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  • -- Won Pulitzer Prize for his work as a business reporter-- New Mountain Capital is based out of NY and is an investment firm-- New Mountain Vantage is also based out of NY and is a public equity fund-- Vise received his honorary Doctorate of Literary Letters from Cumberland University
  • -- OhMyGov, Inc. is tag for “exposing government’s wonders and blunders.” It is also quoted as being a “news site to capture the passion and frustration that only government inspires.”
  • -- This booked talked about the importance of value in a company. You have to value your idea as well as your creativity. Many ideas would never come into being if people held them back because they thought they were of no value. Through out ideas even if they are rough. A bad idea is always better than no idea at all because a bad idea is a starting point. You also have to value you your users as well as your competitors. Have respect for the people using your product. Don’t try to snow them under and never lie to them. Value them for the business they give you. Lastly, you have to value your competitors. Don’t try to make enemies. Learn from what they are doing; good or bad. Then use it to benefit you and your company. But don’t value money. If the quality is there and you value your ideas, creativity, customers and competitors then the money will come.-- Think outside the box. Go for different ideas and different solutions to your problems. If you know you have to end up at a certain place, then tr to think of a new way of getting there. Use what has never been tried. Even if you fail. -- Take every opportunity to network. Whether in a business setting or just out to dinner. Meet people, talk and always have a business card on hand. You never know who you will meet and who has connections that you could use.
  • The name Google comes from a math term, “googol,” which means a number equal to 1 followed by 100 zeros and is expressed as 10 to the 100th power.-- The big three are what is credited with launching Google into what it is today. By utilizing these three things, the founders were able to focus their creativity and ideas into a worldwide website.
  • -- I would love to know about the Google double standard. It is briefly mentioned in the book. Google has always announced that it is free of advertisements but at the same time, they are allowing ads in the form of “sponsored links.” Google sees noting wrong with this but their competitors think it is a double standard that they are being put down for ads but Google has them except calls them a different name.-- One review I read said that Google was taking on the world. Other search engines are trying to compete but no one has been able to stop or even slow down what Google is doing. Is there anyway to stop Google? Is Google turning into a monopoly? These are two questions that I have been thinking about since finishing the book.
  • -- This book looks at creativity and importance of sticking with an idea. Even if you have no interest in Google, this book would still be a must read because of what the founders went through to make Google what it is today.
  • The Google Story -- Trade Book Review

    1. 1. PRCA 3030 Trade Book Review<br />By: Haley J. Higgs<br />“A book which can teach 1000 times  you more than what the best MBA course in the world can teach you.”<br />“Technology+Business=<br />The Google Story!”<br />Written By: <br />David A. Vise and Mark Malseed<br />
    2. 2. Pulitzer Prize-Winning reporter for The Washington Post<br />Senior Advisor to New Mountain Capital<br />Senior Advisor to New Mountain Vantage<br />Doctorate of Literary Letters<br />Who is David A. Vise?<br />
    3. 3. Co-founder and Executive Editor of OhMyGov, Inc.<br />Former exclusive researcher for Bob Woodward<br />Collaborated on the #1 bestsellers Plan of Attack and Bush at War<br />Who is Mark Malseed?<br />
    4. 4. Value<br />Value your ideas, your creativity, your customers and your competitors <br />Dare to be different<br />Different ideas, different solutions and even different avenues<br />Network <br />Network at every opportunity because you never know who maybe a connection<br />What did I learn?<br />
    5. 5. PH.D. Thesis Births Google<br />Two Stanford students create Google out of the research they did for their thesis<br />The Big Three<br />Brilliance, Innovation and Enhancing the customer experience<br />What surprised me?<br />
    6. 6. The Google “Double Standard”<br />Advertisements = Sponsored Links <br />Google vs. The World<br />Multimillion dollar company is being viewed as a big threat<br />What do I want to learn more about?<br />
    7. 7. Recommendation?<br />I would recommend this book to anyone looking to go into business, any part of a business or start their own business.<br />
    8. 8. Twitter: <br />@haleyhiggs<br />Blog: <br /><br />LinkedIn:<br /><br />Contact me…<br />