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2018 HPCC Systems Community Day Awards Ceremony


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As part of the 2018 HPCC Systems Summit Community Day, our HPCC Systems Academia community took part in a poster competition showcasing the work and research they have done leveraging the HPCC Systems platform. There were 10 entrants from 9 universities. Congratulations to all participants and winners! We also honored Taiowa Donovan, Robotics Director, from American Heritage School with the Community Recognition Award for innovative use of HPCC Systems in the community.

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2018 HPCC Systems Community Day Awards Ceremony

  1. 1. Innovation and Reinvention Driving Transformation OCTOBER 9, 2018 2018 HPCC Systems� Community Day #HPCCSummit Community Awards Ceremony
  2. 2. Thank you to our Judges! 2 Fabian Fier, Humboldt University Berlin Joe Chambers, LexisNexis Risk Solutions Prabhu Sadasivam, LexisNexis Risk Solutions Kunal Aswani, LexisNexis Risk Solutions
  3. 3. Congratulations Poster Participants 3 Zhe Yu, NC State University Saminda Wijeratne, Georgia Institute of Technology Robert Kennedy, Florida Atlantic University Farah Al Shanik, Clemson University Aramis Tanelus, American Heritage School Lili Xu, Clemson University Matt Butler, Kennesaw State University Nicole Navarro, New College of Florida Shah Muhammad Hamdi, Georgia State University Itauma Itauma, Keiser University
  4. 4. Congratulations! Robert Kennedy, Third Place Winner 4 Distributed Deep Learning with TensorFlow
  5. 5. Congratulations! Nicole Navarro, Second Place Winner 5 Measuring the Geo-Social Distribution of Opioid Prescriptions
  6. 6. Congratulations! Saminda Wijeratne, First Place Winner 6 MPI Proof of Concept
  7. 7. Congratulations! Taiowa Donovan, Community Recognition Award 7