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Gensol Consultants Pvt Limited Profile

  1. 1. Consultants Private Limited<br />Single Destination <br />for Integrated Energy Solutions<br /> Carbon Advisory | <br />Strategic Consultancy – GreenKarma® |<br />Advisory & Trading – Renewable Energy Certificates |<br />Power Trading and Advisory| <br />Solar Advisory & Project Execution | <br />Energy Management |<br />It Pays to be Environment Friendly<br />
  2. 2. What We Are..<br />Gensol Consultants Pvt Ltd, one of the leading energy solutions providers in India, has been instrumental in providing the most competent advisory & trading services by linking strategy, innovation and technology to solve the most complex issues in the field Renewable Energy, Corporate Sustainability and Energy Efficiency. <br />The company has been distinguished from the others by its highly creative team with a strong technical expertise, committed to delivering sustainable solutions to major industries worldwide. <br />Gensol, with a clientele of over 450 corporations and organizations across the country , has a team strength of more than 120 members spread across 4 cities in two continents. The firm is also a member of esteemed organisations such as– Solar Energy Society of India, Indian Green Buildings Council and Indian Wind Power Association.<br />Our result oriented and process driven approach keeps our clients informed and ahead of their time, making our motto come true - It 'Pays' to be Environment Friendly.<br />It Pays to be Environment Friendly<br />
  3. 3. Our Journey<br />2007-08: <br /><ul><li>Commenced operations under the dynamic vision of Anmol Singh Jaggi ;
  4. 4. One of the very few companies to receive ISO 9001:2000 in first year
  5. 5. 1st Office at Panchkula, Haryana
  6. 6. Team Strength – 02</li></ul>2008-09:<br /><ul><li> Winner of The Economic Times - Power of Ideas
  7. 7. 2nd Office at Ahmadabad
  8. 8. 300+ clients and 20 million carbon credits
  9. 9. Team Strength - 60 </li></ul>2009-10:<br /><ul><li> Winner of Business World Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  10. 10. Marked strong national presence with 2 new offices in Bangalore and Gurgaon
  11. 11. 380+ clients and 28 million carbon credits
  12. 12. Team Strength – 200</li></ul>2010-11:<br /><ul><li> Successfully raised Series A round of funding
  13. 13. Signed one of its kind floor price post-2012 ERPA
  14. 14. Commenced international operation with an office in UK
  15. 15. 450+ clients ; 35 million carbon credits ; Presence in 4 states in 2 continents</li></ul>It Pays to be Environment Friendly<br />
  16. 16. What we do..<br />Carbon Market Advisory: <br />Gensol provides the most competent solutions right from the point of origination of the carbon commodities - Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) and Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) to their monetisation. Gensol today enjoys a portfolio of 30 million carbon credits. <br />Strategic Consultancy (GreenKarma®): <br />Tapping the theme of sustainability, GreenKarma polishes aspects of climate change, ethical raw material procurement, energy saving, water saving and fair trade. Working with both end of a supply chain, we provide cost effective sustainability solutions to suppliers and reliable supply chain to buyers. GreenKarma holds an imperative position when it comes to providing services in the following areas:<br />Climate Change Services |Carbon Footprinting |Carbon Management |Energy and Waste Management |Sustainability Reporting and Auditing |Green Supply Chain Planning and Implementation<br />Renewable Energy Certificates - Advisory and Trading: <br />Gensol powered with thorough understanding of the regulatory and technical issues related to the REC scheme, provides end-to-end solution :<br />Accreditation from state agencies |Registration from central agencies |Issuance of Renewable Energy Certificates | Trading of Renewable Energy Certificates on Indian Power exchange<br />Cont..<br />It Pays to be Environment Friendly<br />
  17. 17. What we do..<br />Solar Consultancy and Turnkey EPC Services: <br />As Owner's or Lender's Engineer, we guide our clients or investors through the complete process of project feasibility, financial closure, bid process management, vendor finalization and supervision of project execution up till successful project commissioning meeting our strict quality criteria. Backed by on-ground experience and industry equipment and knowledge alliances we ensure timely and quality project execution.<br />Power Trading and Advisory: <br />Gensol is an active member on both the power exchanges of India - Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) and Power Exchange of India (PXIL) - a transparent platform for buying and selling of electricity on a national level. Gensol's power trading division is equipped with consummate range of services to fulfill the Short term as well as Long term energy requirements of its customer in harmony with timely and regular market updates.<br />Energy Management: <br />Gensol is empanelled with and is an advisor to various nodal agencies for energy conservation. Having a team of experts from different disciplines equipped with technical and state-of-the-art instrumental resources, Gensol offers diverse business models ranging from detailed plant audits to energy management support and ESCo Services. A one stop destination for conducting both, feasibility studies and detailed facilitation under various rating systems like LEED, IGBC and GRIHA. Offer customised services in energy modeling and lighting simulation, backed by most advanced building simulation software.<br />It Pays to be Environment Friendly<br />
  18. 18. Our Vision and Values<br />Gensol’s vision is to become the most dominant 360° Energy solutions provider across the globe.<br />The four values that are the unvarying and the most essential component of Gensol’s identity and future success are:<br />Integrity: Each member of Gensol live and work according to the highest standards of professional conduct which is respected by all our stake holders<br />Recognition: At Gensol each contribution is acknowledged, appreciated and rewarded to create a culture of success<br />Efficiency: Gensol provides excellence in products, services and people that drives long-term growth and client satisfaction.<br />Commitment: Each member of our team displays highest level of fidelity towards the organisation and their clients. Here, we value our clients’ perceptions and anticipate their needs. We thrive to exceed their expectations every day.<br />It Pays to be Environment Friendly<br />
  19. 19. Our Value Proposition<br />Personal <br />Attention<br />Gensol has a pool of highly experienced and qualified professionals across countries providing assistance to various clients with their businesses spread across the globe. <br />The company is actively engaged in a multi disciplinary practice serving an extensive base of eminent clients across the globe. The vast majority of new clients come to us at the express recommendation of others - clear evidence that our combination of skills, environment awareness and standards of service meet the increasingly high expectations of our clients.<br />Positive <br />Solution<br />Practical <br />Expert Advice<br />It Pays to be Environment Friendly<br />
  20. 20. Anmol Singh Jaggi, Director, Gensol Consultants Pvt Ltd., is an accomplished strategic leader with a foresight to establish a successful energy solutions business and is equipped with extensive technical & financial expertise in areas of clean energy and power trading markets. <br />A person with high integrity and an energetic leader known for his ability to envision and create successful outcomes in complex situations, he has been responsible for the exponential growth rate of Gensol Consultants Pvt Ltd. Being recently awarded as Business World Young Entrepreneur of the year, is a testimony of his dynamic entrepreneurship and commemorates his strong leadership skills for managing a pool of 120 knowledge managers and a clientele of over 450 corporations and organisations across the country.<br />He has been a significant part of various conferences and seminars organised by TERI, FICCI, CII, IVCJ, SEMI, SESI & the likes of The British Council & Indian Chamber of Commerce as a guest speaker to provide his valuable insight on key issues such as power trading, emission trading and emerging green technologies. <br />Our Leadership<br />It Pays to be Environment Friendly<br />
  21. 21. Our Elite Clients<br />It Pays to be Environment Friendly<br />
  22. 22. Contact Us<br />Write to us:<br /><br />Call us:<br />Phone: +91-79-39122249<br />Fax: +91-79-39122220 <br />Visit our websites:<br /><br /><br /><br />Follow us on:<br />It Pays to be Environment Friendly<br />
  23. 23. Thank You!<br />It Pays to be Environment Friendly<br />