Sunto ufficiale della Relazione della Commissione dellO.N.U. per la PalestinaReviewed work(s):Source: Oriente Moderno, Ann...
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Sunto ufficiale della Relazione della Commissione dell'O.N.U. per la Palestina


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Sunto ufficiale della Relazione della Commissione dell'O.N.U. per la Palestina

  1. 1. Sunto ufficiale della Relazione della Commissione dellO.N.U. per la PalestinaReviewed work(s):Source: Oriente Moderno, Anno 27, Nr. 7/9 (Luglio-Settembre 1947), pp. 166-168Published by: Istituto per lOriente C. A. NallinoStable URL: .Accessed: 13/08/2012 16:30Your use of the JSTOR archive indicates your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of Use, available at . is a not-for-profit service that helps scholars, researchers, and students discover, use, and build upon a wide range ofcontent in a trusted digital archive. We use information technology and tools to increase productivity and facilitate new formsof scholarship. For more information about JSTOR, please contact Istituto per lOriente C. A. Nallino is collaborating with JSTOR to digitize, preserve and extend access to Oriente Moderno.
  2. 2. ? ? i66 II memoriale si chiude illustrando la legit tution or conditions of any Palestinian State timita di questo passo della C.N.E.W.A., sic which may be devised.come ?associazione interna^ionale, ufficialmente 6. The General shall undertake Assembly incaricata della popolazione cattolica della immediately the initiation and execution of anPalestina ? e secondo le richieste del international the problems quindi, arrangement wherebyFONU in proposito, ? di una por of distressed of whom rappresentante European Jews, approxzione considere vole della popolazione pales ti imately 250,000 are in assembly centres, benese ?. dealt with as a matter of extreme for urgency alleviation of their plight and of the Palestinian problem.Santoufficiale Relazione Com della della 7. It shall be a condition to the prior missione delPO.N.U. la Palestina. granting per of independence that the political structure of the new State or States shall be La Relazione della Commissione di undici ? basically democratic i.e., representative inmembri nominata dal Consiglio di Sicurezza character. The constitution shall contain*safedelVO.N. U. fu firmata dai commissari a Ginevra to protect guards the rights and interests ofil 31 agosto 1947 e trasmessa al Segretario Gene minorities.rale delVAssemblea delVO.N. U. LAssemblea riu 8. A of independence shall prior questionnita a Lake Success il 16 settembre ha nominato also be the interpolation into the constitutionun comitato per Vesame della Relazione. of the basic principles of the Charter of the Ecco il sunto ufficiale della Relazione del United Nations.31 agosto 1947. 9. It shall be as a cardinal accepted principle that the preservation of the economic RECOMMENDATIONS unity of Palestine is indispensable to the life Apart from specific plans, such as the consti and development of the country and its people. tution of the future Government and territorial 10. A State whose nationals have in the matters on which a majority and past enjoyed in Palestine the andprovisions, privilegesa minority proposal are submitted, the Com immunities of consular foreigners, includingmittee forwards to the General Assembly the jurisdiction by capitulation, shall be invited 11 unanimous recommendations:? by the United Nations to renounce anyfollowing rights 1. The mandate to terminate at the to them in the re-establishment of pertainingearliest possible date. such privileges and immunities in an independent 2. The independence of Palestine to be Palestine.achieved at the earliest possible date. 11. The General shall call on Assembly 3. The transition period to be as short as the peoples of Palestine to exert every effort topossible consistent with the conditions essential bring to an early end the acts of violence to independence. which have far too beset the long country. 4. During the transition period the autho The Committee agree two dissenting^ withrity entrusted with the administering of Palestine voices to a twelfth recommendation as follows:and preparing it for indipendence shall be In the appraisal of the Palestine it questionresponsible to the United Nations. should be accepted as incontrovertible that any 5. With regard to religious interests and solution for Palestine cannot be considered asthe holy places: (a) In whatever solution may a solution of the in general. Jewish problembe adopted the sacred character of the holyplaces shall be preserved and access to the holy THE MAJORITY PLANplaces shall be, ensured in accordance withexisting rights, (b) The present rights of the According to the plan of the majority (theseveral religious communities shall not be representatives of Canada, Czechoslovakia, Gua or denied,impaired (c) An adequate system temala, Netherlands, Peru, Sweden, and Urufor impartial settlement of religious disputes guay) Palestine shall be constituted into anshall be devised. Special stipulations regard Arab State and a Jewish State and the city ing these matters shall be inserted in the consti of Jerusalem.
  3. 3. ? ? i6y The Arab and States shall become State shall be If only one State Jewish recognised. after a transitional of two fulfils these conditions the General Assembly ofindependent period on i, Before, the United Nations shall take such action asyears beginning Sept. 1947.however, their can be it may deem proper. Pending such action the independence recognized they must adopt a constitution, make to the regime of economic union shall apply.United Nations a declaration certain The declaration shall contain provisions for containingguarantees, and sign a treaty by which a system the protection of the holy places and religiousof economic collaboration is established and and sites and the religious and minority buildings the economic union of Palestine is created. There shall be no discrimination on rights.A summary of its essential features follows:? of race, or grounds religion, language. A. During the transition period the United A treaty shall be entered into between shall carry on the administration of the two States which shall contain certain proKingdomPalestine under the auspices of the United visions to establish the economic unity ofNations. If so desired, the administration will Palestine and for other matters of providebe carried on with the assistance of one or common interest. The objectives of the economicmore of the United Nations. The United union of Palestine shall be a Customs union, shall the transition take common currency, in the commonKingdom during period operationsuch preparatory steps as may be necessary interest of railways, inter-State highways,for the execution of the scheme recommended postal, telephone, and telegraph services, andand shall carry out the measures:? the ports of Haifa and Jaffa. following (i) Admit into the proposed Jewish State It shall also promote joint economic deve 150,000 at a uniform monthly lopment, especially in respect of irrigation, land Jewish immigrantsrate, 30,000 of them on humanitarian registration, and soil conservation. A joint grounds.Should the transitional continue for more economic board shall be established to consist period than two shall be of three representatives each of the two States years Jewish immigrationallowed at the rate of 60,000 a year. The Jewish and three foreign members appointed by the shall be for the selection and Economic and Social Council of the UnitedAgency responsiblecare of the and for the Nations. The functions of the joint economic Jewish immigrantsorganising of Jewish immigration during the board shall be to organise and administer the transitional objectives of the economic union. period. The restrictions introduced under The city of Jerusalem shall be placed after (ii) the of the Palestine (Amendment) the transitional period under the international authorityOrder in Council of May 25, 1939, will not trusteeship system by means of a trusteeship to the transfer of land within the borders agreement which shall designate the Unionapplyof the proposed State. Nations as the administrative authority. The city B. Constitutional Assemblies shall be of Jerusalem shall include within its borderselected by the populations of the areas which the present municipality of Jerusalem, plus theare to the Arab and Jewish States surrounding villages and towns, the most eastern comprise of which is Abu Dis, the most southern respectively. C. The Constituent Assemblies shall draw Bethlehem, the most Western Ein Karim,up the Constitutions of the States. The Consti and the most northern Shufat. The city of tution shall provide for the establishment in Jerusalem shall be demilitarised.each State of a body elected by The governor of the city of Jerusalem shall legislativeuniversal and by secret ballot on the be appointed by the Trusteeship Council of the suffragebasis of and an United Nations. He will be neither Arab nor proportional representationexecutive to the Legislature. nor a citizen of the Palestine State, nor body responsible Jew, D. The Constitutional in each at the time of his a resident Assembly appointmentState shall a government in the city of Jerusalem. appoint provisional empowered to make declarations and sign the The protection of the holy places, religious treaty of economic union. On making a declara buildings and sites in the city of Jerusalem tion and the treaty of economic union shall be entrusted to a special police force, the signing by either State, its independence as a sovereign members of which shall be recruited outside
  4. 4. ? ? 168Palestine and shall be neither Arab nor Jewish. The Arab and Jewish States shall enjoyThe city of Jerusalem shall be included in the full powers of local selfgovernment.economic union of Palestine. The Constitution shall forbid any discrimi The proposed Arab State will include western natory Federal or State legislation againstGalilee, the hill country of Samaria and Judea, population groups or either of the againstwith the exclusion of the city of Jerusalem, States and shall guarantee equal rights for alland the coastal plain from Isdud to the Egytian There shall be a single Palestine nationality The proposed Jewish State will include and citizenship.eastern Galilee, the Esdraelon plain, most of In addition to the guarantees contained inthe coastal plain, and the whole of the Beersheba the Constitution the of regarding protectionsubdistrict, which includes the Negeb. holy places there shall be set up a permanent international body for the supervision and THE MINORITY PLAN protection of the holy places, to be composed of three representatives designated by the United Three members (the representatives of India, Nations and one representative each of the Iran, and Yugoslavia) proposed an independent faiths having an interest in the matter recognizedFederal State. The major provisions of that as may be determined by the United Nations.plan are briefly summarised as follows:? For a period of three years from the beginn Constitution and transitional period. An ing of the transitional period Jewish immigrationindependent Federal State of Palestine shall shall be permitted into the Jewish State inbe created following a transitional period not such numbers as not to exceed the absorptiveexceeding three years, during which responsi capacity and having due regard for the rightsbility for administering Palestine and preparing of the existing population within that State andit for independence shall be entrusted to an their anticipated natural rate of increase. Anauthority to be decided by the General Assembly. international commission composed of three The independent Federal State shall comprise Arabs, three Jews, and three United Nationsan Arab State and a Jewish State. Jerusalem shall be to estimate representatives appointedshall be its capital. the absorptive capacity of the Jewish State. the transitional period a Constituent The commission shall cease to exist at the DuringAssembly shall be elected by popular vote and end of the three-year period mentioned above.convened by the administering authority. It The Arab area of the proposed Federalshall draw up the Constitution of the Federal State includes most of the interior of the country,State. except for eastern Galilee and a large area of Independence shall be declared by the Ge the Beersheba sub-district which falls withinneral Assembly once a Constitution has been the boundaries of the Jewish area.adopted by the Constitutional Assembly. The Arabs are allotted the coastal plain The Federal State shall comprise a Federal from south to the Egyptian frontier and JaffaGovernment and Governments of Arab and the western portion of the Beersheba subJewish States respectively. district, including Beersheba town, Asluj and Full authority shall be invested in the Auja, and a strip along the whole length ofFederal Government with regard to national the Egyptian frontier to the Gulf of Aqaba.defence, foreign relations, immigration, currency, When the two schemes, the majority andtaxation for Federal purposes, foreign and inter were voted on, one member of the minority,State waterways, transport and communications, committee, the representative of Australia, and patents. abstained in bofh cases.copyright