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Theological Flashpoint


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Transforming Theology.
Who among your students will be the world-changer?
Does your theological degree develop transformed lives?
Are your theological teachers challenging students both to be transformed and to transform
their world?
Does your course present your students with the opportunities for radical transformation?
Is your theological degree geared to change the world?
How can we promote transformation?
The Council of Deans of Theology is conducting a national project to find out how.

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Theological Flashpoint

  1. 1. What do these people have in common?
  2. 2. Ignatius Loyola - Manresa
  3. 3. John Wesley - Aldersgate Street
  4. 4. William Carey - Kettering Address
  5. 5. Mary Mackillop - Penola SA
  6. 6. They all had a pivotal, critical experience;
  7. 7. an experience of transformation...
  8. 8. Text Paul - Damascus Road
  9. 9. leading to change
  10. 10. remarkable
  11. 11. life-changing
  12. 12. not predictable
  13. 13. disorientating
  14. 14. reformatory
  15. 15. Does your theology transform students?
  16. 16. Who will be your world changer?