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Why Some Large Companies Can't Innovate Faster


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If you ever wondered why do some of these large enterprises even with access to all kind of resources still fail to innovate? The attached slides talks about some of the challenges that the large companies face in their path to innovation. Thanks, Hemanth Kempanna

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Why Some Large Companies Can't Innovate Faster

  1. 1. Why Some Large Companies Can’t Innovate Faster Hemanth Kumar Kempanna
  2. 2. Too many Internal Processes and Layers of Bureaucracy
  3. 3. What worked in Past may not work in future !!
  4. 4. Unrealistic Expectations from Strategic Innovative Projects
  5. 5. Reputational Risk – Impact if gone wrong is high!!
  6. 6. Summary Even though large companies may not have issues around funding, brand recognition or finding early adopters for their new innovations, the large companies will still have different kind of issues to deal with and these issues are equally complex, political and time consuming to address.