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Gensol - EPC Services

  1. 1. Solar Execution ServicesEngineering, Procurement & Construction
  2. 2. Engineering, Procurement & ConstructionModule 1: Permits & ClearancesModule 2:EngineeringModule 3: ProcurementModule 4: Construction
  3. 3. Engineering, Procurement & ConstructionModule 1: Permits & ClearancesIt takes more than 32 permits and clearances forMW scale power plants from Nodal Agencies,District Authorities, Distribution andTransmission Companies etc. Gensol has anexperienced liasoning team well aware of processand people to acquire these permits in time and inModule 2:EngineeringModule 3: ProcurementModule 4: Constructionand people to acquire these permits in time and insequence.
  4. 4. Module 1: Permits & ClearancesMW Scale Power ProjectNodal Agency• In Principle Approval• MNRE Exemption on Customs and Excise Duties• Power Purchase Agreement• REC Accreditation & Registration (if applicable)• Certificate of CommissioningCompany Related• Import Export CodekW Scale Rooftop Power ProjectNodal Agency• Project Approval Committee’s Approval for Subsidy• Commissioning Confirmation from MNRE Inspector• MNRE Exemption on Customs & Excise Duties (only for largeprojects if the benefit is availed)• Power Purchase Agreement (if policy allows)Electrical• Chief Electrical Inspector Approval (for Grid tied systems)Engineering, Procurement & Construction• Import Export Code• Industrial Entrepreneurs MemorandumLand Related• Industrial Commissioner’s Permission for Land Purchase• NA CertificateLocal Authorities• Consent to Establish & Operate (Pollution Control Board)• Consent from Local PanchayatElectrical• Transmission Line Approach Route & Approval• Bay Allotment at Site Substation• Chief Electrical Inspector Approval
  5. 5. Engineering, Procurement & ConstructionModule 1: Permits & ClearancesModule 2:EngineeringGensol has a team of skilled and experiencedengineers with design experience of more than 35MW for the likes of L&T and ABB. We followindustry best practices, relevant standards andModule 3: ProcurementModule 4: Constructionindustry best practices, relevant standards andapplicable regulations to ensure consistency,quality and cost effective design.
  6. 6. Engineering, Procurement & ConstructionElectrical Direct Current (Pre Inverter)*• Plot Plan Layout - Shadow Losses can be significant depending on distance between modules- Location of inverters can significantly control costs and current loss• Modules Series and Parallel Combination - Can lead to Cost Overrun in case of oversizing- Electrical Hazards & Equipment Downtime in case of undersizing• String Combiner Box - Inappropriate Fuse Rating poses risk to the modules and inverter- Enough redundancy ensures higher equipment uptime- IP Protection is essential to withstand the vagaries of nature- Busbar sizing is critical to the safety of the equipment- Busbar sizing is critical to the safety of the equipment• Cable Sizing - Increases cost and losses if inappropriately sized- Appropriate protection in accordance with the application of cables• Inverter - Depending on Technology rated voltage might significantly differ from runningvoltage leading to less than expected generation• SCADA System - Monitoring at micro level ensures the accurate energy generation measurement,ensures the detection and rectification of faults in minimum timeElectrical Alternate Current (Post Inverter)Civil & Structural Drawings*Indicative and Not Exhaustive list of parameters to be checked
  7. 7. Engineering, Procurement & ConstructionElectrical Direct Current (Pre Inverter)Electrical Alternate Current (Post Inverter)*• Transformer Rating - Can lead to loss in energy generation in case it is not sized optimally- Enough redundancy ensures higher equipment uptime• LT and HT Panels - Inappropriate Circuit Breaker poses risk to the Electrical System- Appropriate CT/PT ratio ensures the higher accuracy of measurement.- Appropriate sizing of relays ensures the maximum protection andrectification of faults.rectification of faults.- Appropriate sizing of control system ensures the proper detection of fault andrectification of same in minimum time period• Conductor Sizing - Increases cost and losses if inappropriately sized- Appropriate protection in accordance with the application of cables- Appropriate material choice for large current to avoid problems during terminationCivil & Structural Drawings*Indicative and Not Exhaustive list of parameters to be checkedOnly for MW Scale Power Plants
  8. 8. Engineering, Procurement & ConstructionElectrical Direct Current (Pre Inverter)Electrical Alternate Current (Post Inverter)Civil & Structural Drawings*• Access Roads (for MW Scale) - Should be determined by shape of land to ensure access to the whole plant- Should ensure forklift access to all the inverters rooms- Should have enough width and strength to withstand the load of heavy machines• Drainage (for MW Scale) - Should be sized according to the rain pattern of the location- Should have slope according to the final drain outflow of the plant- Should have a network throughout the plant for no water logging• Land Development (for MW Scale) - Should be in accordance to the Topographic Survey and Orientation of site• Module Mounting Structure - Should be designed to avoid water splashes- Should withstand windspeed up to 150 kmph (changes from site to site)- Modules should be able to withstand the deflection in the structure rails• Inverter Room - Foundation should be above the Flood Line of the site- Provision for natural / forced ventilation*Indicative and Not Exhaustive list of parameters to be checked
  9. 9. Engineering, Procurement & ConstructionModule 1: Permits & ClearancesModule 2:EngineeringModule 3: ProcurementBeing Technology and Vendor agnostic, Gensol isnot bound to procure from any one vendor, thusModule 4: Constructionnot bound to procure from any one vendor, thusoffering clients the entire range of products. Afteradvising 400+ MW of Solar PV Power Projects,Gensol leverages the knowledge and relationshipsto offer the best quality at the best prices.
  10. 10. Module 3: Procurement*ModulesIndian• Jain Irrigation & Systems Ltd• Vikram Solar• Webel SolarInternationalInverters• SMA• Refusol• Delta• ABB• AEG• SchneiderCables• LAPP Cables• Top Cables• Polycab Cables• KEIStructuresEngineering, Procurement & ConstructionGensol has in past considered and enjoys relationship with:International• Bosch• Du Pont• REC• Canadian Solar• First Solar• Jinko Solar• Emerson • Schletter Gmbh• Sterling EPC*The above list doesn’t mean to indicate any tie-up whatsoever.Gensol values and maintains its independence.
  11. 11. Engineering, Procurement & ConstructionModule 1: Permits & ClearancesModule 2:EngineeringModule 3: ProcurementModule 4: ConstructionGensol enjoys a reputation for timely execution ofthe projects with finesse reserved for high endhotels. Highly trained and experienced executionengineers and our regular reporting methodologyensures peace of mind for the project developer.
  12. 12. Engineering, Procurement & ConstructionPartial List of Commissioned Projects80 kW Solar Rooftop Grid Tied Industrial Load Pratiman Textiles Surat, GujaratThe system installed without battery backup feeds the industrial load including spinningmachines and lighting load at Pratiman Industries. The system was particularly challenging due to theconstraint of space and weak asbestos roof. Gensol made a single 30 feet high structure tomount all the modules with staircase and pipeline network to maintain and clean the plant.12 kW Solar Rooftop Off Grid Residential Load Pratiman Textiles Surat, GujaratThe Client wanted to operate majority of its load including Air Conditioners, television and othergadgets on Solar with an adequate power backup. Aesthetics were of particular importance tothe owner as was the system reliability. Gensol invested in additional electronic equipment to beable to operate delicate and expensive residential equipment and further, gave the finishingreserved for high end hotels.5 kW Solar Rooftop Off Grid Commercial Load Sikar Sahakari Bank Sikar, RajasthanSituated in rural Rajasthan, the Sahakari Bhoomi Vikas Bank suffered from frequent power cuts.Gensol constructed the system to power the most critical loads at the bank.
  13. 13. Engineering, Procurement & ConstructionPartial List of Projects under Execution400 kW Solar Rooftop Grid Tied Commercial Load VTV Tech Park Bangalore, KarnatakaVTV Tech Park houses names such as Sony, CISCO and Nokia with more than 10,000 peopleworking in this software park. In order to reduce their electricity bills and gain energy security,VTV appointed Gensol to execute one of the largest single rooftop projects in the country. Theproject is expected to be commissioned in February, 2013.Other Projects include:1 kW x 10,000 Solar Rooftop Offgrid Residential Load Empanelled with ANERT Kerala100 kW Solar Rooftop Grid Tied Commercial Load NCET Bangalore, Karnataka100 kW Solar Rooftop Grid Tied Commercial Load VVIT Guntur, Andhra Pradesh100 kW Solar Rooftop Grid Tied Commercial Load Vishnu Educational Society Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh40 kW Solar Rooftop Grid Tied Industrial Load Gangotri Industries Surat, Gujarat
  14. 14. About GensolGensol, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company is a pioneer inSolar Power Advisory and Project Execution. Gensol is anadvisor to 400MW+ commissioned or under constructionSolar PV Projects and has a cumulative portfolio of morethan 1 MW of rooftop solar power plants under execution.360o Clean Energy Solutions:• Solar Advisory & Project Execution• Carbon Advisory & Trading• Renewable Energy Certificate Advisory & Trading• Power Trading
  15. 15. About GensolFew Facts:• 30+ Trained Team - all Graduates and Post Graduates inEnergy and Environment• 400 MW+ Solar Power Projects under advisory• 1 MW+ Solar Rooftop Projects under Execution• Recipient of multiple awards including BusinessWorld HottestYoung Entrepreneur and Economic Times Power of Ideas.Quoted In:Business Dailies: Business Standard | Economic Times BusinessMagazines: Business India | Forbes IndiaIndustry Journals: Power Line | Energetica | EQ InternationalEmpanelled With:Ministry of New & Renewable EnergyANERT, Kerala (10,000 solar rooftops program)Central Bank of India, PTC Project Financial Services,L&T Infra Finance & Other Banks
  16. 16. Solar Advisory & EPC ServicesOwner’s Engineer:As Owners Engineer, we guide our clients or investors through the complete process of project feasibility, financial closure, bid processmanagement, vendor finalization and supervision of project execution up till successful project commissioning which meets our strictquality criteria.Lender’s Engineer:Being consultants to some of the leading lending institutions in the country, we assess the key parameters impacting the returns from theproject like generation, cost and conditions of the EPC Contract, preparedness of Project Developer for execution etc.Detailed Engineering and Vetting of Drawings:Gensol Solar Division is staffed with experienced Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical and Civil Engineers who undertake detailedengineering of Solar PV Power plants on behalf of EPC Contractors and vetting of drawings for Project Developers and of Solar PV Power plants on behalf of EPC Contractors and vetting of drawings for Project Developers and investors.Permits & Clearances:It takes more than 32 permits and clearances from Nodal Agencies, District Authorities, Distribution and Transmission Companies etc.Gensol has an experienced liasoning team well aware of process and people to acquire these permits in time and in sequence.Detailed Project Report:A Detailed Project Report is one of the most important documents to assess the feasibility of project and to get financial closure. Gensolwith its sector expertise and established standing in the renewable energy consultancy not only gives the most exhaustive analysis of theproject but also enjoys the confidence of industries, investors and banks alike.Solar EPC ServicesGensol, being a channel partner of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has attained amongst the highestallocation of subsidies for the Solar Rooftop Projects on account of its superior engineering, standardized procurement andquick execution. Gensol has executed projects in the range of 1 kW powerpacks to 400 kW single rooftop power plants.
  17. 17. Experience SnapshotGensol is among the leading consultants to ProjectDevelopers, Financial Institutions and Investors. Totalportfolio of Solar Power Projects commissioned or underconstruction under advisory at Gensol is more than 400 MW.• 33 MW – Sterling & Wilson, Rajasthan• 25 MW – Alex Astral Solar Power Ltd., Gujarat• 20 MW – Essel Infraprojects, Maharashtra• 17 MW – Sunrays Power Solutions, Rajasthan• 15 MW – NALCO, OrissaOwner’s Engineer:• 50 MW – Welspun Energy Ltd, Rajasthan• 25 MW – Sun Edison, Gujarat• 20 MW – PLG Power, Gujarat• 15 MW – MI Mysolar 24, Gujarat• 15 MW – Dreisatz Mysolar 24, GujaratLender’s Engineer:• 15 MW – NALCO, Orissa• 6.5 MW – Haryana Power Generation Corporation Ltd,Haryana Govt Enterprise• 5 MW – Konark Group, Gujarat• 5 MW – Alex Spectrum Radiation Pvt Ltd, Rajasthan• 3 MW – Par Solar, Rajasthan• 1.5 MW – Agarwal Infratech Ltd, Gujarat• 350 kW – Mapro Foods Pvt Ltd, Maharashtra• 10 MW – Greeninfra Solar, Gujarat• 10 MW – Millenium Synergy, Gujarat• 6.5 MW – Sun Group, Gujarat• 6 MW – Indiabulls Power, UP & Maharashtra• 5 MW – ESP Urja, Gujarat• 20 MW – Client Confidential, Gujarat• 8.5 MW – Jain Irrigation, Maharashtra• 5 MW – ABB Ltd, Gujarat• 1 MW – L&T ECC Division, Rajasthan• 2 MW – R V Akash Ganga, UttarakhandDetailed Designing & Design Vetting• 20 MW – Sai Sudhir Energy, Andhra Pradesh• 10 MW – Sai Sudhir Energy, Karnataka• 5 MW – Chemtrol Industries, Rajasthan• 2 MW – Shri Bhagirathi Textiles Ltd, Maharashtra• 15 MW – Boyance Infrastructure, Rajasthan• 5 MW – Sattva Salarpuria Group, Karnataka• 3 MW – MWP Energy, Karnataka• 1 MW – NIT Hamirpur, Himachal PradeshFeasibility Analysis & DPR:
  18. 18. Experience Snapshot• 163 MW Grid Connected Gujarat• 129 MW Grid Connected Rajasthan• 35 MW Grid Connected Maharashtra• 18 MW Grid Connected Karnataka• 15 MW Grid Connected OdishaAdvisory:Gensol is among the forefront of Solar Rooftop executionwith more than 1 MW as its clientele ranging from 1 kWpower packs upto 400 kW single rooftop power plants.• 6.5 MW Grid Connected Haryana• 2 MW Grid Connected Uttarakhand• 2 MW Grid Connected Uttar Pradesh• 1 MW Grid Connected Himachal Pradesh• 500 kW Rooftop Grid tied Karnataka• 300 kW Rooftop Grid tied Andhra Pradesh• 92 kW Grid Tied & Off Grid Gujarat• 20 kw Grid Tied & Off Grid Delhi• 5 kW Off Grid Rajasthan• 2 kW Off Grid Uttar Pradesh• Empanelled with ANERT, Kerala for 10,000 RooftopsSolar ProgramExecution:
  19. 19. Experience SnapshotGensol Consultants is a member of the Power Exchange fortrading of Power and RECs and also has portfolio in excessof 10 million carbon credits across 16 states in India.• Maize Products• Yes Fashions• Dishman Pharma• Jay Chemical Industries LtdPower Trading Clients:• P & R Engineering Services Ltd.• Sayaji Industries Ltd.• Baghauli Sugars• Santlal Industries LtdREC Based Projects:• Hotel Golden Emerald• Sree Minerals Pvt Ltd• BVSR Energy Systems• Singrun RealitiesCDM Clients:• Jay Chemical Industries Ltd• Aarvee Denims and exports Ltd.• Texmo Industries• Heavy Metals• Brigade group• B K Developers• Green Ply• Time Technoplast• Paramount Paper Steel Cast Ltd.• Madhu Silica Pvt Ltd• Santlal Industries Ltd• Vishal Paper Industries Pvt Ltd• Shree Bhageshwari Papers Ltd• Daulat Rice & General Mill• Ganga Pulp & Papers Ltd.• RP Basmati rice Ltd.• Singrun Realities• RCM Fashion Suiting Ltd• NecLife Science Ltd.• Balaji Waffers Ltd• Texmo Ltd• Pothys• Zaveri & Co. Exports• Sanghvi Forging Eng. Ltd• Ispat Udyog.• Kishco Ltd• Jindal Steels.• P & R Engineering Services Ltd.
  20. 20. Gensol Engineering Pvt Ltd | Gensol Consultants Pvt LtdCorporate Office205 - 206,Sarthik II, S.G. Highway,Opposite Rajpath Club,Ahmedabad - 380015Gujarat, IndiaEmail: solar@gensol.inWebsite: www.gensol.inWebsite: www.gensol.inPhone: +91 79 40068235Fax: +91 79 40068239Twitter: gensol_tweetsGensol is one of the leading consultants and system integrators for Solar Power Plants. We boast of a portfolio of over 400MW of Solar Photovoltaic Plants. Gensol is also a channel partner to Ministry of New & Renewable Energy and installs kWscale Solar Rooftop systems on a turnkey basis with more than 1 MW of cumulative installations across the country.The information contained herein is of a general nature and is not intended to address the circumstances of any particularindividual or entity. Although we endeavor to provide accurate and timely information, there can be no guarantee that suchinformation is accurate as of the date it is received or that it will continue to be accurate in the future. No one should act onsuch information without appropriate professional advice after a thorough examination of the particular situation.