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How to Use Slideshare

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How to Use Slideshare

  1. 1. How to Use Slideshare This presentation will explain to you how to use Slideshare and what you can get out of it to benefit your business/website.
  2. 2. What Is Slideshare? Slideshare is a free media website which enables you to upload your professional videos and slideshow presentations. Unlike YouTube, the emphasis is more on presentations though professional video is permitted and shared.
  3. 3. Why Should I Use Slideshare? Slideshare is a respected network known for its quality and emphasis on tutorials and presentations. It even currently ranks #2 in Google for the search term “presentation”!
  4. 4. Why Should I Use Slideshare? Slideshare averages 25 million views each month alone, so there is the potential for a lot of traffic flow to your site if you use it properly. It's even one of my 70+ Traffic Sources .
  5. 5. Ok, So How Do I Use Slideshare? Create presentations out of your best blog posts on your site in Powerpoint. Don't forget to check for existing videos, presentations, and slideshows which you made have already made in the past on your harddrive.
  6. 6. Ok, So How Do I Use Slideshare? First thing's first. You need to sign up and should fill out your profile.
  7. 7. Ok, So How Do I Use Slideshare? In your profile you can include a link back to your website's URL, choose some tags to describe you, include an image for you/your company/site, etc. If someone likes your content then it's likely they'll check out this section to learn more about you and you want it to impress and have that link there so they can access your site.
  8. 8. Ok, So How Do I Use Slideshare? Include your keywords in your title and in the keywords section so that people will be able to find your presentation either when searching on Slideshare itself or even in the search engines for SEO purposes.
  9. 9. Ok, So How Do I Use Slideshare? Remember to also include a good description for the video, as well, so people know the focus of your presentation without their having to check it out first (they won't always do this).
  10. 10. Ok, So How Do I Use Slideshare? You can also add audio narration to your presentations. Record your audio through whichever method you like and upload the file as an MP3 to play with your presentation to give it a more legitimate presentation feel.
  11. 11. Ok, So How Do I Use Slideshare? Don't forget that Slideshare allows you to embed links right in your presentations! Link back to your website when appropriate to enjoy the full benefits of your work in creating good and search engine optimized presentations.
  12. 12. Ok, So How Do I Use Slideshare? Couple your links with a great call to action to really see your conversions skyrocket! Here's a huge list of 60 call to action examples for a bunch of ideas you can use!
  13. 13. Got Any More Tips for Presentations? Longer presentations (think 40, 50, 60 slides and beyond) tend to get more views. Also, the more media (images/audio) you can add to your presentation, the more engaging it will be for your viewer and the better response you'll get from them. Admittedly two things I'm NOT doing very well in this presentation myself!
  14. 14. Following Slideshare also has a “follow” feature. Similar to Twitter, you can follow other Slideshare users and get their updates when they add new content to their accounts.
  15. 15. Following After you have some content on your profile to represent who you are, get to following people by searching for terms you're interested in and finding people uploading content on that subject. Being social isn't just a good thing to do but it increases your views, as well!
  16. 16. Following Even after watching some other presentations on your own, Slideshare will automatically make note of what you viewed and offer suggestions on more presentations to check out so this is an easy way to find people worth following, as well.
  17. 17. Twitter + Facebook Don't forget that you can link your Twitter and Facebook accounts with Slideshare so that you can share whatever content which you put on your Slideshare account with your two favorite social networks.
  18. 18. Slideshare Pro Although Slideshare is free to everyone, they offer a “pro” feature which gives you greater customization. You can try it for 30 days and with the Pro version you can create a custom/more attractive profile design.
  19. 19. Slideshare Pro Additionally, Slideshare Pro enables you to see who is sharing your content on Twitter/Facebook, what organizations and countries your visitors are coming from, and what search terms are bringing them to your presentations.
  20. 20. Thanks For Watching! Thanks for watching this presentation! For A LOT more tips for marketing your website, check out today!