9 2012 Local ordinances. D. Policy Makers E. Youth InstitutionsCapacity Building and Training (Empower): A. Peace and Island-wide Training with prospect of Eco-training produce? Human Rights Re-echo: BOOOM! Training Caravan Seminar and Training in different campuses / communities: School Tours B. Peace Leadership Island-wide Training with prospect of Eco-through action plan? Training Re-echo Summer Camp: Team Building and Workshop (National ToT and Regional ToT) C. Skills Island-wide Training with prospect of Development Re-echo Training Education and Speakers Training Advocacy and Campaign Lobbying in Engaging policy makers – c/o CARAGA (back to back trainings)Peace Advocacy (Transform) A. Peace Talks Campaigning Online: Documentary Number of views and like Campaign on Videos (Multi-media Campaign?) GPH - NDFP Localized and Regional Forum on the Peace Process: in partnership with Sulong CARHRIHL (especially Kaye‟s fund) B. Peace Talks Campaigning Online: Documentary Number of views and like Campaign on Videos (Multi-media Campaign?) GPH – MILF Localized and Regional Forum on the Peace Process National Seminar: Constitutional Amendment to support GPH – MILF Peace Process Alternative: E-copy? Or Regional Set-up signature booth and Education Discussion? Localized? gather 5,000 sigantures per (Secretariat and other GenPeace network. members can refer Speakers/Resource
  10. 10. GZO Peace Institute 10 2012 Pools) Support Signature Campaign to amend the 1987 Constitution in support to the GPH – MILF Peace Talks: E-copy of the resolution to the GenPeace Network (Tirmizy) C. Peace One Day Sustain engagement with GenPeace (September 21) National initiatives. Sustain parallel initiatives in regional level: local celebrations Launch satellite programs in schools (build-up?) D. Give Peace A Set-up booth for every projects Shot E. EO 570 Engage LGU through lobbying for Campaign implementation of peace education in local communities Courtesy call with the division offices and school heads F. National Peace To be spearheaded by the GENPeace Policy National Workshop with students and teachers for awreness raising? Facilitators, training and workshop? G. IDP Bill To be spearheaded by GenPeace National: DESIGN CAMPAIGN PLANLocal Peace Initiatives (Transform) A. Area Specific Promotion through social campaigns: GA Campaigns and Projects with Peace themes Local Campaign: Peace wall and freedm wall, Literary and photo contests and prayer rallies B. Thematic Dialogue with local partners to identify Concerns thematic issues: ie CIAC, Women Week-Long Mindanao Peace: Series of Activities to support GPH – MILF Peace Talks (solidarity campaign and/or resolutions on MWP)
  11. 11. GZO Peace Institute 11 2012 F. Assembly Consensus on Organizational Paper and Proposed Amendments The proposed goals for 2012 – 2013, revised GenPeace Vision and Mission along with the proposed core values were consulted with the delegates and some amendments were made. The entire body agreed over the said revisions and proposals.VISION“Isang lipunan na lahat ng tao ay namumuhay ng pantay-pantay sa ilalim ng hustisya,kapayapaan at kasaganaan; at lahat ng mamamayan ay nagkakabuklod-buklod para sa kaunlaranng lipunan.”“A society where all people are equal; peace, justice and prosperity reign supreme; where allpeople are united for the advancement of the society.”MISSION:As Generation Peace, we will work to advance an active non-violent youth-led advocacy towardsjust and sustainable peace.GOAL 1: Effect change in attitude and behavior of the public especially youth towards a just andsustainable peace, in view of that we commit to engage the government to implement the EO570.GOAL 2: GenPeace commits to sustain engagement with the government (executive and legislative)towards a just and lasting peace, through policies and practices.GOAL 3: Engagement of GPH-NDF; GPH-MILF and sustain support for the political settlements witha just and sustainable peace framework.GOAL 4: We commit to a broader network of GenPeace with better capabilities to advance peace.
  12. 12. GZO Peace Institute 12 2012 GENERATION PEACE YOUTH NETWORK “Bridging Divides: Lessons Drawn from Facilitation and Mediation” Social Development Complex AVR, Ateneo de Manila University A. Discussion on Mediation and FacilitationPanel Topic 1: Lessons Drawn from Third Party Mediation and Facilitation - Prof. Ed Garcia, International AlertPanel Topic 2: Good Practices on Community Mediation - Anwar UpahmPanel Topic 3: Fraternity/Gang War and Grassroots Mediation Initiatives - Youth for Social Action: Ruben Macasieb, Jr., Fread de Mesa and Lea Marasigan B. Election of the Members of the National Board (2012 – 2014) National Coordinator Maria Theresa Angelica Bustria - UNYAP Co-Coordinator Rex Ybañez – CARAGA Youth Leaders Network Spokesperson Mirma Mae Tica - Center for Peace Education – Miriam College Members-at-Large Gerald Eustaquio – UST AB-BSE Social Science Society - Generation Peace Appication Form Eliz Balderas – AKBAYAN Youth Ma. Kristel Georgia Mendoza – UNESCO Regional Representatives VISAYAS UNESCO Young Professionals SCAP Iloilo Sobusteha Youth Association LUZON Philippine Normal University-UNESCO UNESCO Young Professionals AKBAYAN Youth MINDANAO Peace Advocates Zamboanga
  13. 13. GZO Peace Institute 13 2012 CARAGA Youth Leaders NetworkTeduray Lambangian Youth and Students Association Management Committee Sulong CARHRIHL – Wilson Requez Center for Peace Education – Mirma Mae TicaGZO Peace Institute – Nikki Delfin, Beverly Orozco Rechie Tugawin Deborah Cabanag SecretariatGZO Peace Institute – Nikki Delfin, Beverly Orozco *Clusters Cagayan Valley Clusters Coordinator John Albert Baltazar Representatives Diego Cabalar Ryan Luver Lopez CARAGA Clusters Coordinator Rex Ybañez Representatives Edito Ebol Bautista Tantoy Cebu Clusters Coordinator Mickay Lopez Iloilo Clusters Coordinator Reyanne Librado Representatives Jayson Tingson Kyth Palma Maguindanao Cluster Coordinator Anwar Upahm/Anwar Saluwang Manila Cluster Coordinator Maria Angeli Bustria Representatives
  14. 14. GZO Peace Institute 14 2012 Kathleen Mae Victoria Sherah Pabico Quezon City Cluster Coordinator Ian Villanueva Zambasulta Cluster Coordinator Aldrin Abdurahim *nonelected positionC. Presentation of GenPeace Awards