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Wrestling With God


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Faith in God is never easy. I have chosen to walk a path of doubt and have occasionally paused to wrestle with God. May you find hope in these words.

Published in: Spiritual
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Wrestling With God

  1. 1. Wrestling With God by Harley King Copyright © 2010
  2. 2. i wish for nothing
  3. 3. but to be a child again
  4. 4. in a field of yellow dandelions.
  5. 5. To feel the hand of God
  6. 6. on my shoulder as He pushes me
  7. 7. face down in the mud.
  8. 8. i live in fear that He will never return.
  9. 9. Sometimes i sit by the telephone
  10. 10. waiting and waiting for God to call.
  11. 11. Sometimes i dial His unlisted number and
  12. 12. listen to the silences between the rings.
  13. 13. God yet again
  14. 14. has found me
  15. 15. hidden this time in a single flake of snow ,
  16. 16. and i melt from the warmth
  17. 17. of His wild and passionate breath .
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