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Jared Adler Cover Note


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Published in: Business, Education
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Jared Adler Cover Note

  1. 1. JARED ADLER TEL 6 1 7 - 2 9 9 - 9 0 2 2 TWITTER @JAREDADLER EMAIL J A R E D . A D L E R @ G M A I L . C O M LINKEDIN.COM/IN/ADLERJCI went to college to learn how to make money, but left wanting to work with humanbehavior. The turning point was when I stumbled across stories from Clotaire Rapaille,Kahneman and Tversky, Richard Thaler, and Nassim Taleb, which inspired me to takeevery marketing and communications course that Rice University offers. Those namesarent famous ad men: theyre thinkers that showed me how irrational and unpredictablehumans can behave, and how uniquely rewarding it can be to convince them to buy intoan idea or an image. I learned a lot from those subsequent courses at Rice, and it hasbecome a true passion as well as an intellectual pursuit to apply what I learn aboutbehavior to digital media marketing.Meanwhile, I was paying my way through school, working at Apple from the time of thefirst video iPod to the third generation of iPhone, a revolution I was truly lucky to seefirsthand. A brand transformed from a cult to an icon, and in retail, I saw how consumerperceptions changed along the way. It only fueled my interest more in learning howpeople see a brand. I led my store as the mentor who trains new employees, and afterthree years, I left my store to look for a new emerging opportunity.I bumped into my next opportunity on Rice’s campus, where a professor was trying tothrow away four hundred years of academic tradition: with the internet, do we reallyneed to pay for books, keep 14-week semesters, and take multiple-choice question tests?Well, he has what I think is an innovative and disruptive answer to that question, so Ijoined his team, learned a few technical languages, gained experience in onlinepublishing, and helped him develop marketing materials to convince other academics tocontribute to his project. I’ve worked in online education for the past two years, throughgraduation, taking on more responsibility every chance I get.Here’s where I am now: I’m ready to move to a more serious marketing role, stay aheadof trends in digital media, and work at an agency that values the exploration of new ideasmodeling behavior to optimize marketing strategy. I believe success in digital marketingcomes from watching the evolution of internet behavior, and I want to join a team thatleads this exploration to create innovative strategies for their clients.If you have any questions about my creative abilities or academic qualifications, give mymentor and former professor, Ann Iverson, a call (713-622-6936). She can give you an ideaof my fit in advertising through the eyes of someone who laid the foundation for theindustry.