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Human rights and Council of Europe - Rui Gomes


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Human Rights and Council of Europe - Rui Gomes

Published in: Law, News & Politics
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Human rights and Council of Europe - Rui Gomes

  1. 1. Human Rights Education Knowledge Attitudes Action For human rights
  2. 2. Human rights…Human rights… Entitlements we deserve to have and ought to have because we are human beings. - A minimal set of standards…
  3. 3. Human rights  a minimum set of values and accompanying standards regulating, in particular, the very unequal relationship between the individual and the state.  Internationally agreed  Of universal nature  To be guaranteed by the state
  4. 4. ”All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” UDHR, article 1 The right to humanity
  5. 5. Which rights?...Which rights?...  Civil rights and libertiesCivil rights and liberties  Legal rightsLegal rights  Political rightsPolitical rights  Social rightsSocial rights  Economic rightsEconomic rights  Cultural rightsCultural rights  Solidarity rightsSolidarity rights
  6. 6. UniversalUniversal IndivisibleIndivisible InterdependentInterdependent InalienableInalienable Déclaration deVienne, 1993 All human rights are...
  7. 7. All human rights are:All human rights are:  HumanHuman  HumanHuman  HumanHuman
  8. 8. Human rights based approach  Human rights considerations take the primacy over other factors  Human rights are mainstreamed  HR as a network of interlocking attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, norms and regulations
  9. 9. granted rights and natural rights to human rights From...
  10. 10. Universal Declaration of Human Rights Covenant on Social and Economic Rights Covenant on Social and Economic Rights Specific conventions and instruments International Bill of Rights
  11. 11.  European Convention on HumanEuropean Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental FreedomsRights and Fundamental Freedoms  Convention on the Prevention ofConvention on the Prevention of Torture and Degrading TreatmentTorture and Degrading Treatment  European Social CharterEuropean Social Charter  Framework Convention on NationalFramework Convention on National MinoritiesMinorities  ......
  12. 12.  Regional systems of protection of HRRegional systems of protection of HR  Decolonisation movementsDecolonisation movements  Effective control mechanismsEffective control mechanisms  Conv. on Elimination of Racial DiscriminationConv. on Elimination of Racial Discrimination  The Convention on the Rights of theThe Convention on the Rights of the ChildChild  The CEDAWThe CEDAW  Special Courts for Yugoslavia and RwandaSpecial Courts for Yugoslavia and Rwanda  The International Criminal CourtThe International Criminal Court  Rights of Persons with DisabilitiesRights of Persons with Disabilities Very Recently...Very Recently...
  13. 13. Looking further up...Looking further up...  Internet and human rightsInternet and human rights  Intergenerational mattersIntergenerational matters  Climate changeClimate change  ...?...?  ...?...?
  14. 14. FAQs and dilemmasFAQs and dilemmas  Universal, special or specific rights?Universal, special or specific rights?  Universal or absolute?Universal or absolute?  A Western creation?A Western creation?  Human rights and cultural practicesHuman rights and cultural practices  Political abuse of human rightsPolitical abuse of human rights  Rights vs ResponsibilitiesRights vs Responsibilities
  15. 15. A look ahead?...A look ahead?... Equality Freedom Solidarity?
  16. 16. You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming. Pablo Neruda