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Hadley Wood News November 2016


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Hadley Wood News November 2016

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Hadley Wood News November 2016

  2. 2. 2 If it matters to you, act now! Anyonelookingatthedocumentspublished by GTR (our train operating company) on their website could be forgiven for thinking that Hadley Wood would be getting an enhanced train service of 4 trains per hour all week from 2018; and they would no doubt send an enthusiastically favourable response to GTR’S consultation survey, if they responded at all. But the true position is quite different, as the Hadley Wood Rail User Group (HWRUG) discovered only on close examination of the documentation followed by a direct question to GTR. Almost 100 people crammed at short notice into St Paul’s Church on Thursday 6th October to hear GTR’s Head of Strategic Planning, Phil Hutchinson, outline the specific proposals for Hadley Wood and explain why our station has been singled out on the Welwyn route within the London Oyster Zone stations for a reduced service of just two off-peak trains per hour, while all other stations within the zone will enjoy an uplift to four trains per hour. Phil said that the critical factor in their decision was not cost, profit or operational or technical issues: it was simply down to “demand”. The official footfall figure (total number of boarders and alighters per annum) for Hadley Wood in the latest period (Office of Road and Rail (ORR), 2014/15) is 361,268. However, both the rail industry and passenger bodies are both well aware that the ORR’s figures are notoriously unreliable, and all present disputed the completeness and accuracy of the data for footfall in Hadley Wood. The key factor is unrecordable footfall: all those tickets that are not required by the Oyster machines. Our station has no gates and people with Annual Gold Cards or Freedom Passes don’t need to tap in or out here. Ticket office sales are also taken into consideration, but a show of hands at the meeting demonstrated that only about 10% of travellers bought their tickets at Hadley Wood’s ticket office, largely owing to its restricted opening hours. You can find details of the many questions raised at the meeting on the Hadley Wood Rail User Group (HWRUG) website but the critical next step for everyone who cares about our train service is to respond individually to GTR’s timetable consultation using the formal questionnaire, and do it before the consultation period closes on 8th December. Be aware that only one online response can be accepted from one device (pc, phone, iPad etc) although it’s also possible to request a hard copy. The RUG has developed some guidance to make it as easy and quick as possible to respond, and you’ll find help on how to complete it (if needed) in the next article. What you choose to say is entirely up to you; but unless we individually and collectively make our concerns heard, the current proposals will be set in stone, and we can wave goodbye to an adequate timetable provision at any time of day but rush hour. The RUG will also be submitting a formal response to GTR and our elected representatives and it may well be necessary for us as a community to do other things to support our need for a good service all week. After all, the train service is the sole daily form of public transport within walking distance and the sole reason why Hadley Wood developed as a community. It does seem ironic that GTR is about to make a significant investment in our Photo by John Leatherdale HWA AGM Wednesday 30th November 8.00pm At the Hadley Wood Association Hall Crescent East (end of the tennis courts) Agenda Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising Chairman’s report Financial report (draft a/c will be posted on the website 25/11/16) Reports from Clubs (tabled) The Neighbourhood Forum Hadley Wood Railway User Group The Hadley Wood News Election of Officers Under Article 29 of the Company’s articles, one third of the Directors must apply for re-­election each year by rotation. Nominations for positions as Officers should be forwarded to the Chairman, The Rev. Rupert Mackay AOB Meet your Councillors Anne-­Marie Pearce, Jason Charalambous and Michael Lavender will be at the meeting and will answer questions about local issues
  3. 3. 3 Tailoring and repairs by experTs PaintingandDecorating ServicesInteriorandExterior HOMELINE H: 01992302867 M: 07775972211 Mr M.Barrett Question by Question Guide to completing the GTR 2018 Timetable Consultation It is your choice how to respond to the Timetable Consultation but in case of need we have put together a step by step guide to simplify the process and marshall some of the key arguments that have arisen out of Hadley Wood Rail User Group (HWRUG) meetings. It is advisable to mention Hadley Wood and to specify the ticket type you travel on (Gold Card, Freedom Card etc.) in any Free Text answers. We hope it helps. Go to http://www.thameslinkrailway. com/your-journey/timetable- consultation and click on the link at the bottom of the page: Timetable Consultation response survey This will take you straight to the survey. Questions 1-14 – These questions are all fairly simple (if at times slightly ludicrous!). Question 7 – If you want late evening services to continue, the relevant answer would be ‘YES’ Question 14 – asks about extending the hours for engineering works, which could cause disruption to early and late trains. If this matters to you answer accordingly. Questions 15 to 75 – you can skip, they are not relevant for Hadley Wood Questions 76 – If you want 4 tph (trains per hour) in Hadley Wood rather than 2 tph, simply choose ‘NO’. Also fill in the Free Text Box Things to consider when answering this question. The question asks if you support the proposed frequency improvements throughout the Great Northern Metro routes. Although the question says ‘improvements’ we feel this is misleading and take the question to mean the proposed timetable changes generally. So the question is really asking, do you agree with reducing the off peak day services here from 3 to 2 tph? In terms of peak trains, there are already 4 trains an hour arriving at Moorgate from Hadley Wood between 8 and 9 and this would not be increased. The only change we think is being proposed is to add one extra train around 9am and maybe reinstate the old 5pm from Finsbury Park service (we can’t tell for sure). These would deal with existing big gaps in the service and would be useful, but would not increase frequency during the more crowded parts of the peak period. You can write your comments in the free text box. You might like to say you travel from Hadley Wood and that you do not feel the proposed changes are an improvement, rather the opposite. You might point out that: a) there is no justification for a reduction in services at a time when train use and public transport generally is being encouraged. b) that the historic footfall data GTR are using to justify the reduction is inaccurate as people do not tap in or out much at our Zone 6 ungated station, c) that off peak service is vital because of increasingly flexible working patterns,ie childcare. There may be or other commitments or journey reasons you have. d) That the reduction takes no account of the impact of GTR’s imminent investment in an accessible step-free entrance here. Question 78 – This is very similar to 76, but adds no mention of proposed changes in the calling patterns. Again if you want 4 tph (trains per hour) in Hadley Wood rather than 2 tph, you should answer “NO”. Also fill in the Free Comment Box. Things to consider when answering this question The proposed changes mean that 4 tph trains would be running through Hadley Wood, it’s just that off peak only 2 of them would actually stop for us. We would be getting half the trains of most other stations on the route, some of which do not have much bigger footfall than us. GTR have told us that not stopping trains at Hadley Wood saves no money and saves almost no time. It does however give them the odd minute of wriggle room to try and keep to their timetable. Should our service be sacrificed so we are all delayed every day, for such a reason? The trains would be changing too, with 100 less seats per 6 car service. The idea is that we have a metro service, so standing is more acceptable. But with a 30 minute scheduled journey to Moorgate, and long waits between trains, it will not feel like a Metro service. Fewer seats will cause hardship, discomfort and potentially less usage. Overall the proposed calling pattern is completely unacceptable for a station in Greater London and Travelcard Zone 6. Questions 79 and 80 These are simple, tick box questions relating to Haringey and Hornsey stations. We think it might make it easier for GTR to timetable for more trains to stop in Hadley Wood if fewer trains stop at Haringey and Hornsey. So you might like to answer these questions too. Specify Hadley Wood if you use the free box text. Question 86 – This is your opportunity to highlight all the arguments that matter to you about the service proposals for Hadley Wood. It’s a free text invitation to comment on our train line, the Great Northern Metro Route GN5. It does not matter if you put the same points down in answer to more than one question. You might like to include some or all of the following points: a) The train company should be supporting greater use of their services, not less. Particularly in a time when non car travel station infrastructure by building a step- free entrance, which will itself encourage more and wider usage. In any case, as a station within Travelcard Zone 6, we deserve a metropolitan service, not the provincial service that GTR is currently proposing. But in order to secure that for the future, everyone needs to act now. Francesca Caine
  4. 4. 4 xisting ads: St Marthas goes out). xec cars, Pilates, English Garden Company,Creme, Window cleaner, Homeline, entist, West Lodge Park, PE Tinsley, Upson Funerals, Dorchena, Aquvalet, GP, Hertford TV, Lonsdale, Alphablocks and Statons. New ads. ash Widows.Dovetail. Double box (approx 9x6 cms) see below Green Science. Single box to come (6x6) oyal Free Clinic. Half page. To come Montessori. Double box (9x6) see below   is being encouraged as more sustainable and healthy, and London’s (and Hadley Wood’s) population is growing. By cutting the service they are making train use less attractive and practical for Hadley Wood residents b) The train company are investing in new step free access, and at the same time cutting seats on the trains and off peak services – two things that go hand in hand withamoreinclusiveandaccessibleservice. c) The footfall data the train company is using to justify their proposals is suspect, particularly as we are a Zone 6, ungated Oyster use station, which means that many users (Gold Card, Freedom Pass holders etc.) do not need to tap in and out. d) Considering the very poor performance of GTR in actually running their existing timetable, with very frequent cancellations of trains, 2 tph means a single cancellation wouldcreateanhourbetweentrains,atotally unacceptablesituationforaLondonstation. e) Changes in 2018 should provide a better, more frequent and reliable service, not a worse one as proposed for Hadley Wood. Question 87. This question is about the consultation process itself. You can say how you feel about this, for example how much clear information you received from GTR. The HW Rail User Group have been working very hard to let people know what is going on, but without this, would you have had the information you needed to respond properly? You might like to keep in mind that: a) GTR have consistently said over the last year or so that the 2018 timetable changes would improve the service and provide 4 trains per hour. GTR representatives at our Rail User Group meetings confirmed this and showed it in slides. They never mentioned that the service could be reduced. b) The actual consultation has been poorly advertised here by GTR. There has been the odd station announcement, which says nothing about reducing the number of trains, and one poster down the bottom of one platform. That is all we have had. c) There was a local public meeting on the 6th Oct, but only because the HW Rail User Group organised it. d) The headline information in the consultationmaterialshasbeenmisleading, not to say incorrect, when saying there would be 4tph. The consultation materials made out that there would be more trains, not fewer. The only way of finding out what is being proposed has been to interrogate very long and confusing spreadsheets at the end of the consultation materials. As of 13th October, no corrections have been made to either the “Timetable Consultation Document itself or to the Great Northern Metro briefing sheet. FINALLY you will now have completed the survey. Thank you for helping us fight the current proposals and for trying to get a better train service for Hadley Wood instead of the far worse service proposed. Please note that the survey only allows you to complete one response on one particular device (PC, iPad, phone etc). If various members of a family unit wish to complete their own surveys, they will need to do so from separate devices. If you need any help with completing the form, please email the Rail User Group at Kate Ferguson and Esther Kurland Because you deserve local, independent advice and support Focused on helping you understand and plan for your financial future T 0208 275 1160 E W Lonsdale Services Limited 11 Wrotham Park Barnet Hertfordshire EN5 4SZ Lonsdale Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Investment Planning Retirement Planning Estate Planning Tax Planning Protection Lifetime Financial Planning Because you deserve local, independent advice and support Focused on helping you understand and plan for your financial future T 0208 275 1160 E W Lonsdale Services Limited 11 Wrotham Park Barnet Hertfordshire EN5 4SZ Lonsdale Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Investment Planning Retirement Planning Estate Planning Tax Planning Protection Lifetime Financial Planning Page  9  contd.   Insert  this  ad  at  the  bottom  of  col  3  (same  size  as  the  Alphablock of  col  1).       Could  you  change  the  Aquavalet  ad  top  right  to  this  one  below?       Page  9  contd.   Insert  this  ad  at  the  bottom  of  col  3  (same  size  as  the  Alphablocks  ad.  a of  col  1).         Could  you  change  the  Aquavalet  ad  top  right  to  this  one  below?      
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Classes for children aged 5-12 Free trial lesson Flexible - you choose your classes Call Caroline on 0208 882 9009 it’s your choice! 25% off first term with this advert Letters to the Editor Dear Editor Herewith some points to consider if responding to GTR's timetable change consultation 1. The principle of basing supply on historic demand We need to ask how accurate are the footfall numbers being used to justify reducing our service. The company say they use a combination of ticket sales and oyster taps from our station to derive numbers. Considering that the ticket office is shut most of the time, some will buy season tickets online or elsewhere, or avoid using the station as they don't want to use the ticket machines. Also, Hadley Wood being a Zone 6 station, many people don't tap out as it does not make a difference to the daily price. It was interesting to hear from GTR that they estimate 360,000 journeys to/from our station a year. The corresponding figure for Grange Park on the Hertford branch is 400,000 a year. They say this justifies increasing the number of trains from 3 to 4 an hour for Grange Park but reducing it from 3 to 2 for us. So Grange Park, as an example, will get double the service for apparently 10% more passengers. Fair? The numbers GTR use come from the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) statistics 'latest estimates of station usage reports and data'. It is on line at: statistics/published-stats/station-usage- estimates The data shows the usage estimates for Hadley Wood to be 361,268 for 2014/15 with a query as to whether we are deemed as a 'small station' or not. Presumably being classed as small is being used to justify the reduction. The annual usage figures are volatile. With 381,610 users for 2012/13, our station was flagged as a "large" station. Then the figure for 2013/14 dropped to 327,786 with a note querying the reduction as it bucked the trend. These figures appear to be the product of both ticket sales and Oyster taps at the station. The usage seems to go up and down from year to year, not the case for other suburban stations on the line where after a dip in 2009/10, numbers have steadily risen. If Hadley Wood was following the same trend as the other stations we would be easily passed the 400,000 mark by now, and deemed to be a big station. Are these figures accurate? The population of Hadley Wood, has risen during this time. Countrywide trends for train passenger use have been upwards. Could these odd figures be because Hadley Wood is the only zone 6 station on the line? There is no real incentive to tap in and out in zone 6, as the maximum fare will be charged anyway. Perhaps the figures are failing to pick up Oyster card users for our station, but are picking up Oyster readings for stations further south, while Oyster is not used further north on the line? 2. Sacrificing provision at our station to improve things for others Of course balance is needed, and the train company needs to look at their full timetable and make sensible alterations to make it work. But they told us at the meeting that they save no money by not stopping trains at Hadley Wood. Nor do they save much in journey time, less than a minute per train. So why make the service so much worse for us? 3. Quality of GTR's consultation Until now, we have consistently been told that the timetable changes would improve the service, with there being 4 trains an hour from 2018. The consultation material published on GTR’s website says that the service was being improved with more trains and again the 4 trains an hour figure was quoted. It was only by delving into the almost impossible to understand “Station by Station Comparison” spreadsheet that we found out that the proposal was to cut at least 19 trains a day for us. Despite claims that they have corrected their inaccurate information after we pointed out the issue to them, some three weeks later at the time of writing, the Consultation Document and the Great Northern Metro Information Sheet for our route still do not indicate that Hadley Wood’s proposed services are significantly inferior to the norm. 4. The impact the changes will have on you. Trains are a necessity, part and parcel of modern life, and our towns, cities, economies and communities have developed in particular ways because of them. We rely on them, especially in places like Hadley Wood which have no alternative services. Maybe you moved to the area, or stay here at least in part because of the train service? There may be longer term impacts of the proposed changes, something you may have views on? More immediately, how would the changes from 2018 affect you? Would you have to change your working or leisure practices? Would you have to move or use your car? 5. Do you value getting a seat on the train? There is also a change to the actual rolling stock. We will get the open metro type,
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  8. 8. 8 To download a copy of this and/or previous issues of Hadley Wood News, please visit The Hadley Wood Association 7 Crescent East Hadley Wood Herts EN4 0EL 8449 7193 Chairman Rupert Mackay 02084492572 Editor Publisher Rod Armstrong 020 8449 5924 Advertising and Centre Manager Jaye 02084497193 Hall Bookings or email hadley.woodassoc Security Task Force Membership Secretary/Admin Caroline Berlyn 020 8441 8020 HWA Membership Secretary Jaye 2084497193 Website Manager George McCormick The Hadley Wood News is published every two months. It is a community publication with the objective of bringing local news, views and events to the residents and friends of Hadley Wood. It is non-profit making with any surplus going to the Hadley Wood Association (HWA) for the direct benefit of residents. Content is produced voluntarily with the make-up, printing and distribution paid for by advertising. Thank you to all our advertisers, without whom this magazine would not be possible. If you would like to contribute to a future issue or receive updates via email, please contact the Editor and Publisher. The HWA and anyone associated with the content of this newsletter cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy, claims or views expressed. The Hadley Wood News does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any of the advertisements or other information accessed directly or indirectly from this publication, nor the quality of any products, services, information or other materials displayed, purchased or obtained by anyone as a result of an advertisement or any other information or offer in connection with those products, services, information or other materials.Hadley Wood News shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions contained in any advertisement or other information within this publication. The Publisher reserves the right to amend, abridge or reject any copy supplied for publication. E&OE HWA November 2016 ENFIELD £1,895,000 HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797 HADLEY WOOD £1,295,000 HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797 Beautifully presented home of approx.. 2,700 sq ft Security gated entrance 5 bedrooms 3 bathrooms 4 receptions located in the heart of Hadley Wood HADLEY WOOD £2,650,000 HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797 Substantial detached family residence 6 bedrooms 4 bathrooms Integral double garage Magnificent south aspect landscaped rear garden HADLEY WOOD £1,745,000 HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797 Chain Free Detached family home 4 Bedrooms 3 bathrooms 2 reception rooms Security gated entrance Integral garage WINCHMORE HILL £1,375,000 HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797 Beautifully presented and deceptively spacious three/ four bedroom 2 bathrooms Gated courtyard driveway Self contained annex Historic coach house dating back to circa 1880 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 2 Reception Rooms Stunning kitchen Separate gym HADLEY WOOD £1,795,000 HADLEY WOOD OFFICE 020 8440 9797 Spacious chalet style property 4 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 3 Reception Rooms Detached double garage Wonderfully private rear garden