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Open-end answers to what we do as connection planners if that's what we do, and what we think they do if we don't.

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Connection Planners

  1. 1. Question 37: Now connection planners. If you are one, please say so and be specific and list out what it is that you do and how it is different from "traditional" planning. If you aren't one, please mention that you aren't and what it is that you think they do. 1 flimflammery. planning devoid of creative is questionable. important but the only reason to separate it is for reasons of extra agency profit. why not just have media planners who don't suck? the consumer answers immediately, they need information that value generates, because he does not have a time. The communication is bidirecional, they need a conversation wiht the brand. The consumer have de power with a click The consumer They just have an open way of approaching all targets. Very focalize in networking. If you believe in six degrees and you understand the power of Internet, you can be a connection planner. I am a traditional planner but I don't believe that there is any major difference between a traditional and non -traditional planner, the core essence of a planner is consumer connect synonymous to both kinds of planner. A traditional planner has to cut - - - - - - -
  2. 2. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I'm the client; - I can plannig and implementing the projects; - I can include my plan in other projects; - I don't have interface with art; director. The visual project it's up to then, I give to then the directions. - planning about social media. -- -- ---- -NA- Connect consumer insights with media insights. i.e. make crazy, "can't be done" idea actually happen. / :) ? ?
  3. 3. ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ??? ??? ¿what is a connection planner? I guess they are people not so specialized in digital marketing but with enough knowledge of both digital an offline communications so as to work at having the team work in a true integrated campain? . . . . . . . ... ... ... ... ... ... .... "Connection planners" seem to me to be media specialists who don't have to worry about the painful media details of writing the RFPs, trafficking work, and so on. "connection" planner? how many hundred names have we have adopted over the past few years? i am not one, and not sure how to define one (like a context planner? a comm planner?). seems to be someone who bridges the gap to media and turns an ad idea into (I am on) Getting to the core of how people process information (multi sensory)for each specific brand/category, applying these insights to the brand strategy in order to find the right communication tools and the synergy between these to bring the strate *
  4. 4. * * ** a a A deeper knowledge on how each media works A mix between creative and (social) media A mix between traditional and media planning. A what? Jesus. I don't have a clue. Above whole, they manage relationships. Should be media experts Account planning with a larger scope creeping into media... Again all around planner. We sometimes include channel planning in our new biz. AGAIN IN CHINA I AM NOT A CHANNEL PLANNER BUT I HAVE TO GET INVOLVED AT THAT LEVEL BIGGEST DIFFERENCE IS RATHER THAN A MEDIA REACH AND FREQUENCY APPROACH WE TAKE A CONSUMER INSIGHT FROM HOW PEOPLE INTERACT WITH THAT MEDIA Again, aren't we all? These are really specialist areas that every planner needs to at least grasp. Audience behaviour with media/channels, channel preference etc. is all important for everyone today. Again, I am new to the field so I don't have a clear idea. But I'd love to learn! Again, I'm not, but do some this. Think all planners should. We basically map out different points of engagement and work with media to bring it all together. Not just about the 5 traditional mediums anymore, I think it would be hard to be an effective pl Again, not one. But believe this area of expertise is in straddling the line between planner, media person and creative to reach people in new and compelling ways. again, regardless of media, bring ideas to life for audience All planners should be work with all media Am I one... yes and no. I'm now working with media more than ever, but still don't understand it the way a media planner does. If we're planning experiences (like I mentioned before) it is the right message at the right time throughout the life cycle of t Am no connection planer am not a connection planner and don't have a clue what they do. might be trying to connect different media to a perfect journey of touch points. Am not one and have never heard of this. I woud guess that they create interaction between customers and customers and companies. Am not one. I have no idea what this is really. It seems to me to be someone with media intelligence that adds that to the planning process as media planning was more about media buying.
  5. 5. Am not one. Simply put, I think a connections planner is a hybrid of "traditional" planner and media planner. They're the person who identifies/develops the engagement insight. . .although, quite frankly, a "traditional" planner should be doing this alrea am one: connection planners are well-versed on all 360 branding opportunities; we start with the idea first and then decide how to blow it out to the target in every meaningful venue Are they the same as a media planner? aren't all planners connection planners? Aren't one. Aren't we all supposed to be these? A recent initiative has been launched to ensure all planners work closely with media teams to implement connections planning for all clients. aren't we all? arent one. As a planner assistant, I have a vision that planning is not about give ideas to creative guys, but give some oxygen to them. I believe that planners have to point some ways, putting some strategic thoughts, giving some tools to improve teh creative think As Connections Planning Director, the biggest difference is that Connections brings channel preference/opportunity back into planning, too much was lost when the big agencies spun off media. additionally, connections planners have to be savvy in both qual Assistant At our agency, brand planners double as connection planners. Connection planning is a layer on top of brand planning. At it's average practice, it involves finding the time/place/mood/etc. that consumers are most receptive to our message. At its best, it' b Being a connection planner plays into the digital planner role. In connection planning, you are often dealing with the space and behavior between creative exposures. While traditionalists may harp on what people draw from a single campaign or message, con being more curious Break down a single compelling differential about the product. BS - probably just a nonsense title for what all planners should ultimately be doing - connecting brands with consumers, consumers with brands and consumers with each other. Business process, and job projects management Channel assessment, channel selection and channel-specific insight. Channel planners channel plannine channel strategy Combining planning and media for delivery Comms planning? comprehend clientes and constumers minds and behavior, creativity
  6. 6. confuse connect audiences with brands and focus more on pr, digital and and other way to create connections amongst people and brands. COnnection planner think more in the ways to target the consumer than the brand. Maybe I'm a connection planner and don't know it. Connection planner. We start from where the target is and where we want to move them and from there figure out the communications opportunities that will be most useful in effecting that shift, rather than starting from which media you want to use and fig Connection planners (I am not one) are probably working closely with media channels - and how strategies translate to very strategic media placements. Connection planners are kind of orchestra´s 'teacher'. They do more than a digital planner, linking two or more media/tools, but they do less deepening. They are more limited and not a specialist in each media. They are responsible for guaranteeing that a connection planners are like btl planners. Connection planners are really media planners. Connection planners build a strategic channel neutral framework for engagement, looking at asset deployment and relevant communication apertures, from which media strategy can emerge. Connection planners do about the same of us just with more emphasis and knowledge of the thousands of media spaces (or connections) there are out there. Connection planners do the same thing strategic planners do, but they have a greater impact on the execution. Their sphere extends beyond the theoretical "how" into the practice of implementing the "how." Works better at agencies that have control over th Connection Planners do the strategising that media shops abandoned in favour of buying spreadsheets Connection planners don't really do anything. Connection planners focus on where a brand is able to make "connections" with their targets. Connection planning can have a media or message bias, but is best when it integrates the two. Connection Planners is not a term I've ever heard connection planners should have a deep understanding of media and how to best use said media touch points to engage with consumers Connection planners should understand where the audience is and understand how they behave in media. connection planners simply map the touchpoints consumers take on the road to purchasing a product or service. Connection planners understand where to find the target and how best to engage with them. connection planners? what's that? Connection planners?!?!?! Connections between different medias. Connections planers fill the gap media planners left behind. They deal with media interactions, media interactions with people. They plan the brand experience flow.
  7. 7. Connections planners (I'm not one), help to bridge the gap between media opportunities / media buys and the creative that goes into those media. That's my simple answer, at least. connections planners connect people to products Connections planners develop behavioral strategies related to the use of communications by consumers. connections planning is a core part of what i do as a communications planner to identify the most relevant ways to engage with people connections planning is about finding out where decisions are made and how we can creatively reach consumers at influential times consider each medium when crafting strategy. know how each medium is used and what messages would be most impactful. A total view of the entire campaign architecture. Consumer insight Consumer research and strategy blended with planning media/strategic touchpoints Contact planner or engagement planners are especially helpful in two discrete ways; arriving at a sharper definition of the conceptual target & expand the campaign ideas to non-traditional media Contact points planners. Try to find out touchpoints and try to activate them in a relevant way for consumers. context planning creative Develop the insights and lead the process of getting the best possible message in the right place at the right time to increase the chances of consumers engaging with the message Different from "regular" planners: channel planning and integration with media planning. digital presence Ditto above. Ditto, we're all having to do this too Do you mean creative planning? Well, it's the same story about finding a creative massage that fits consumers lifestye. Regarding the lifestyle: new media behaviors come into play eg facebook, twitter etc. They are new but the task remains the same. Don`t know what a connection planner is don´t know don't a connectio planner don't know don't know don't know don't know what connection planners are
  8. 8. don't know what they do, but im guessing building strategies to win business Dont even know what connection planner is. dont know what they are dont now dsfdsf Embarrassed to say I haven't heard of such a thing. Engagement/connection/channel planners focus more on how consumers engage with the different mediums and marry these with brand ideas or come up with channel-led/specific plans. ethnographic research, attitudinal models, persona are all used every planner needs to this a bit. context meets content. everything is connected to wom marketing (buzz, blog relation, viral, guerrilla, etc.) exactly the same as digital planners experts in how all forms of media execution integrate to form the best comprehensive brand experience Find the best connections a brand can have with its target group Focus on how/when/why consumers use media, what types of programs are possible with whom and what programs tend to work the best Focus on making the theory walk the talk. Talking to persons not masses. Focus on meeting the consumer organically - where he lives, works, plays with the appropriate message/activity. Focus on the intra and inter media connections as well as connecting topics to brands. Friendly, I even do the coffee. From what I understand, they focus on consumers and how they live and use media. It seems like a way to piece meal planning, but as people use more diverse media forms it might be good to have these "experts." glorified media planners glorified media planners who use channel plans as their holy grail of output have an overview of all the different ways in which we can reach and engage people and know how to prioritise them for diferent groups of people and different briefs have been one, more focused on audience-media relationships Have no idea whatsoever. Haven't heard the term. Haven't heard the term. Helping understand the places and spaces and how best to connect with consumers Helps define interesting points of contact for their consumers
  9. 9. Honestly, I'm not quite sure about the term "Connection Planner". How to treat people as people. Hum.... Hybrid of media and planning. I am a Connection planner as well, I spend a lot of time studying the online culture. i am a connection planner too. the strategy has to inspire connection points I am a connection planner, though that title is disputed internally and we use consumer insights. I am responsible for conducting consumer research and transforming the findings into value-adding consumer and brand insights, partnering with agency strate I am a connection planner. I specialize in building and analyzing target audiences to find insights. I work with the media department a lot developing strategies for media plans and making sure we connect with the audience in the best places with the best I am a connections planner or what my agency calls a "context" planner. We do everything that an account planner does (consumer understanding, insight development, applied strategic thinking, ideation, facilitation, etc.) but focused on the development o I am a connections planner, I involve the media planner at my agency in everything from brief righting to creative briefings and branding workshops. I am a connections planner. I see the difference between as this: creative planners define what a brand should say in market (messaging) connection planners focus on how a brand should act (media behavior). Specifically, what's different about what I do i I am a connections planner. Role is to be guardian of brand behaviour. think about how ideas actually live / work in the real world. represent the consumer i am a copywriter/planner for brand activation and consider this area much more creative and challenging and fun then traditional planning. it is just a shame that in brazil we are not recognized - only traditional advertising people have respect and good I am a digital planner I am a hybrid I understand the motivations at media connection points with different types of consumers of media I am a tradicional planner. I am a traditional one, using your terms. But I do not get the question because why these differences between digital and traditional ones...? Does it makes sense? I believe in ideas and how to solve communication problems or any other branding problem. I I am and I'm not I'm still struggling with distinctions i am busy, i dont have any time left to spend on this survey. sorry I am no a connections planner. Connections planning is about helping place the creative in the right environment, which is best done when creating media environments I am not I am NOT a communications planner. For some out there, the perception of a communications
  10. 10. planner is what Fallon is calling these people (which is a role merging account planning + media planning + creative). For others, it sounds like it is a fancy nam I am not a conection planner. i think that they are responsible to achieve that all the comunication areas are correctly assembly and to get a real 360º communication. I am not a connection one. Actually I don't have idea about the title/ I am not a connection planner i am not a connection planner I am not a connection planner i am not a connection planner I am not a connection planner - but I think they are more media-focused than traditional planners I am not a connection planner -- I assume they are skilled in strategy and media planning. I am not a connection planner and don't know what that means. I am not a connection planner and I do not know what they do I am not a connection planner and I don't know what they do I am not a connection planner and I know very little about what is different about this type of planning. I'd assume that they look for different areas of culture that can work together. I am not a connection planner and I'm not sure what that position is about. I am not a connection planner and really, i don't know what they do...sorry I am not a connection planner but I assume they are planners that specialize in social brand/consumer connections. I am not a connection planner but they work with the media teams to better understand when, where, and in what mindset consumers are interacting with your brand I am not a connection planner but think they are like others. Last changing 40 years doesn't make any "tradition" relevant. I am not a connection planner, although I probably used to be... Joining the dots between creative and media vehicles in order to establish a central thought for a brand, and cut through the clutter of nonsense that permeates our cultures. I am not a connection planner, but have worked with them. I have found them to be extraordinary storehouses of alternative-media options in practice, not just in theory. (They have almost been production-hybrids, knowing whether or not and how expensively I am not a connection planner, but I assume they work closely with the media department to come up with a media plan and strategy based on a touchpoints analysis. I am not a connection planner, but I believe it is combining account planning with media planning in an attempt for a more holistic strategic approach. I am not a connection planner, but I percieve them to look through consumer behavior through specific communication channels, instead of demographic and psychographic data. I am not a Connection Planner. I am not a connection planner.
  11. 11. I think they work mainly on consumers and less on the brand. They identify best touchpoints to adress the target. Not always in control of the brand. I am NOT a connection planner. I would say they have a heavier emphasis on all media and use their expertise to create engagements across all disciplines. I am not a connection planner. Client and customer relationship planning. I am not a connection planner. Connection planners tend to think more about new ways to connect with people based upon their behaviour. While 'traditional' planners tend find 'new' but existing ways to connect with people based upon their behaviour. I am not a connection planner. I am really not sure what they do. I'd expect something similiar to media planning but with the requirement of integrated communication and dialogue media...? I am not a connection planner. I suppose it is close to my understanding of digital planning, in a perfect world, a connection planner is a digital planner, maybe every planner is one. In my understanding, a connection planner works across different me I am not a connection planner. I think they don't do any creative planning but instead they concentrate solely on where advertising can get in touch with the target group. I am not a connection planner. Not too sure what they do I am not a connection planner. They are the modern media planner and connect the brand with the target with the right media channel. every team should have with a connection planner or a trditional planner has to be informed about new media forms and cha I am not a connection planner. They understand the relationships between consumers in any way: 1-to-1, digital, etc. i am not a connection planner. think that connection planners find ways to connect with the consumer. something like a media planner, but more creative in finding means and moments to make te right connection
  12. 12. I am not a connection planner. I do not know what this means. I am not a connection planner. I assume they specialize in understanding 'when and where' to best communicate with the consumer. I am not a connection planner. Like brand planning they build brands but focus on the best intersection of the target consumers and media. I am not a connection planner. But I think they are the perfect mix of a media planner, a digital planner and an account planner. I am not a connection planner. Connection planners provide a in depth understanding of how/where/ when consumers interact with communications and help develop the most effective media strategy for any communications platform. I am not a connection planner. I am not sure of what they do. I am not a connection planner. I believe they are experts in helping brands find meaningful connections with their consumers. I am not a connection planner. I believe they span the gap between a traditional planner and a media planner. I am not a connection planner. I have no clue what they do. seriously. to me it looks a fancy title with more or less the same kinda profile I am not a connection planner. I think they might have something to do with social media. I am not a connection planner. Not sure about this one.... I am not a connection planner. They are more strategic media planners. I am not a connection planner. We have a channel planner, although i don't believe in those as they are just more number counters. Connection planning is not about numbers, it is about being interesting and useful and giving the people whose attention we I am not a connection planner... hmm, I wonder if they're meant to use networking, buzz/ facebook/ twitter etc to help brands connect with people??! I am not a connection planners, they try to hold account of any touchpoint between brand / product and target audience in order to embrace the most relevant in their strategy I am NOT a connections planner. I think they focus more on the 360 experience. Instead of asking just about communication insights, they work to figure out how we can connect those to a media/lifestyle insight. That is a great upside and something I i am not a connections planner. i think they may be a bridge between a traditional planner and a media planner - but way more creative and forward thinking. I am not a CP by title, but I've been experimenting with it since 2005. I have found for CP to work, you really need the right media and creative partners who are willing to give something up to make it work. Traditional planners can just show up with a I am not a CP. It is the first time I heard about this issue. I am not a cxn planner. I think of connection planning at the very new media planning. It's what good media planners *should* be. It's about find moments of intersection between message and people. People and context. Context and brand. It's the how and w I am not a digital planner. I think that they represent the space between the planning, creative and
  13. 13. digital area I am not and I don't know about connection planners. I am not and I've never been. I think the good ones do more than numbers. The good ones do the basics of where, when and often the what. I am not but I think they are focused on understanding where to find the consumer and how to communicate to him/her. More media related. i am not different I am not even sure what a connection planner is! Is it the same as a comms planner? If so, then they are much more focused on reaching people - where to hold the conversation and how - than figuring out what best to say I am not familiarized with the term I am not officially a connections planner but believe that I take in a lot of the learning and practices, or at least try to. Connections to me is thinking specifically about media use and how that will affect behavior and thus our creative output in tho I am not one - but we don't have them at my agency - and my role includes leading thinking on receptivity - and leading thought on the most relevant touchpoints given the target, product and communications idea. I am not one - is a connection planner a planner who has a lot of facebook friends?...they seem like they'd be well connected. either that or a planner to creates strategies for each an every consumer touch point, and integrates them. I am not one - it is more brand behavior stuff - how the brand acts and what implications there are for media i am not one - they do not exist in a formal way in Brazil. I suppose connection planners plan the whole rules of engagement with a specific target i am not one and have no idea what they do. I am not one and I don't know what they do. i am not one but aren't they just media planners evolved? what media planners should be if they were smart and proactive? I am not one but I have also worked with the few. The big difference between them and traditional media planners is that they think more in terms of engagement vs. reach and frequency. They use a combination of intuition and research to make connections b I am not one of them. I do not know exactly what they do i am not one of them. not sure about it. i am not one--develop briefs that identify where consumers are and how to better connect with them I am not one, and what I think they do is integrate the different areas, such as media and account under some sort of conceptual umbrella, matching the client's message to the target expectations I am not one, but I think they are highly creative, strategic and consumer-oriented media planners I am not one, but I think they work as intermediaries between the agency and the media groups I am not one, but I think they're job is to keep us thinking about media (and the role of each media) even though our agency doesn't have a media component in house. I think they struggle though to
  14. 14. not step on media planners toes. I am not one, but our agency has taken on connections planning as a joint initiative between media and planning. I think they think more about the context in which the media should be placed and how that syncs up with the strategy and when the consumer i I am not one, I think they bridge media strategy and consumer strategy to develop big ideas with tactical considerations in mind I am not one, think they perform the function of media planners at their best. I am not one. And had not heard of them (at least this name) up to this moment. I am NOT one. I would guess they are concerned with how brands connect experientially with people through events, blogs, UGC, social networks etc. I am not one. I am not one. Boy, this is confusing! Someone needs to define this because our "connection planner" thinks they are an account planner and it gets messy. Be an account planner - that's great - we just don't need the overlap. I think CP is helping brin I am not one. I assume (but don't know) that these planners are focused on an integrated model. i am not one. i don't think they really do anything more than what a regular planner should do. regular planners should understand their target's media behaviors and leverage appropriately. i think this is what connections planners do. I am not one. I think their mandate is to be more of a liaison between media and creative -- rather than a liaison between consumer and brand. This sounds wrong. But I'm going with it. I am not one. But I think connection plannners not only take into consideration the consumer insights, market trends, etc., but they also have their hands in the media planning. I am not one. Connections planners uncover the specific moments in a person's life when they would be most receptive to a brand message. They find instances where the target audience will most likely connect with the brand promise. I am not one. Connections planners use Simmons, MRI, and other quant databases to connect dots between seemingly unrelated attitudes, behaviors and demographics. I am not one. I am not sure what they do. I guess it is something like what straberry frog does. I am not one. I have a sense these are intended to be something akin to a media planner on steroids. I am not one. I have no idea what they do. Is this like engagement planning? i am not one. i think that what they do differently is just provide a broader perspective on the marketing mix and help brief multiple agencies on the "big idea" I am not one. I think they understand the target and and message and think of the most relevant channels where there is an overlap. I am not one. Planning work specific to how consumers interact with media. i am not that familiar - would say they are about connecting the right message to the right media/moment
  15. 15. I am not, although I had a couple of times one in my department and worked myself once in a media agency. Again, Planners need to learn about the where too. I am not, and I don't have any clue what is connection planning, if it is the same as 'engagement planning' I understand it is about creative brand experience- internally and outside the organization, to create loyalty, reputation, and brand value I am not, and I don't know what that is. I am not, and I dont know. I am not, and I have no clue what they do or that they even existed. i am not, but i have a colleague I am not, but I they are more related to engagement ideas and architecture, less related or no related to brand idea development I am not, they focus on identifying connection opportunities. I am not; Engagement planning i am not; I think they do media arts I am not. I am not. I think connection planner think in the consumer point of contacts and how to reach them. I am not. no idea. find new consumer contact points? I am not. They are a bit like media planners I am not. Developing channel/touch point planning, guiding people along the purchase funnel, generating engagement. I am not. I am not. I don´t know I am not. As I understand it, they focus much more on media communication planning, instead of brand communication planning. Meaning they don't focus as much on how to best tell a relatable story to consumers through social science geared research, they f i am not. connection planning has a strong bias to media planning. I am not. Don't know I am not. I don t know what they are! I am not. I have never heard of them. I suppose they fin new media to connect with consumers?
  16. 16. something about exeriential marketing? i am not. i work with a connection planner and he is more like a media planner but maintains a channel agnostic approach. I am not. Identifying any relevant touch points between a brand and the consumer I am not. More attuned with HOW people use different media and are much adept at keeping the idea of media and planning as one discipline I AM NOT. NO IDEA WHAT THEY DO. I am not. Not the slightest idea. I am not. Research the target day from start to finish and identify touch points and potential interactions and utility that a brand could provide along the continuum. Match those most pertinent points to a ad campaign and media plan. I am not. They specialize in channel planning, focusing more on how to contact them and less in what to say or how communication has to work once you contact them. I am not. Thing how the content of the brand can be best distributed in all the touchpoints with the consumer. I am one, and I use all available and relevant communications touch-points to connect consumers with brand based ideas which inspire, inform and elucidate them on the benefit my product/brand has to offer. It is different to ‘traditional’ in that; it is n I am one. (Or sometimes called communications planner, IMC planner, engagement planner, and a bunch of others.) I think of myself, grandiosely perhaps, as an evolved account planner. I am concerned with content/message, as an account planner is, as wel I am one. We uncover consumer insight but shape it to make it actionable within a channel plan. We translate business objecives and corresponding communication goals into channel objectives. We create message management and consumer experiece maps. i am one. i do creative development research and partner with art directors, writers, producers, and media to concept & develop ideas. also bring in interesting & relevant technology/media companies to develop strategic partnerships and develop partnershi I am responsable for the both: digital e tradicional plannings I am, somehow, a connection planner as I am responsible for creating brand connections with the public on non-traditional medias, such as events, promotions, ambush or such I am. It's like traditional planning plus. I work with traditional planners in forming a brand or campaign direction but also put more rigor into defining a target quantitatively. I take that target and find moments in which they will interact with our co I believe connection planning will morph quickly into a highly digitally savvy planner as audience media habits are massively being absorbed by online behaviors. I believe planning is a wiser job. All the planners should be digital, BTL, etc. I can't answer this question I can't list. I think our job in spain it's different in every agency. Ech on's has his own functions. It deppends on people, not in job position. i consider myself as a decathlete. i am digital planner as well im a classic account planner. so i can talk, think, write, find ideas for every discipline. I definitely use connections plannign philosophy but apply in different way. Not so media focused
  17. 17. more marketing specific. I develop an architecture for several messages, not just one ad strategy. Build out micro campaign architecture that applies to on I didn't met this "connection planner" term until now, but I think is some sort of context planning planner, or isn't... So the context planner must identify the best way to use the actual space in order to be most compelling... The traditional planner, w I dislike that some people are one over the other, I think we all need to know all media. I DO NOT I do not know what connection planners do. I do not label myself a connection planner. I imagine they connect insights to the medium/touchpoint in which they find their consumer. i do that too. I do the job of a comms planner (I'm at a media agency) but we call ourselves "account planners"...the only difference is that we need to inspire the thinking of media teams (as well as the occasional creative team) I do this to some extent. It is really getting away from focusing on brand image and messaging and helping colleagues and clients find the best strategy and portfolio of activities for connecting with key communities and changing behavior. I don´t I don´t have this title, but i think a really create connections when i plan promotional or brand experience strategies to my clients, Connections between consumers/ clients and brands. I think the biggest difference is that we think not only about what w I don't I don't belive in digital planners. I belive in insights and ideas. wherever they come from outside in life i don't have any idea about what connection planners do. I don't have idea what a connection planner does. I don't know I don't know I don't know i don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know about than. I don't know to much about this profile, but i think is good to have speciallist in this I don't know what a connection planner is. I don't know what a connection planner is.
  18. 18. I don't know what are the connection planners. I don't know what is a connection planner. I don't know what is a connection planner. I don't know what that is i don't know what they are I don't know what they are, but maybe they focus solely on connecting brand with audience? I don't know what they do i don't know what they do. I don't know! I don't know. I don't know... Media neutral. Need to think in all channels and how to use it to better connect brands with people. I don't no what a connection planner do. I don't quite get the question I don't think I'm considered a "connection planner" but I think connection planning is more about the relationships that people have in the real world. It's about understanding how people interact with their environment and defining how brands can fit int I don't understand connection planner. I dont believe in this differentiation. Planers must understand about consumer, brand, market, consumer insight and creative insight. I dont have any idea. i dont have idea i dont know i dont know I dont Know I dont know what Connection Planners Means i dont know what is connection planning I dont like for traditional plannings, I can try forever insert other diferent strategic actions. I expect connection planners to have more detailed knowledge of the different mediums and specificity as to which are relevant for a given strategy. They should be as in tune with the media people as with the creatives. I'm not one, but I've worked with s I expect planners to be digitally native *and* able to think about media. I think planners who peddle themselves as only one of these are living in the past. I fall under the title of connection planner. The big difference is a greater focus on activation- the implementation of the insight. In other words, we create means of bringing our insight to life. Most of the time, this means working with media to strat I feel that connection planning is smart media planning.
  19. 19. I gather that Connection Planners are more specialized in media I guess that's what I am. There are so many words for it but I am an Integrated Marketing Communications planner. What I do is different from traditional planning because traditional planning only takes into account the right message/mindset. The work I d I handle both online (70%) and print (20%). In my opinion, print planners are reviewing editorial content, ad inventory, placement in publications, etc. to ensure the best reach for target audiences. I have a view business. I have never even heard of connection planners I have never heard about connection planner. God! I am totally outdated! i have no clue I have no clue i have no idea I have no idea about a connection planner do I have no idea the difference between a connection planner and a digital planner. I have no idea what a 'connection planner' is. I imagine it's similar to a 'channel planner' which i guess is closer to media planning I have no idea what a connection planner is. I'm assuming it's another spin on what a Communications/Media Planner is. I have no idea what a connection planner is... I have no idea what they do. I have not idea what a connection planner is. Is that the same as Engagement Planner? I have not worked with a connection planner and am unclear as to what that is. I kind of am. We are integrated. We have two connections planners and two regular planners I know more about other disciplines than traditional I like to think I'm a planner and that digital, connection, and traditional are all flavors of the day. I like to use unconventional media. I never heard the term connection planner here in Brazil. I never knew what they did that was outside the scope of 'regular' planners I personally think that all Planners need to understand how to use a diverse range of media, touch points and the like to communicate with people and the most appropriate way of using these elements, plus how to evaluate them. i plan brand activations and events, i research information, plan a strategy and write the creative idea i really didn't knew this kind of planner... I really don`t know
  20. 20. i really don´t know exactly what they do I really dont know what connection planner is. I run Ruby Pseudo, and have filled in the questionnaire from that point of view, sorry. I'm at Wiedens as a youth planner, my role is to help W+K connect to the youth market I searching for put creative added the estrategy. To from a work with a lot of hands leave the idea with more consistent. We need to add new opinions and visions, always. Integration. I take the insights, motives, behaviors and attitudes and apply them to where people consume and how they consumer media. I think a planner should know about all areas of communication. I think all Planners are "connection" planners. I think connection or channel planning should be an integral part of planning and I am already doing it. I think Connection Planners are specialist in different plataforms and touchpoints so they are able to help the media, planning and creative departments to deliver great multi-plataform strategies. I think Connections Planners are more like media planners where they have to connect consumers with media. I think connections planners span the divide between media planners and account planners. They don't necessarily focus on digital media (but they should). i think every planner needs to start wearing this hat - which is understanding how to translate insights into a way of plugging into the consumer network - the right channel - the right experience - and know the value of the behavior you are instigating. I think I am a mix of 'traditional' and 'connection' planner, because at the same time I do what current planners do, I also develop projects that can start not just from a planning point-of-view, but from the creative department insights. Another way I think I can say I'm a connection planner. My job is to understand people and their relations with the enviroment to propose new ways to connect brands and consumers. I start dialogues. I think in Brazil every planner is envolved with many contact points, but it is treated as a extra job. And it should not. I think its where account planning meeting media planning. i think ours is a combination of behavior, attitudes and motivations coupled with media insight. I think hugely interesting right now, and in the future. very much interested in tackling this communications revolution - i think planning should be holistic, not channel specific. so as planners, we need to see a bigger picture and have bigger ideas. I think that they help facilitate the connection between creatives and planners and media buyers from the start of concepting. I think these guys are the sexy bit of media planning - applying creative, consumer and brand thinking to media planning. I think they are nexialists, involved with thems and people that are conections with each other.
  21. 21. I think they are supposed to engage with the business problem and recommend the best avenues to engage with the relevant audience on that issue. In reality I think they are handmaidens of the creative dept., ambient 'award-getters' I think they are the new "account planners" - doing what account planners do with media in mind. I think they do many kinds of researches I try to bring the rela life for my planning. I think that the I´m a hardly corious. I try to look whats happening and what are the new technologies. I use Rizoma to work and other kinds of catalitic planning. I was one for a couple of years and don't do as much of it now. It means different things at different agencies, as there is some confusion between 'planning' for creative and 'planning' for media. The former is about being rigorous and inspiring. The lat I work for Naked, so even though we don't call ourselves connection planners, I guess we are also that. What is different about communications/connections to conventional is that it's not output led in terms of channels and media, and is ore focused on I worked with computer programming, developt a product cost, a governamental relationship, and others I`m not. I don`t know what is that kind of planner. I´m not I´m not I´m not a connection planner and I do not have a clear persdpective of what they might do that regular planners don´t. I´m not a connection planner and I don´t know what they do I´m not a connection planner but i think they connect the client with the best media? Don´t know really. I´m not a connection planner too. And this time I belive...sorry, I really dont know accurately what a conncetion planner does. i´m not a connections planner. I´m not familiar with the expression "connection" planners. I´m not one I´m not one. I´m not sure if are many diference between connection and traditional, you need to be up to date and now everything is connection! I´m not, and I don´t know.
  22. 22. I´m not. I´m not. I´m not. Don´t have a clue. I´m not. They connect conservative and new tools. I´m not. Don´t know exacly what they do. I´m not. Have no idea what that is I´m not. Sounds like a channel planner to me.. building bridges between ideas and media. Has fundamental experience in media planning but has the open view to go new ways. I'am not one if those, I really don´t know what that means I'd love to have a Connection Planner for narrowcasting and way more targeted targeting. I'll try to be a 360º planner, I take into account every single area when I have to plan a campaign. I'm a connection planner and I think it's different from "traditional" by thinking more on the different media than traditional planners do i'm a connection planner and i think that the big difference is that we have to measure the result of our actions right after it ends; and we are much more close to consumer than traditional planning. I'm a connection planner because we practice "Media Arts" and we're all supposed to be thinking like "connection planners." i'm a connection planner. i work much like an account planner in that i do research to arrive at insight, which yields a brief. the difference is that i'm looking for insight about how to fit ideas into people's lives -- that's my job. to me, brand strate I'm a digital planner and I know nothing about connection planners. I'm a planner - which means I dig connecting - doesn't that make me sort of a connections planner? I'm a traditional planner, whatever it means. As said before, I don't see significant differences among connection, digital planners and traditional planners. I just believe there are good planners, capable of adapting their selves to the job, company or i'm just a planner I'm not I'm not i'm not I'm not I'm not - and i have no idea what a connection planner does - it sounds like BS. I'm not -- I think connection planners are just more media focussed planners. I'm not (in title at least) but their job is to marry media, any form, with culture I'm not a "conections planner" also. I believe every planner today is suposed to know how to do this
  23. 23. job -- and a lot of other things. I'm not a "connection planner" per se, but I DO do connections planning at my agency since we are 100% integrated with all disciplines under one roof. It's our job to understand what the best touchpoints (uses of media) and what role in the communication i'm not a conecction planner, but i think it will be good for every company who works with advertising should have one. Nowadays, people is connected everywear and the possibility of talk to people in different ways is increasing exponencially. I'm not a connection planner I'm not a connection planner I'm not a connection planner I'm not a connection planner I'm not a connection planner - I think they focus on understanding the target's interactions with different media, and customize strategy to be in line with those specific touchpoints. I'm not a connection planner - not by title anyway. I think it is a planner with a media neutral approach. So maybe I am one by attitude:) I'm not a connection planner and have never heard of them, but I'm curious about what they do. I'm not a connection planner and I don't know what is that. i'm not a connection planner and I don't know what it is. I'm not a connection planner and i don't know what they do (I don't find a tradution in a brazilian portuguese to this type of planning). Maybe i'm misinformed, sorry. I'm not a connection planner and I have no idea what the hell that is. Sounds sexy though. i'm not a connection planner and i haven't idea of what he does. i guess is a professional who works much more in branding strategies than communication planning. I'm not a connection planner and I've never heard about this term. I'm not a connection planner but I am an account planner who was a media planner in a past life. I think connection planning is something that should be done in all agencies whether it's a designated group of people doing it or simply a mindset that's emp I'm not a connection planner but we work totally integrated and interdisciplinary. So I think a true understanding for the target groups and knowledge of the driving cultural trends is crucial. Among that one needs a deep understanding of the different me I'm not a connection planner, and I can't say the difference from a regular planner I'm not a connection planner, and i really don't know what's the difference about their work. I'm not a connection planner, and this is the first time I heard of it. Is that the same to contextual planner? i'm not a connection planner, but i guess they know more about how to choose specific media and how to plan that famous 'consumer journey' I'm not a connection planner, but i think the develop the way to get the goal. i'm not a connection planner, but i think they focus on media touchpoints and plan around this I'm not a Connection Planner, but we have one in our Agency. The best connection planners are
  24. 24. able to uncover the same insights that Planners do, but are able to prescribe a context around the message that many traditional Planners can't (at least beyond I'm not a connection planner, either. I don't know what that is, I'm afraid. I'm not a connection planner, I suppose they're experts in CRM techniques and they make deep analysis of customers using data. I'm not a connection planner. I'm not sure how different are they from traditional planners. I'm not a connection planner. I believe one of the most important things is to be absolutely updated on everyting: trends regarding brands, consumer behavior (especially online behavior) and new possibilibies and partnerships, so that it's possible to se I'm not a connection planner. I think a connection planner do the same a traditional planner do, maybe a little less conceptual and a little more media/ content/ channel driven. But seems almost the same for me. I'm not a connection planner. They study the media ecosystem and indicate the best channels for engagement. I'm not a connection planner. A connection planner to me is a blend of an account planner and a media planner--someone who is not only charged with developing an understanding of the consumer, but knowing & understanding where they are & how to engage the I'm not a connection planner. Actually I don't know what you mean. I know a type of planner, called "context planner" at Lowe, that is responsible for interconnecting the planning team with the media team, being more consistent and creative as the final r i'm not a connection planner. and i don't know what they do. I'm not a connection planner. And I have to say that I hear about such a planner for the first time. Probably it's what we call Channel Planner. Within the German ad industry they are specialized on, well, find the right 'connection' or 'channel' to the p I'm not a connection planner. I admit to have no idea what a connection planner is... aren't we all connection planners? I'm not a connection planner. I believe they're into finding the best ways(media channels/contact points) for a brand to engage with consumers and guiding creatives to develop new ways of connecting. I'm not a connection planner. I don't agree with breaking down connection and account planning. We have both. Account is supposed to be concerned with brand idea while Connection is about brand behavior; frankly, it seems limiting to break it down as such I'm not a connection planner. I imagine they work with social media at first, connecting the brands to their target audience. They work with the digital planners. I'm not a Connection Planner. I really don't know what they do. I'm not a connection planner. I think connection planners are highly tapped in to the newest and
  25. 25. emerging digital ideas (networks, cool functionalities, etc.) and merge that knowledge with understanding of human insights. I'm not a connection planner. I think that they make the connection between planning and media people. I'm not a connection planner. I think they get involved with different areas and differente people to propose different ways to impact the consumer. I'm not a connection planner. I think they help bring media insights to traditional strategies. I'm not a connection planner. In Brazil we still have the media department inside the agency, so we don't have a clear position for connection planner. I'm not a connection planner. In my understanding they find the points throughout a consumer's life where they might be engaged in thinking about a category what engaging them about a product or service might be most relevant. I'm not a connection planner. They are think this is a regular planner who is especially well versed in media tools and planning. I'm not a connection planner. They do midia planning I'm not a connection planner. We don't have them unless you mean communication planners. They're all about the media planning. Our department works hand-in-hand with them and they bring incredibly valuable knowledge to the table. I'm not a connections planner but I understand that they take consumer insights and overlay media on top of that. I'm not a connections planner but I work very close with them. Their are very good because they help materialiazing the strategy to the best contact points to reach consumers. I'm not a connections planner but work with them. They take the key consumer insight and apply it to a variety of communication mediums - having expertise in knowing which will [erform best given the target, message, and timing. They are the magic sauce I'm not a connections planner, but believe that they strategize communications on a broader scale, knowing when/how to reach people at the most relevant time with the most relevant message I'm not a connections planner, but these are the planners that everyone who isn't a connections planner should be scared of. Connections planners have figured out that media planning and brand planning have to get together and become BFF's, attached at th i'm not a connections planner, either. connections planning is about knowing where people are and how to best connect with them. it's guiding a consumer along a journey to a brand. I'm NOT a Connections Planner. I think a Connections Planner is responsible for 1) being the expert on the media landscape as it changes and fluxes, and then 2) suggest/develop in tandem with creatives the appropriate places/times/ways in which to pres I'm not a connections planner. I think they map the consumer's journey through all its stages and look for inflection points relevant to the brand or business issue. I'm not a connections planner. A connections planner should be a media guru and a media creative. They should know all the places a piece of communication could go or should go, but also have the
  26. 26. ability to think of new places, new ways of doing old stuff I'm not a digital planner. But i think they study the best strategy to bring people of mark. I'm not a market research specialist nor a media planner I'm not a traditional planner, definitely do some connections planning: run workshops motivate other agencies and clients oversee the quality of output I'm not and have no idea. I'm not and I am not sure what they do and how its different from strategic planning I'm not and I am not sure what they do that I don't. Been trying to figure that out for years since I also try and help make connections between brands and consumers. I'm not and I don't konw what they do I'm not and I don't see the difference between them and digital planners. I'm not and I have no idea about it I'm not and i have no idea what a connection planner means. I'm not and i have no idea what do they do....... I'm not and I have no idea what they do! I'm not and I have no idea. I'm not and I honest don't know what they do. I'm not and I really don't know what they do. I'm not and this is garbage. Connection planning is nothing but planning in a media agency. I'm not but I think they do what the media planner should be doing. I'm not but think they are more into media planning than creative planning I'm not one - and I'm not quite sure what this role is? I'm not one and don't know what a connection planner is. I'm not one and have never heard of that job title. I'm not one and have no idea about what they are or do. I'm not one and have no idea what they are! I'm not one and i think that a connecion planner have knowledge of every comunicattion tools to recommend the best integrated planning. I'm not one and i'm not quite sure i know what connection planning consists on
  27. 27. I'm not one and I'm not sure what they do. Perhaps they serve as a middle ground between digital and traditional planners. I'm not one and I'm pretty curious about what they do, cause sounds to me like a new name to what, again, we already perform. I'm not one but I know they take a holistic view of planning between both consumers' consumption and relationships with media and their overall lives. I'm not one but I work with one. She runs receptivity tests for our client, creates a consumer context strategy that includes a handle for the most optimal moments to connect with our target. It's pretty data/quant driven. I'm not one but they focus on how to best get the message to the audience and are less focused what the right message is and how best to bring that message to life. i'm not one but we have them and we work with them. emphasis is on determining the best confluence of message and moment I'm not one of them, but I work in this matter. I believe connection planners know the best ways of integrating the Creation, Media and Business strategies, aligning all of them into one killer advertising shot. I'm not one of them. I think they are somewhere in the middle between account planning and media planning. I'm not one of them. In a scenario where media formats are multiplying and consumer groups are becoming more and more specific, an agency has to have someone that can understand the options, the brand goals and people's minds in order to make better use o I'm not one per se but I think all good planners think along those lines. Connections is about finding the right place for the right message whereever that is and being media agnostic in the quest to find the most relevant place for a message to live. i'm not one- but i would think they add more insight into how consumers interact w/ media touchpoints I'm not one, and I don't know what they do. I'm not one, and i really have no idea about what they do. I'm not one, but i think it's the coolest thing ever. I'd explain it as a blend between planning and media planning--it's understanding the consumer based on not only their attitudes and behaviors but on how they consume media I'm not one, but I think they are experts in knowing their consumers and where their consumers receive media I'm not one, but I think they look at all the places messages could be and narrow down the list to focus on the strongest given the assignment. I'm not one, but I understand them as planners who work to optimise the channels that marketers use to connect to audiences in a integrated marketing campaign. I'm not one, but this is just a supped up name for media planners. I'm not one, I don't have a clue what they do. I'm not one, I think of them as a bridge between traditional account planning and media planning. Focusing on the consumer vs. the media outlets.
  28. 28. I'm not one. Deep understanding of how people interact with media, the needs they fulfill with it, their expectations/likes/dislikes of it, and the evolving possibilities with new formats/spaces/technologies/ etc. I'm not one. Find the right place and moment for brands to intersect with people's lives to have maximum possible impact. I'm not one. I think they bring interesting, creative, valuable media opportunities to the fore. Too often, it's all fluff and no substance. Be a good media planner first and a connections planner second. I'm not one. They are just good media people. I'm not one. I'm not one. I have no idea. I'm not one. And I'm not sure what connections planners do. I'm not one. But again the core comms planning skills are the same, the difference is that they are able to translate this into detailed media plans which understand coverage and frequency etc. as opposed to translating this into creative work. I'm not one. I couldn't tell you the difference. Personally, I think planners should be able to speak all languages, and conneting with people is not tied to a particular media. I'm not one. I guess connection planners identify those touchpoints that reflect and can reinforce a brand's core values and positioning, and recommends using them to forge deeper connections with a brand's target audience. I'm not one. I think it's a little BS - kind of a media-account planning hybrid, but shouldn't that always be the case? I'm not one. No idea. I'm not one. Not sure. Develop understanding about where to connect with people as well as how. Tied to media and tactics as much (or more) than messaging. i'm not one. they're just good media planners. I'm not one. But, I think they are the liaison between media and consumers - they know how and where to connect with consumers and how to best engage them. Personally, this is what I do for a living and I'm not called a "connection planner" - it seems li I'm not one. I assume connection planners are about media behaviors. I'm not one. I believe they are supposed to think about the way people connect with one another and with brands beyond traditional media and methods. I think every planner should be able to do this. I'm not one. I don't have a clear understanding of what they do.
  29. 29. I'm not one. I don't know what they do. I'm not one. I dont think their work is that different from the regular planners. I'm not one. I have no idea what connection planners do! I'm not one. I suspect it's a specialty within planning focused on CRM. I'm not one. I think they focus primarily on strategically connecting creative and media thinking. I'm not one. They are hybrid media planner/account planner. Back to the beginning. I'm not one. They do what media planners used to do - without the connection to media buying. Since full-service died (outside Brazil) Connection planning is how creative agencies have finally replaced their media departments after they realised that they I'm not one. They have ideas and fit them into the world wherever they're suppose to go I'm not one. They have the skills to use all the plataforms and brands points of contact. I'm not one. They provide a qualitative dimension to the media planning process. They also look for opportunities to expand the definition of "media" both for creatives and clients. I'm not one. They think of strategic ways to use media. I'm not really a connection planner, but I find myself doing it more and more because there is no one else on my team to do it. Frankly, I find it tedious. It seems to me to use a different part of my brain. Whereas a traditional planner tries to find com I'm not so familiar with this concept but I assume you mean what I said above about getting people to interact and do stuff. As someone who started my career in digital it is difficult to say how this is different from "traditional" planning as thinking I'm not technically one, but our media department is so weak that we end up combining their function with ours. I'm not, but I have one working for me. More in search of how media and touchpoint planning fit into peoples lives more relevantly I'm not. I'm not. I'm not. Either a focus on social media and/or word of mouth. Again, I think they reinforce that this is somehow set apart from the rest of the agency. Also, reinforces that this is an alternative to traditional advertising rather than something you ap I'm not. the difference is that connection planning is qualitative over quantitative. Which means that they have to find ways to let advertisers evaluate one plan over the other. I'm not. Uncertain about what they do... I'm not. I think planners need to be able to do both now. I'm not. I wish I were. I see them as a meld between media planner and brand strategist. I'm not. And am unsure. Social media?
  30. 30. I'm not. And I think connection planners are a mix between media planners and agency planners. I'm not. But think they should have a master focus in integrfated communications. I'm not. Conncetion planners seem to recognize that mindstates are not set in time. Instead they are dynamic, changing moment to moment. As a resutl connection planning is more media focused, and determined to find the right person at the right moment to I'm not. I believe that connection planners are a logical evolution of media planners. They put the human touch (the consumer voice) in the whole number-driven media business. I'm not. I don't know I'm not. I don't know what they do. I'm not. I guess their position is somewhere in between advertising and media agencies. I'm not. I have no idea what they do. Are they media planners in trainers? (Sorry, sneakers?) I'm not. I think that the same thinking process applies whatever sort of planing you do - starting with people first. i'm not. i think their greatest goal is to make sure, people know about relevant and compelling content though. I'm not. I think they bridge the gap between consumers and media and do know a lot about how to reach the right people with the right channels. I'm not. I think they think connection is everything and that's not true. I'm not. I'd guess they use Word of Mouth? I'm not. I'm not sure what they do, international organisation of the strategy? i'm not. labelling i'm not. no opinion i'm not. stronger media culture. I'm not. They are an agency created device to try to get closer to the channel within which their work appears. A title gives it a sense of importance and value in client's eyes. I'm not. They help to specifically understand how consumers are engaging with brands. I'm not. They must be responsible for connecting all the areas wthin the agency? I'm Not. They study and monitor consumer habits. A kind of hybrid between account planning and media planning I'm not. They work on how a brand idea can be brought to life considering all the contac points with the consumer. I'm not. thinking about the best way to reach the consumer I'm not...and I have no idea. I'm one. Is the same consumer analysis and insight development but instead of creative idea oriented is media roll. Find the best receptivity moods, moments and media when the consumer will not block or ignore messages.
  31. 31. I'm specifically not a connections planner, although like the above response, I don't see how what I do in my day to day work is any different than what a CP does. It's all about determining the most meaningful and impactful ways to intersect your target I'm. I connect everything I believe in. I've never even heard of "connection planners." I've never even heard that term but I suspect it might be interchangeable with channel planning, in which case it's well informed media planning. I've never heard of a connection planner. I've never heard of connection planners I've never heard of connection planners. I've no clue what a connection planner is. I’m not a connection planner and I don’t know what they do. If 'Experiential Planning' is what you're referring to (and which is what I do), I think the biggest difference (from traditional planning) is that "planners are also creatives here". I've done a stint in traditional planning earlier, and there it's all a im a media planner, looking into being a connection planner Im a planner, thats it - I have to do be new and innovative in my thoguht and insights regardless of titels or labeling im not Im not a connection planner and I don't think it would be so different than a traditional planner Im not a connection planner... but I think that they undertsand a lot of midias conections for each kind of markets, products, services, retails... Im not but i think they an add great value in bringing expertise in helping find the best places with which to bring an idea to life Im not one Im not, but to me, its the art of finding the most consumer relevant context. Where are people most receptive, to what and why. in my opinion all planners have to be a connection planner because he has to integrate all areas (media, account management, creation) in his planning process in my opinion the difference is in the process, not the objectives. they beging by the touch points with consummer In our direct marketing agency. Connection planning / flows & ROI calculations is part of the deal. But new clients and projects start with brand planning. It's and not or.. Interactivity is key in every strategy isn't everyone a connections planner? creating connections between consuemrs and brands. It's not different from what we've done in the past. isnt everyone a connections planner? if you arent thinking about media and CRM you arent thinking about the digital lives on your consumers. it is a new discipline for me. No comments.
  32. 32. it is too long! It should be an evolution of media planners. Except that it is more complex now to understand where and when people are to be impacted by communications. It;s a part of what we do. Understanding from a media/engagement perspective how to creatively and strategically connect with consumers. It's about mastering all forms of media and figuring out the best way to reach and engage consumners. It's like media planning without the number crunching. It's not my official title, but I would consider myself one in some areas. I think more and more media planners can call themselves this and be legit, but like before, I could call myself this in interviews. its just planning - but the outputs are more concerned w/ integrating go-to-market plans, and getting the role of media and investment portfolio right its something like they do everything jij Joining the dots betgween the multiple disciplines Just a traditional planner. l liason between planning and media Likewise media people with no responsibility of money. link media usage to brand usage media Media media centric strategy media consumtion media planning Media planning under a different guise MEdia strategy. Best medium for the message. mmm Im not sure about what do you want to say... more brainstorming more talking more magazines, art, culture.... My job is somthing between a traditional planner (what we have to communicate: brand and
  33. 33. consumer understanding, consumers insights definition, data analysis, qualitative research...) and a connection one (how, when and where we have to communicate: defin n.a. n/a n/a N/A n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a N/A n/a n/a n/a N/A n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a N/A n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a N/A
  34. 34. n/a N/A n/a n/a n/a Think they are a merger between a media planner and brand planner. Thinking about media more carefully and tying that with brand strategy - which seems brilliant actually. n/a. Never heard of it. Sounds connected to CRM. na na NA NA NA na na na NA na NA NA na NA NA NA NA NA NA na nah. NC NS network of contacts and expertises Never heard of a connection planner.
  35. 35. Never heard of connection planners. Sorry. Never heard of them Never heard of this Never heard the discipline... Never heard the term! Do they do the same as me (and the rest of us?!) is it about planning creating and connecting up relevant experiences and journeys for a consumer type/segment. Basically story telling across different channels over time. Never heard. I suppose they connect brands with consumers and hot spot media?? Isn´t that what we all do??? NEW BUSINESS PITCH new name, same old rubbish. new thinking from the scratch next no no no NO no no no no no No no No No No no no no No - not sure what a connection planner is No - they have the benefit of actually understanding Media - not half-heartedly like most of us. No - though we do work with engagement planning and think of that as really plotting out the when
  36. 36. and the where of our communication, using proprietary tools we have to get there. It is about connecting to the consumer at a point of purchase in a way that No a connection planner They choose where a brand should be seen and why No a Connection PLanner, but what they do is to merge different ideas, media and moments in one thing No and it believe they connect the consumer with media. no answer no answers No area of expertise No clue no comments no connection planner No connection planner thinking en detail about touchpoints or loyalty, bonding with the consumer? no connection planner. in my opinion, connection planners try to identify the relevant touchpoints (media) of consumer and brand and design the content of this interaction no connection planner. no clue what they do No connection planner. What they do: Huge competence in media and audiences. Bringing brand and audience together. Defining most relevant touchpoints. Engaging people. No fecking idea what a connection planner is. no i am not one. my wild guess is that they work in the client side and work directly with the advertising agency of said client. No I'm not. They plan how the different elements of the campaign connect no i'm not. i don't know what they do. are they channel planners? channel planners are those who look at where people are and reach them there. No I'm not. They reach audiences in specific places. no idea no idea No idea No idea No idea no idea No idea
  37. 37. No Idea No idea No idea what a connection planner is No idea what a connection planner is, does it involve a media component? No idea! no idea! No idea. no idea. tatical planning? no, don't know what they do. No, I am not a connctn planner. They are a missing link between media and traditional planning. No, I have no idea. No, I'm not. Classical touchpoint analysis, just better. No, I'm not. I think they plan media. no, I'm not... No, never heard of them. No. No. No. Strategists who focus on the 'where' and 'when' of consumer touchpoints no. don't know none that is channel planning they define touch points for creative idea NONONO nope Nope Nope, I've heard this before but not sure what it means. Emphasis on social media, building community, cross-channel campaigns? nope, not one - but looking more for overall media insights, so more like channel planning Nope. Nope. Media planners with better charts? Nope. Same as above.
  38. 38. Nope. See "planning + person-centric holistic communication touchpoints. Not Not not "officially" one - but all planners should understand what the right touchpoints are to reach and influence targets. Not a "connection planner" either. I've heard of this title, but I have no idea what they do. Not a "connections" planner, either, and it seems to me that this "discipline" is basically what media planning used to be before media companies stopped paying their people to think for themselves. Not a connctions planner. However, we have one here. The role here is a media role and the function is to inspire the "contact strategy" meaning how do we design the go-to-market/campaign framework, the CRM touch-point/messaging sequencing, and also to un not a connec planner, don't know if i understand what that is either not a connection planner not a connection planner not a connection planner not a connection planner not a connection planner Not a connection planner Not a connection planner - believe they much understand the totality of the media environment Not a connection planner - match ideas with channels were consumers are most receptive Not a connection planner - they are more aligned with media and touchpoints - how to reach the consumer in the best way. Wouldn't mind doing this! Not a connection planner - they should find out all the ways to reach the consumer, integrate into their lives, leverage influencers, and building trust not a connection planner - this is the first i've heard of them Not a Connection Planner -- facilitate engagement touchpoints rather than just "push" communications. It's understanding how consumers engage and interact rather than just mass marketing with a push strategy. Not a connection planner and honestly I have no clue as to what they do! Not a connection planner but have worked in a media agency as a consumer insights director. Worked with channel insights director and combined, we provided what connection planners are meant to...very interested to see how connection planning evolves as a Not a connection planner but was a principle architect for connection planning here. The highest level function of connection planners is to tear down the walls between creatives, planners and media professionals. not a connection planner either (by title) but am doing the job anyway. we have the crappiest of crapy media partner for planning and buying, i often have to show them how to use syndicated data
  39. 39. tools and write the plan. Not a connection planner either. I view connections planning as the hybrid between traditional account planning and media planning. Not a connection planner, but their expertise is about how consumers interact with media Not a connection planner, either. I understand traditional planning is media agnostic and connection planners start with the media first - ot at least that's what I would do. not a connection planner, media planner but smarter not a connection planner: CRM? Not a connection planner: I think they use insights into consumer values/attitudes/behaviours to understand the best channels of influence (and appropriate strategies) in order to most effectively connect with people. Not a connection planner. not a connection planner. never heard this title before. Not a connection planner. Believe they focus on the consumer journey and unique implications along the way in terms of messaging, where to reach the target, evolving needs & barriers Not a connection planner. Don't know much about connection planning specifically, but I think it has something to do with media neutral developing strategies that are media neutral or can be implemented 360. Again, I think all planners should have that Not a connection planner. I think they find the right "moments" -- time, context, mindset-- where the brand is most relevant and the consumer is most receptive. Not a connection planner. More into channel planning. NOT a connection planner. Seems like a different label on the same jar. More of an indication of a commitment to include web, promo, events etc. into every marketing effort. Not a connection planner. They are responsible for turning a strategy into a highly customized media plan Not a connection planner. A connection planner focus on IMC rather than just the message Not a connection planner. but as a digital planner I would imagine a lot of what I said above applies-- planners are probably more closely tied to the media group and need to be thinking about more than message. Not a connection planner. Connection Planners have more strength in understanding how consumers engage with media and also still use the tools of a traditional strat planner. Not a connection planner. Connection planners must have a clear understanding of all consumer touchpoints - web, direct, retail, tv, print, social network, and even a clear understanding of other brands in order to reach consumers whenever possible. Not a connection planner. Don't know Not a connection planner. I guess connection planners are like what connection is at Publicis Group: planners who get to make all the dots come into one shape (be that context, consumer, audience, media & content)
  40. 40. Not a connection planner. I imagine they have more of an emphasis on all the places (including digital) and think about the consumer's mindset when in that place to determine placement of messaging. Not a connection planner. I think they are focused on bridging the gap between consumers and media Not a connection planner. I think they work with community planning. Not a connection planner. Never heard of that. :( Not a connection planner. No idea. Perhaps they work across more disciplines connecting consumers to creatives or something like that? Not a connection planner. Not sure what they do. not a connection planner. sounds fun though Not a connection planner. The strategies they develop dwell mostly in terms on the kind of media that can be used for reaching the target given the communication strategy. Or that their communcation strategies should always lead to or include media strate Not a connection planner. They are guys who sit at the intersection of media and account planning not a connection planner. they connect consumer and brand in parts of their lives typicaly untapped by advertising. Not a connection planner. Think they are in charge of the channel in addition to the message. not a connection planner. think they focus more on how people use and connect to media. and what roles media plays in the life and times of the target. similar but a bit more focused Not a connection planner. Use tools of account planning to plan media strategies not a connection planner... i believe that a good connection planner has more to do with media not a connection planner...interpret the consumer vis a vis media touchpoints not a connection planner...not exactly sure what it is. not a connection planners. should focus on where to reach people, no matter where it is. be creative, think about what the consumers are doing, and when and fin new ways (relevant) to reach them. Not a connections planner Draws more on a media background than planning and needs to also have good knowledge of new technologies etc Not a connections planner - but again I think we all should focus on the same things - but I see connection planners as understanding the ecosystem we all live in as consumers and creating stories and energy around the ecosystem, not just the marketing we Not a connections planner - more social network based? Not a connections planner-- assume its similar to digital in that you analyze consumer behavior relative to media, but with a broader spectrum of media Not a connections planner, but a planner in charge of all communications, including connections. Not a connections planner, but have worked with one. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure. I guess how
  41. 41. consumers engage and consume new media and how to best connect with them, but really, I have no clear idea. not a connections planner. never worked with any, don't know what they do except i believe they are supposed to be in tune with how people consume media not a connections planner. They devise strategy on the most appropriate environments in which the reach the desired audience. Not a connections planner. As above, I think they should be one and the same with digital planners. They tend to be more channel focused and work in tandem with brand planners to develop more innovative and effective communications strategies. Not a connections planner. My day-to-day consists of a lot of reading, writing surveys, an sitting in a ton of shitty meetings with people who have no clue what their audience wants/desires. My job is to add strategic direction to their "hunches" and sh Not a connections planner. Not sure what they do. Not a connections planner. The map out the consumer journey and plan insights against it so brands can speak to you in a relevant way. Not a connections planner. Think they integrate media tools with planning tools to define audience mindset and size of mindset. can also help define size of audience for brands, and potential contact opportunities (without the help of the media group). Not a connections planner. They work at Chiat? Not a CP Not a phrase I am familiar with in the UK. Not Applicable to me. I guess this term is new to me. Not at all sure what you mean - we're all connection planners surely? not coms planner. Can't see any difference between traditional and coms not connection not connection planner Not familiar Not familiar with term... let's say I'm not one, but believe in what they do; smarter thinking about every possible touchpoint between people and companies. Not heard of "connection planner" before, so don't know what they do. not me never really got the difference. not me not officially one - but, again, 'let's make a TV show / buy a concert venue / collaborate with a designer......etcetc' are expected of me to deliver as a so-called 'planner'. Not officially, but all the planners in my agency are trained as connections planners. Developing
  42. 42. strategy for the entire brand experience by considering target's media motivations - content and context. Not one Not one Not one not one Not One Not one Not one Integrate channels into brand strat, define strat approach to 360 not one I think its media planners who have a more intuitive and creatively sympathetic pov. not one - but asssume lean more heavily on points of contact with the consumer to drive their thinking. Not one - but have some working for me. They are more business / quantitative oriented. In many regards they are seen as even more of an ally to creative than account planners because they stimulate more ideas on how to make the creatives' ideas more in not one - hybrid between media/account planning, but better.. Not one - I have no idea what they do not one - I have no idea what they do, I think it's a new title for media planner Not one - I think they come up with different media solutions and are interested in metrics more than the average planner. However, I feel a lot of them are detached from the consumer in question. Not one - media focused not one - my definition = the new name for a really fucking good media planner not one - seems like they do what really good media planners used to do (understand when & where best places/how to reach people) but then agencies got rid of them so a new job (and revenue stream) was born. not one - think they do what planners don't have time to do (unfortunately) understand the way consumers interact with media Not one - Understand and prioritize all the potential touchpoints for a brand. Bring media upstream in the process and the consumer's life further downstream Not one - use syndicated data like MRI and Simmons to build complete targets and their lives and how media can fit in each target's life in an effective way. Not one -- believe that they understand the importance of and know how to build social networks. not one -- do they maybe focus on points of contact and relationship management / CRM?? Not one -- I think this is more vague than digital planner. These people are meant to fit into the creative process, helping identify places and moments where communication with the target has the
  43. 43. potential to be unique or rich. Not one and don't have a very good guess as to what a connection planner would do. not one and dunno not one and not sure what they do that is different from a traditional planner Not one and think its a grand term for great media planners of yesteryear ... a term to derive more revenue from clients. Not one but have freelanced for them. Bring resources to life. Strategize around resource consumption. Not one of them. The term is new to me. Not one officially, but have been doing some connections planning work for several clients. Different in that it involves partnering with the media group. not one though we institute it into our briefs and have a think about where to reach our target at their best receptivity relative to the medium (and use of creativity) Not one yet. But working on it... not one- plan how brands should behave, how they get out there and run into people Not one- they are an combination of media planners and regular planners. The difference between them and regular planners is that they take the strategy one step further to identify the various touchpoints. Not one- They work in what we call at our agency points of receptivity- all planners incorporate this into our work. Not one, and not really sure how they're supposed to be different... Not one, but I believe it's about discovering and leveraging media and consumer intersection points to provide maximum message impact. not one, but I guess it's closest to the new paradigm of thinkin about media planning in terms of touch-points / engagement. Not one, but I see them as media planners with a heightened sense for consumer behavior. Not one, but I think they bridge the gap with media. Much like digital planners, they need to be constantly reviewing new media (not "new media", but literally unique opportunities not previously considered) not one, but they are more interesting than "digital" planners because they spend more time thinking about the multiple touchpoints that people come into contact with brands and how a client can work best in that space. Not one, but this is akin to media planning. Not sure why we decoupled media in the first place. Not one, but work with them. Best description (which probably over-simplifies what they do) is creative media planner. Not one, but working on it. They work in tandem with a media planner to get a better, 360 degree view of consumers' days and touchpoints and develop killer brand strategies based on this increased knowledge. not one, dont exactly know not one, never understood what they do (though i've never worked in an agency that had them).
  44. 44. not one, no idea not one, they identify what connection point a brand has with its target Not one, think they try to find the best way to engage with people in "different" ways than just traditional advertising. not one, understand the consumer on a more numbers based model not one; connection planners understand all the ways (including but not restricted to advertising) and places where a person comes into contact with the brand, and design strategies that reflect that entire journey not one; think all planners need to do exactly the same thing - understand the brand, the consumer, the environment and then find the best opportunities/strategies - in any media. Not one. Not one. Not one. Not one. Not one. Connection planners use qualitative consumer knowledge to help plan more progressive communication plans. In theory, they should write all the briefs for all the tactics (or at least manage those who do). Not one. More media literate than a typical planner: but not just in the old 'paid media' planning and buying model. Someone who understands brands as media, conversations as media, how to participate in media owned by consumers, how to make our own medi Not one. Push the boundaries of traditional media placement to know where / how to reach people based on the brief and the big idea. Not one. The blend of Media Planning and traditional planning. Seems like this is what everyone should be doing. Not one. This is embarrasing, but I have no idea of what is different in a connection planner's work. Not one. This is new to me. not one. i have no idea. not one. Again, i think this is semantics. either you're a planner or not. it doesn't matter if you are a connection planner or a digial planner - you're a planner
  45. 45. Not one. Connection planning is planning with an emphasis on capitalizing on media usage trends. Not one. Do not know Not one. I think they're a bit like digital planners in that they really dig into how/where people consume brands and what they're willing to accept from a brand in a given environment Not one. In my opinion, compared to a digital strategist, it's just the new name for media planners. Media planners who must think less about TV/Print/Radio/Outdoor - and more about seeing opportunities everywhere. Not one. No idea, more bullshit so agencies can charge clients more for the same stuff. Not one. Not fond of the distinction either. Connection planners observe/interpret/derive insights from social groups/social media. Not one. Not really sure that what they do is all that different outside of perhaps a more medium- focused vs. consumer-focused starting point for communications-based inspiration. Not one. Not sure. not one. OMG - why can't we figure out what this is?! I am so confused about what connection planning is at this point, I don't even dare say. Not one. The combination of media planning and account planning. (I think) not one. they deal with more understanding the media landscape and how people interact with it. not one. they extend brand planning values into an environment i guess. not one. they understand the touchpoint moments,specifically consumer context - mindset - time and how it can be leveraged through smart media planning and buying. not one. they're expertise is in media connections Not one. Think they bring media and cultural insights into the planning process early on. Am a huge supporter and really want to work with them as much as possible. not one. very simply they are media strategists who turn the creative idea into a media strategy. not one. all the (many) have worked with were either like any good (or bad) planner, or more like a creative, just like some planners are. Good planners are better connection planners than average connection planners, and good c-planners are better planne Not one. Are these channel planners? making sure they are at the forefront of all new ways to connect with consumers, and inventing new ones based on future trends. Not one. But believe they have an emphasis on understanding the relationships consumers have with channels rather than brands. Not one. But they figure out how ideas best fit into people's lives. They exist when there's a media client with no ad output or when message planners and media planner can't come together to think this through Not one. Connection planners also seems like a buzz word of the moment and basically tells me that the planner connects the brand with the consumer in the right time and manner based on the key insights. Not one. Connection planning is more about media. not one. content planning. Not one. Don't know what a connection planner is meant to be - not a term we use.
  46. 46. not one. expertise in media and how people use/relate to or interact with all forms of media.then exactly the same as planning. btw all planners should have this expertise. Not one. God, no idea! Not one. I believe they think carefully about how insights translate into media recommendations. Not one. I think (similar to the above) the represent/protect the interests of the consumer vs. the brand. In many ways, I feel this is where 'regular' planning needs to live. not one. i think they are media planners on steroids. Not one. I think they develop insights and write briefs for media plans. Not one. I've worked with a number of them, and I'm still not sure what it is they do. Not one. Identify best touchpoints and how to make communications relevant for the consumer mindsets during those touchpoints. Not one. Imagine they have a media background which they have parlayed into planning position. Really zeroed in on consumers' behavior and opportunities to engage consumers as opposed to talking at them. Not one. Integration planning Not one. It's the planner covergence of media and planning. not one. Just a new spin on Media Planner not one. no idea Not one. No idea! Connection Planners? Not one. Not sure... Not one. Planners that straddle the media and planning worlds - understanding not only who we're talking to and what's true about them, but how to best reach them in interesting and effective ways. not one. they are all over the place, don't get that they are not supposed to revamp the strategy, take our client's money then leave without making any relevant contribution. Not one. They are focused on real world behavior and make an art of combining qual and quant insights into how people spend time with products, experiences etc. They make "media" programs smarter and more efficient...and hopefully more interesting. Not one. They develop engagement strategies-i.e. determine the best way to connect with the target through contextual aspects of their lives Not one. They help planners and creatives know where and how an idea will live best. not one. They work with media a lot Not one. They're the same as any other Planner. They've just chosen to differentiate by way of a name. Not one. What is it? Googling "connection planners" now.......... Not one...they handle all sides no matter if traditional or print not onr Not quite sure what a connection planner is.