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Orthopedic treatment effective-for_musculoskeletal_diseases


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Orthopedic treatment effective-for_musculoskeletal_diseases

  1. 1.                                                                       1­718­769­2521 Orthopedic Treatment - Effective for Musculoskeletal DiseasesOrthopedic treatment is proving veryeffective in the diagnosis and treatment ofmusculoskeletal diseases. There are manyeffective non-surgical orthopedic treatmentsavailable today.The musculoskeletalsystem consists ofmuscles, bones, tendons,ligaments, nerves, jointsand the spinal cord. Thesystem enablescoordinated bodymovements and alsoprovides stability andsupport for the humanbody. Back or kneeinjuries are the mostcommonly occurringmusculoskeletal impairments. Among theelderly, arthritis is reported to be the leadingchronic condition. Children, on the other hand,may face specific orthopedic issues such as toewalking, congentital vertical talus, metatarsusadductus, birth injuries, Erb palsy and so on.                                                                       1­718­769­2521
  2. 2.                                                                       1­718­769­2521Pediatric orthopedics aims at resolvingchildrens orthopedic issues.Studies have proved that orthopedictreatment is effective for musculoskeletaldiseases. The treatment is found effective forcommon musculoskeletal disorders such asbone fractures, sports injuries, degenerativejoint disorders, congenital disorders, infections,tumors, back pain and problems with hip,elbow, shoulder and knee. Individual treatmentprotocols for musculoskeletal disorders allowpatients to lead a normal life with minimal painand discomfort.Orthopedic Care for MusculoskeletalDiseases Arthritis, osteoporosis, tendonitis and many other musculoskeletal diseases are effectively treated using advanced techniques. To find the root cause of the disease, the orthopedist first puts the patient through a comprehensive physical evaluation. The diagnosis is confirmed with the help of detailed radiological                                                                       1­718­769­2521
  3. 3.                                                                       1­718­769­2521evaluations using advanced modalities such asX-rays and MRIs.Some orthopedic treatment techniquesadopted to cure musculoskeletal diseases are: • Physical therapy – Physical therapy exercises are recommended to improve muscle strength and flexibility, and repair the ligaments and tissues around the affected area. For instance, the strengthening of the muscles supporting the knee will reduce the strain on the knee joint, reduce pain and prevent further injury. Regular exercises can also help restore the strength of the back and a gradual return to everyday activities. • Traction – This technique is effective to treat shoulder dislocation, fractures, muscle spasms and joint disarticulation. Force is applied to the injured part for stabilizing movements of the bone. • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve (TEN) Stimulation – This treatment involves passage of low voltage electric current to the affected part of the body for suppressing pain. Acute pain related to joint disorders, herniated discs or fractures can be alleviated using this technique.                                                                       1­718­769­2521
  4. 4.                                                                       1­718­769­2521 • Splint – The device supports and protects fractured bones and soft tissues without movements. It also eases out swelling and pain, which in return stimulates healing process. • Deep tissue massage, application of heat/cold pack and medications are provided in the initial state of the treatment. These treatments help to release muscle knots and tension. Moreover, massage enhances the mobility of muscles, ligaments, tendons, connective tissues and joints. Trigger point injections, physical therapy and manual techniques also ensure quality care for the musculoskeletal system.Professional orthopedic center forcomprehensive treatmentA multidisciplinary team approach is requiredto manage various orthopedic impairments.There are many centers offering orthopedicservices. For instance, if you live in aroundBrooklyn, it is quite easy to find a Brooklynorthopedic center with an expert teamcomprising experienced physical therapists,orthopedists, neurologists, occupationaltherapists, and other specialists. The right                                                                       1­718­769­2521
  5. 5.                                                                       1­718­769­2521center would provide you with personalizedtreatments and care throughout the treatmentschedule. Rehabilitation planning also plays avital role in orthopedics to get back patientsinto routine activity. Getting the rightorthopedic treatment for musculoskeletaldiseases can help a speedy return into normalactivity.Author BioHealthQuest is a leading healthcare center inBrooklyn, New York that offers effectiveorthopedic treatment services. HealthQuestprovides treatment for a wide variety oforthopedic disorders.                                                                       1­718­769­2521