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Powerpoint presentation mark46


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Powerpoint presentation mark46

  1. 1. 2010 Successes: o2010 in review: •The Golf Club at Harbor Shores •Hideaway •Fairways oChampions for Change •Grand Opening Event o2012 Senior PGA Championship oThe River Club by MCL
  2. 2. The Golf Club at Harbor Shores oThe completed golf club will offer: •7,500 sq. ft. clubhouse •5,600 sq. ft. caddy/cart storage facility •2,500 sq. ft. First Tee Academy at Harbor Shores •1,800 sq. ft. Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf oConstruction begins: April 1, 2011 oConstruction completed: Spring 2012
  3. 3. The Hideaway at Harbor Shores The Fairways at Harbor Shores oHome Sites Developed: 29 oHome Sites Sold: 4 oHomes Under Construction: 3 oHome Sites Developed: 27 oHome Sites Sold: 24 oHomes Under Construction: 4 oHomes Completed: 3 oReservations in Phase II: 11
  4. 4. The VUE at Charlotte 455 Central Park West, Manhattan The Four Seasons Residences-Denver
  5. 5. oMCL Condominium Project •250 Residential Units •20,000 sq. ft. commercial Restaurant/retail Botanical Garden MCL at Harbor Shores oTaking Phase I Reservations As of November 1… •46 Units Available •Commercial Space in First Phase oAnticipated Construction Spring 2011
  6. 6. oAnd of Course, who can forget… Champions for Change
  7. 7. Champions for Change
  8. 8. Champions for Change
  9. 9. A Message From Jack:
  10. 10. Senior PGA Championship 2012 oSpring 2012, 2014 oAnticipated Audience •10,000+ per day oHistorical Economic Impact •$20,000,000.00 oMore than 1,500 Volunteers oOldest senior major-Augusta National 1937