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AWS IoT Workshop Keynote


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Slides from my introductory keynote at the AWS IoT Workshop that took place in London on 9th - 10th March 2017

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AWS IoT Workshop Keynote

  1. 1. D E S I G N & B U I L D T H E I N T E R N E T O F T H I N G S Ian Massingham, Chief Evangelist, Amazon Web Services @IanMmmm
  2. 2. IoT Applications : An Early Use Case for AWS
  3. 3. Today, The Most Successful IoT Deployments Run On AWS
  4. 4. Sensors & IoT DevicesData Centre Infrastructure What Constitutes On-Premises Infrastructure?
  5. 5. Remove Constraints & Build the IoT with AWS
  6. 6. Minimising Heavy Lifting with AWS IoT 1 0 10 Devices Network Security Data Smarts Connect at Any Scale Lightweight Protocol X509 Certificates & TLS Encryption DynamoDB, Kinesis, S3 and more Trigger AWS Lambda Functions
  7. 7. The AWS IoT Platform Your AppThings AWS IoT Device Gateway Rules Registry Shadow S3 DynamoDB Kinesis Lambda ….
  8. 8. AWS IoT
  9. 9. AWS IoT in the Europe (London) Region
  10. 10. Round-trip latency Intermittent connectivity Expensive bandwidth Programming and updating embedded software needs specialized skills Limited to what is on the device unless you rewrite or program the device Challenges Of Devices Living On The Edge
  11. 11. AWS Greengrass Embed Lambda Compute (& Other AWS Services) in Connected Devices Preview Available Now Use The Same AWS Programming Model In Devices And The Cloud
  12. 12. AWS Greengrass: Local Compute, Messaging & Data Caching Local compute Local data caching Secure communications Local messaging
  13. 13. AWS Greengrass: How It Works Built into devices at manufacture Install the Greengrass runtime Lambda functions on AWS & devices Manage from AWS Console Same programming model Local communication and orchestration
  14. 14. Amazon Greengrass: Example Use Cases Smart Homes Agriculture Manufacturing
  15. 15. Go Build
  16. 16. T H A N K Y O U Ian Massingham, Chief Evangelist, Amazon Web Services @IanMmmm