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Project Organization, Leadership and Team Building


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Project Organization, Leadership and Team Building

  1. 1. Chapter 5 Project Organization Leadership -Team Building Project Leadership Characteristics ) Vision Motivation,…..etc (AUTHOR: DR. TOMAS UCOL-GANIRON 2/20/2010 1JR
  2. 2. Why Understanding Motivation is ImportantMotivation is about accepting responsibility for Performing the everyday behaviors AUTHOR: DR. TOMAS UCOL-GANIRON 2/20/2010 2 JR
  3. 3. Oncken’s Levels1 - Act on own, routine reporting2 - Act, but advise at once3 - Recommend, then do it4 - Ask what to do5 - Wait until toldAUTHOR: DR. TOMAS UCOL-GANIRON 2/20/2010 20JR
  4. 4. Project Example1- Attend weekly meetings2 - Email PM after decision3 -Meet with PM before acting4 - Ask for next assignment5 - Wait for next assignmentAUTHOR: DR. TOMAS UCOL-GANIRON 2/20/2010 21JR