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Hadley Wood News March 2016

  1. 1. 1DESIGNED & PRINTED BY PRINTWAREHOUSE TELEPHONE: 0208 441 4482 INSIDE THIS MONTHS ISSUE The Battle of Barnet (Pt 1) John Hall reports. The Flying Scotsman and Hadley Wood’s Sir Nigel Gresley by John Leatherdale. Rail User group. Station enhancements . The Mosquito. Britain’s iconic fighter/bomber . Trevor Lawman. WW2 Mosquito pilot. Alan Lawrence Hairdressers. Anniversary congratulations. Room 89. Local news and Forthcoming events. MARCH2016ISSUE
  2. 2. 2 Tailoring and repairs by experTs UNCOVERING OUR PAST – THE ‘BATTLE OF THREE KINGS’ And remembering the 14th of April... How many readers of the Hadley Wood News will know about the momentous event which took place in the fields near Hadley Wood on Easter Day, the 14th of April, 1471? William Shakespeare did when he immortalised that event in Henry VI Part III. Those who designed the coat of arms of the London Borough of Barnet did when they included crossed swords on the crest and the white rose of York and the red rose of Lancaster on the shield. But today, as dog walkers gaze over the rolling countryside visible from Bartram’s Field and shoppers drive past Monken Hadley on their way to Barnet High Street, few will be thinking of how three Kings of England remains for most residents something of a secret. Indeed, apart from the obelisk commemorating the death of Warwick at Hadley Highstone, a small but interesting exhibition in Barnet Museum and the occasional guided tour of the possible battlefield site, there is little to mark this historic clash of arms or its significance for our community. That is about to change... Survey of the Battlefield Although we know for certain that the Battle was fought somewhere to the north of Barnet High Street, we are uncertain about its exact location – and now at long last after many years of careful planning an archaeological survey sponsored by The Hadley Trust is underway which may provide some answers. Project supervisor, Sam Wilson, is leading an experienced team of metal detectorists who have already started their survey of land to the (Edward IV, Henry VI and the future Richard III) clashed in mortal conflict in one of the most significant and bloody battles to be fought on English soil. And how many residents of Hadley Wood will know about the tales of treachery, confusion and mistaken identity which circulated in the swirling mists of Hadley Common on that fateful day, or how hand guns from Burgundy were used for the first time in an English battle, or the terrible slaughter that took place as the Lancastrian soldiers retreated under the onslaught of the Yorkist right wing commanded by the young Richard Duke of Gloucester, or can imagine the dreadful scene as the most powerful man in England, the Earl of Warwick, was cut down under an oak tree and his body then carted off to be displayed in St Paul’s Cathedral? All this took place on or near to the place where we live, and yet the Battle For your car. Full interior shampooing Detailing and waxing Regular Mini Valets Alloy wheel repair Patio and Driveway cleaning Call 07973-272347 or 0208440-5135020 8449 2687 Crescent West Laser Hair Removal More Safe, Permanent and Efficient than any other treatments currently available Suitable for All Skin Tones Painting by Agnes Allen of the Barnet Guild of Artists to mark the 500th anniversary of the Battle in 1971
  3. 3. 3 north of Hadley Green. They have uncovered finds from a wide sweep of history which are being processed at Barnet Museum. In particular Sam and his team are looking for lead shot from the handguns which would be less likely to degrade over the centuries but will be more difficult to detect in soil which has been churned up by the plough. Overseeing the archaeology and documentary research is Professor Glen Foard of Huddersfield University who recently discovered the site of the Battle of Bosworth (where Richard III was killed) two miles south-west of the ‘traditional’ location of the action and unearthed the largest number of cannon balls ever found on a medieval battle field. We are fortunate that the Battle of Barnet Project to uncover our local heritage is in such capable hands. Latest update from the ‘front line’ According to Sam Wilson, the search for ESTABLISHED 1910 FUNERAL DIRECTORS & MONUMENTAL CRAFTSMEN A funeral plan is a way to express your final wishes. Documenting what you want can ease the emotional and financial strain on loved ones, family and friends, at a very distressing time. Having instructions in place can make it easier for the loved ones you leave behind.  Guaranteed fixed price avoiding inflation  Financial security as funds are held in Funeral Planning Trust  Choose and personalise your own arrangement A funeral plan offers peace of mind for you and your family. 10 London Road, Enfield, EN2 6EB  Tel: 020 8366 0999 / 020 8447 5675  WWW.F-UPSON.CO.UK  INFO@F-UPSON.CO.UK archaeological remains of the Battle is progressing well, with surveying focused both in and around Wrotham Park at present. Although no firm evidence has yet been found of the Battle, the team has recovered a number of interesting artefacts, dated broadly to the late medieval and post medieval periods, which are providing tantalising clues about the historic activity in the area. Sam also reports that excellent progress is being made with the historic landscape reconstruction and documentary analysis and hopes that “once the agricultural regime allows, favoured areas based on this research can be surveyed and will turn up new and important results.” Further progress will be reported in future editions of the Hadley Wood News together with an account of the Battle itself. John Hall ASSISTED TRAVEL. Need assistance now to travel by train to or from Hadley Wood? Telephone GTR’s helpline 0800 058 2844 or Textphone 0800 975 1052 giving as much notice as possible The Battle of Barnet Project aims to increase awareness of the Battle , the people involved and its place in history, as well as discovering more about medieval Barnet. There will be various activities and THE BATTLE OF BARNET PROJECT – WHAT IS IT? Painting and Decorating Services Interior and Exterior HOMELINE H: 01992302867 M: 07775972211 Mr M.Barrett events for the local community, generating interest and pride in our local heritage. The Project is organised by The Battle of Barnet Partnership: Barnet Museum, The Barnet Society and The Battlefields Trust, with the support of Huddersfield University. They are currently applying to the Heritage Lottery Fund to fund these activities. If you would like to get involved, fill in a ‘Can you help’ form (available at the Barnet Museum’s website The Museum’s website has information about the Project, including updates and photos. You can also find articles and information on Barnet Museum’s facebook page (www. and The Barnet Society’s website. Barnet Museum has a display about the Battle of Barnet. The Museum’s collection of objects, documents and photographs covers life in Barnet from ancient times to the present day. Barnet Museum is a centre for local and family history research. It runs visits to local schools and other local groups and has an active local history society. Sam Wilson who is leading the archaeological research has also provided links to the Project youtubepage which will be updated with videos ( N70AHrDmX_Zkaawiu2ew)
  4. 4. 4 North London & Hertfordshire’s leading Independent Catholic School Girls aged 11–18 Contact our Admissions Team for details on our multiple Open Mornings & Evenings or for a Personal Tour “This is where I belong” St Martha’s School, Camlet Way, Hadley Wood, Barnet, Hertfordshire EN4 0NJ Tel: 0208-449-6889 | | St Martha’s Flying Scotsman steamed through Hadley Wood just after 8am on 25 February 2016 to the delight of a hundred or more onlookers, including members of the HW Rail User Group and serious train spotters, confirming its reputation as the most famous steam locomotive in the world. The crisp overnight frost was melting in the low morning sun and the engine looked resplendent in freshly-painted British Rail green after a rebuild costing over £4 million. This was the third of the A1 Pacifics designed by Sir Nigel Gresley to pull express trains. It was built at Doncaster in 1923 by the Great Northern Railway, which became part of the London and North Eastern Railway the same year. LNER used it as its flagship engine for appearances in films and promotions and exhibited it at the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley in 1924. From 1928 it regularly pulled the non-stop London-Edinburgh ‘The Flying Scotsman’ that left King’s Cross at 10am and completed the 392 miles in under eight hours. Gresley designed the special corridor tender to allow for a crew change on the run and water was replenished from troughs between the rails. On a run back to King’s Cross in 1934 Flying Scotsman exceeded 100mph in officially recognised trials, although the City of Truro on the Great Western Railway claimed to have reached a hundred in 1904. Gresley’s Pacifics were always crowd- pullers; fast and elegant, they caught the public’s eye and the attention of the media. The distinctive design, with three cylinders but only two sets of valve gear, produced smooth power with ease of access for maintenance. As railways were invented in a small island where the pioneers set tight loading gauges, British steam engines were small compared with those in America and other vast countries where huge freight trains had to be moved over much greater distances by brute force. Modifications were made periodically to introduce design improvements: after the war Flying Scotsman was upgraded to an A3 Pacific and German-type smoke deflectors were fitted. In 1963 British Rail withdrew it from service after more than two million miles and planned to sell it as scrap for £3000. Since that date it has had four owners who have lavished enormous amounts of THE FLYING SCOTSMAN RETURNS Photo by Sarah Wynn
  5. 5. 5 money and enthusiasm to restore, maintain and operate the locomotive. Two of them were driven into bankruptcy. First it was bought by Alan Pegler who was given the only licence to run a steam locomotive on mainline BR tracks. In 1969 after a major refit https:// A3_4472_Flying_Scotsman-cite_note- TelgObit-18 he took it to North America to promoteBritishexportswithencouragement from Harold Wilson. To comply with local railway regulations it was fitted with a cowcatcher, bell and whistle and a high- powered headlamp. Some states refused to let it through, regarding it as a fire risk. Pegler was bankrupted and William McAlpine bought it back from receivers in San Francisco for £25,000 and shipped it home in 1973. After restoration and tourist runs from Dartmouth and Carnforth, he shipped it to Australia in 1988 for the bicentennial celebrations and a steam festival where it travelled another 28,000 miles. On 8 August 1989 Flying Scotsman set another record between Melbourne and Alice Springs, travelling 422 miles of the route non-stop, the longest run by a steam locomotive ever recorded. Flying Scotsman returned to Britain in 1990 and continued working on the mainline until its mainline certificate expired in 1993. Facing further refurbishment costs to return to main line operation, it was bought by Dr Tony Marchington, who spent £1 million restoring it but, after two years’ operation on the main line, he too was declared bankrupt. After a national fund-raising campaign it was bought in April 2004 by the National Railway Museum. It ran for a while to raise funds for its full restoration in the Museum’s workshops to return it to Gresley’s original specification. New problems revealed themselves at every stage and additional work had to be done by Riley & Sons in Bury. It was ten years before Flying Scotsman was once again pulling excursion trains out of King’s Cross. Shortly after Flying Scotsman had gone through Hadley Wood on its inaugural run, a regular express thundered by on the fast line, just too late to obscure our view. A red diesel engine followed, insurance against a breakdown, and after the billowing white smoke had dissipated some of us repaired to Panini’s for a coffee, even a fry up with black pudding, just what Michael Portillo, our former MP, would have been having in the restaurant car. Those ‘still a-bed need not think themselves accurs’d they were not here’ as Flying Scotsman is scheduled to pass through Hadley Wood again on 10th and 14th May and 18th June. John Leatherdale The Mary Beale Restaurant Enjoy delicious food in beautiful surroundings.We pride ourselves on using as much locally sourced and seasonal ingredients as possible. Weddings, Private Parties and Celebrations West Lodge Park is the perfect venue to host your celebration.Whether you choose from one of our inclusive packages or tailor your event yourself, our banqueting facilities and expertise are hard to beat. YOUR COUNTRY RETREAT WEST LODGE PARK Cockfosters Road, Hadley Wood, Herts, EN4 0PY. T: 020 8216 3900 Email: 7 0 YEARSOFTHE B EALE FAMILY AT W ESTLODGEPAR K•1945 - 2015• 13245-Beales_WLP_HWN_1114.indd 1 21/11/2014 16:25 Dr Keith Garber Dr Andrew Halmer Dr Alvise Marin All aspects of general dentistry offered throughout the week including Saturday morning appointments Please contact our reception 16 Crescent West, Hadley Wood, Barnet, Herts, EN4 0EJ Tel: 020 8441 0257 WINDOW CLEANING SERVICES Includes Frames, Sills, Doors and Conservatories 6 or 8 Weekly Cleans or One off Clean References available. All work guaranteed A Local Small Company Based In Barnet Tel. 0208 441 8100 or 07861 764 994 email: one to one fitness Email: Tel: 02084471661 / Mob: 07798776248 12 Crescent West, Hadley Wood, Herts, EN4 0EJ Beware of cheap imitations one to one fitness Email: Tel: 02084471661 / Mob: 07798776248 12 Crescent West, Hadley Wood, Herts, EN4 0EJ Beware of cheap imitations one to one fitness Email: Tel: 02084471661 / Mob: 07798776248 12 Crescent West, Hadley Wood, Herts, EN4 0EJ Beware of cheap imitations one to one fitness Email: Tel: 02084471661 / Mob: 07798776248 12 Crescent West, Hadley Wood, Herts, EN4 0EJ Beware of cheap imitations PhotobySimonCohen
  6. 6. 6 SIR NIGEL GRESLEY Sir Nigel Gresley, widely regarded as one of the most inventive and influential steam locomotive designers, lived in Hadley Wood from 1923 to 1929. He was born in Edinburgh on 19 June 1876 but was brought up in the family home at Netherseal in Derbyshire where his father was the rector and his grandfather the ninth Baronet Gresley. At school at Marlborough College in Wiltshire he developed his abilities in mechanical drawing and won the top science prize. When he left in 1893 he was apprenticed at the Crewe locomotive works. He progressed rapidly and was appointed Chief Mechanical Engineer of the Great Northern Railway at Doncaster in 1911, responsible for the design, running and maintenance of all its locomotives and rolling stock. In 1922 he had designed and started to build the AI Pacifics including Flying Scotsman. When the GNR merged with other companies to become the London and North Eastern Railway in 1923, he became its CME based at King’s Cross where he designed the A4 Pacifics including Mallard. Being a countryman at heart, he bought Camlet House in Beech Hill, Hadley Wood. He joined Hadley Wood Golf Club shortly after it was opened and was captain in 1928-29. There is an apocryphal story that express trains stopped at Hadley Wood to take him to and from the office but this has been vehemently denied. When his wife died in 1929 after a distressing illness he went to the Canadian Rockies to rest and recover but could not resist the opportunity to drive an enormous Canadian Pacific steam train over the Rockies from Banff to Glacier. He never lived in Camlet House again and moved to Salisbury Hall, an Elizabethan house with a moat near St Albans where he could breed different species of wild duck. Gresley continued to improve his designs and in 1935 produced the first of the ‘Silver Jubilee’ streamlined A4 Pacifics, which created a sensation both for their appearance and speed, easily exceeding 110 mph with a 40% reduction in the horsepower required. Diesels in Germany and America were faster but Gresley thought steam could still beat them. The faster trains needed better brakes. On 3rd July 1938 Westinghouse engineers were invited to test their braking system on the East Coast main line. Only when they were on the train were they told that an attempt was to be made to break the speed record. Mallard was chosen to pull the train as it was just four months old, well run-in, and fitted with the latest design features. The secrecy was intended to keep not only the rival LMS in the dark but also the LNER permanent way engineers as the official speed limit was only 90mph. The dynamometer recorded a speed of 126mph over a short distance south of Grantham despite a speed restriction at the start and the need to slow down for a junction at the end. At that speed the huge 6 ft. 8 in. driving wheels were doing more than eight revolutions a second. The big end in the middle cylinder overheated and Mallard had to limp on to Peterborough and back to Doncaster to be repaired. Although this world speed record for steam locomotives still stands, both Gresley and the driver believed they could reach 130mph and planned another attempt which was thwarted by the war. In 1936 he was knighted by King Edward VIII, elected president of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and started to design electric locomotives. In 1937 the directors of the LNER decided as a surprise to name the 100th Pacific Sir Nigel Gresley. This engine has been restored at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway and still steams through Hadley Wood occasionally. Despite persistent warnings from his doctor Gresley refused to reduce his workload ‘because there was a war on’ and died of a heart attack on 5 April 1941 at his daughter’s house at Watton-at-Stone. On 3 July 2013, the six surviving A4 Pacifics mustered at the National Railway Museum at York to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the world speed record: Mallard, Bittern, Sir Nigel Gresley and Union of South Africa were joined by Dwight D. Eisenhower from Wisconsin and Dominion of Canada from the Canadian Railway Museum in Montreal. John Leatherdale
  7. 7. 7 ASSISTED TRAVEL. Need assistance now to travel by train to or from Hadley Wood? Telephone GTR’s helpline 0800 058 2844 or Textphone 0800 975 1052 giving as much notice as possible SEVENTY-five years ago it was rolled out of its hangar for its maiden flight, the prototype of one of Britain’s most iconic aeroplanes reprised that event on Wednesday, November 25th 2015. The de Havilland Mosquito, glistening in its newly applied paintwork at the end of a five-year full restoration project aided by a £41,000 Heritage Lottery Fund grant, is the star resident at the de Havilland Aircraft Museum in the grounds of historic Salisbury Hall at London Colney, Herts. After its first flight, made from the company’s Hatfield airfield, the Mosquito became Britain’s first true multi-role aircraft, surpassing de Havilland’s earlier multi-role aeroplane, the DH4 in the First World War, and was also the world’s fastest operational frontline aeroplane, taking part in a number of famous operations against enemy targets during the 1939-45 war. The prototype, W4050, was used for three years as a flying test bed for different versions of the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine which powered thousands of the Royal Air Force fighters and bombers. W4050 became the fastest Mosquito of the near-8,000 built, reaching 439mph in level flight. It was returned to de Havilland at Hatfield in 1943, and in 1959 became the first aircraft at the museum set up by the owner of Salisbury Hall, Walter Goldsmith. That the museum was set up at all was a fluke. Mr Goldsmith, the new owner of the hall, discovered during renovation works a number of drawings on a wall. Knowing of the hall’s connection with de Havilland, which in 1940 set up the Mosquito design office there, he asked the company about his find. The drawings were of the Mosquito wing, and learning that the prototype still existed, he asked de Havilland if he could have it. The answer was yes, and W4050 returned to the place where it had not only been designed but built as well in hangars specially constructed in the hall grounds. It has been at the museum ever since on long-term loan. As it was rolled out of its hangar Howard Mason, heritage manager at BAE Systems which includes the de Havilland Aircraft Co, presented the museum with the official documents making it the legal owner of the prototype. This was applauded by the audience at the celebration, which included the Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire, the Countess Verulam, the High Sheriff of Hertfordshire Jonathan Trower, the Mayors of nearby St Albans Salih Gaygusuz, the Mayor of Hertsmere Martin Worster, the chief executive of the RAF Museum Maggie Appleton, and Second World War Mosquito aircrew veterans. Today the museum, run entirely by unpaid volunteers, has three Mosquitos on display, more than any other museum in the world, and a fitting tribute to the skills of those who designed and built the aircraft, and the courage of those who flew them during the Second World War. Celebrating 75 years of the one and only Mosquito FUN FOR ALL AT THE FAMOUS DE HAVILLAND AIRCRAFT MUSEUM For more than half a century Britain’s oldest aviation museum has been a magnet for everyone interested in the planes that made a local company the world leader in both civil and military aircraft. It is a great day out for all the family. As well as seeing the 20 early biplanes, piston- engine and jet aircraft – including three de Havilland Mosquitoes - on display and undergoing restoration work in the main hangar, youngsters and parents can go inside de Havilland’s Trident, Dove, Heron, Sea Vixen and Horsa troop carrying glider, and also sit in some of the cockpits. Youngsters can also win prizes in two special quizzes, the Young Aviators Passport and the Mosquito Mission Passport. For the first time since it was taken out of airline service in 1954 visitors will also be able to go inside the world’s first jet airliner, the sole surviving wholly original de Havilland Comet 1. It is currently undergoing major refurbishment. In the well-stocked Aeroshop a range of art prints, model aircraft kits, aviation books, museum polo shirts and caps is on sale, plus tasty refreshments, making a visit great fun for all. The museum is at Salisbury Hall London Colney and is open on Tuesdays Thursdays Fridays and Bank holidays For those travelling by car the museum is off Junction 22 of the M25. For more information visit
  8. 8. 8 Tel: 01707 663 738 DORCHENA INTERIORS INTERIORS LTD - U ITALIAN DESIGNER KITCHENS, BEDROOMS & BATHROOMS Dorchena Interiors Ad:Layout 1 08/03/2014 17:52 Pa Conversations with a Mosquito pilot Talking to someone who actually flew Mosquitos in WW2 is a special experience. Trevor Lawman was born in 1922 and at the outbreak of war was living in Potters Bar. Starting work in the Civil Service he eventually became Private Secretary to Ernest Marples later to the combative Barbara Castle and subsequently went on to serve as a member of the Cabinet Secretariat at No 10 attending Ted Heath’s cabinet meetings. However like thousands of young men his career was initially cut short by the war. Joining up in the RAF he was selected for flying training at Scarborough and then SywellaerodromeinNorthampton.Therehe learned to fly Tiger Moths those wonderful old biplanes. 2 seats. One behind the other. No canopy over the cockpit so that pilot and co pilot flew exposed to the elements wearing their goggles and flying jackets. Red Barons. Next step was Canada for further training. He and his fellow flyers sailed on the Queen Mary. Her damaged bows from a previous collision made her an easy prey for U boats though it was a safe trip. After more training, qualification as a Pilot, the award of his ‘Wings’ and a period as an Instructor it was back to Europe in the Mauretania the ship packed with US and Canadian soldiers. Three people to a bunk so each slept for 8 hours before handing over to the next one! Back home he started flying Mosquitos known by the RAF as Wooden Wonders. Made of balsa wood they were lightweight and fast and became famous during the war for their incredible record as Pathfinders, fighters and fighter bombers. What were they like to fly I asked “Very good” said Trevor “Difficult to get into though. You had to stand outside the cockpit and sling your parachute up into the open door before climbing in. My navigator/bomb aimer sat below and behind me so he was a bit difficult to converse with”. Once training was completed he was transferred to India with other pilots in a Dakota stopping along the way in Malta, Palestine, Iraq Karachi and finally Bangalore, crash landing once with an engine on fire but with no damage to the passengers or crew. Once in India Trevor joined 211 squadron flying Mosquitos and learning low level flying. These aircraft were not really made for hot environments. Trevor remembered one pilot climbing onto the tail plane to check the air speed indicator only for the tail section to fall off! ‘Glue probably melted’ Trevor commented cheerfully Eventually the war ended and Trevor returned home to marry, raise a family and resume his career in the Civil Service. Now a charming 94 year old widower he has been a keen Arsenal supporter since before the war and regularly attends the Emirates stadium for home games sometimes with a son or grandson. He also shops and cooks for himself in his home at Cockfosters and has only recently given up golf at HWGC. Made of stern stuff these ex RAF pilots! Rod Armstrong
  9. 9. 9 The Spring 2016 clothes sale! Dawn Ledgard Events... beautiful clothes at amazing prices! Come and see our extensive range of NEW, DESIGNER LADIES TROUSERS, JEANS, CROPS, SEPARATES, OUTFITS, JACKETS & JEWELLERY Wednesday 6th April 2016 10.30am until 4pm THE HADLEY WOOD ASSOCIATION CENTRE 7 CRESCENT EAST, HADLEY WOOD, EN4 0EL (behind the tennis courts & near the station) Everyone is welcome. Bring your friends, come for a coffee & browse in a relaxed atmosphere! £1 entrance & commission from your sales to Cherry Lodge Cancer Care (Reg Charity No 1011629) come & support a great and much needed local charity! For more info 01344454423 or 07790326981 Station Cuttings and a Celebrity Train Just as the last edition went to press, we were delighted to hear that GTR had committed to a package of improvements to our station over the coming months, thanks particularly to Rail User Group (RUG) activity. Our petition for step-free access will result in the creation of a new entrance to the northbound platform. This will allow everyone arriving from the south to exit the station without climbing the 34 stairs, a significant challenge for those with encumbrances and a complete impediment for those with disabilities. Travellers needing step-free facilities to go southbound from Hadley Wood will be able to utilise a circulatory route via step- free Potters Bar on to the southbound line. The train service from Potters Bar includes faster services into London that do not stop at Hadley Wood and other intermediate stations. All travellers can benefit from the step-free interchanges at Highbury & Islington, King’s Cross, Green Park etc. Additional expected improvements are new waiting facilities and enhanced service information on the northbound platform, a new departures screen at the main entrance at street level, and cycle racks on the station forecourt. We are also working with the Station Manager on enhancements to the forecourt and ticket office. New members – and ideas – are always welcome. Our next meeting is at St Paul’s Church Hall on Tuesday 19 April, starting at 7pm (as usual preceding the Neighbourhood Planning Forum). Many thanks are due to Gillian Henley for her redesign and expansion of our web pages, now rebranded <Railway>, and to website manager George McCormick. The <Railway> pages contain a wealth of information, including the RUG’s progress in working with GTR to enhance our station’s facilities. Intending travellers will find direct links to the Assisted Travel Scheme, the train timetable and live running, and details of the other transport services here – the shoppers’ bus and the Great North Cycleway. And the <Useful Links> page includes not only RUG resources but also the National Rail Museum, steam train movements and rail tours. The most recent railway excitement has been the passage of the newly-refurbished Flying Scotsman through Hadley Wood on its inaugural run to York on 25th February. The RUG provided matching BR Green balloons to the goodly crowd of all ages – including our special guest, the Chair of RailFuture South-East, Keith Dyall – who gathered bright and early to cheer the iconic locomotive along. Read about its special links with Hadley Wood elsewhere in this edition. Among its passengers was our ex-MP Michael Portillo, who enthused on television that this “had to be the Greatest British Railway Journey”! Francesca Caine PhotobyCarolineFroud
  10. 10. 10 What is room 89 Room 89 in Union St Barnet is an inspired shopping experience. Here are many unique, original and stylish items collected and crafted by a group of talented young Barnet women. The shop provides an eclectic mix of items from succulents growing in beaten copper pots to glamorous easy to wear sweaters and tops. There is restored furniture and household items, beautiful screen painted wallpaper, a range of hand made dresses, cardigans, hats and bootees for small children and a wonderful range of natural beauty products from Italy Syria and Morocco. Their products can decorate your walls with original artwork and your wrists with original beaded jewellery made from the highest quality Czech glass beads and crystals. The shop can be found at at 10 Union St, Barnet, Herts EN5 4HZ near the junction of Union St and the High St. Opening times Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 5.00pm To contact us ring Terry on 07929122353 or check our website at timeline twitter@89Lifestyle HERTFORD TV SERVICE UNIT 1B, FOXHOLES AVENUE, HERTFORD SG13 7JG LOCAL FAMILY BUSINESS ESTABLISHED FOR OVER 35 YEARS • ALLWORK FULLY GUARANTEED Tel: 01992 552955 DIGITAL FREEVIEW AERIAL INSTALLATIONS EXTRA TV POINTS & SKY PLAYBACK AERIAL REPAIRS & STORM DAMAGE DAB/FM AERIALS & COMMUNAL TV SYSTEMS FREESAT HD, SKYHD & SKY + HIDDEN DISH SPECIALISTS & FOREIGN SATELLITE PLASMA/LCD/LED TV, AUDIO & DVD REPAIRS TV WALL INSTALLATIONS & HIDDEN CABLES GOT SLOW BROADBAND? WE INSTALL TOOWAY SATELLITE BROADBAND WITH DOWNLOAD SPEEDS UP TO 20MBPS CCTV INSTALLATIONS IN HD – WATCH ON YOUR IPAD/PHONE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD WIFI ACCESS POINTS & DATA NETWORK DISTRIBUTION SONOS HOME AUDIO SPECIALISTS WOW It was March 1976 that Alan and David set about giving the people of Hadley Wood the West End experience. David who was previously with Leonard in Mayfair, and Alan, Sassoon trained, burst into Hadley Wood at the start of one of our hottest summers, completely changing the dated way the salon operated. They went on to establish it as the area’s premier salon, with people travelling from far and wide to enjoy the services offered. Even to this day, many of the original clients’ children, and their children come to us, creating generations of loyal clients which is a great accolade. We continue to welcome all old and new clients, and we are looking forward to the future as much now, as in 1976 We would love to hear from any clients that have been to us in the last 40 years for a hello comment. David Sanders Alan Laurence
  11. 11. 11 ASSISTED TRAVEL. Need assistance now to travel by train to or from Hadley Wood? Telephone GTR’s helpline 0800 058 2844 or Textphone 0800 975 1052 giving as much notice as possible Forthcoming events Easter Tennis Camp Hadley Wood Tennis Club March 30th-April 6th. Tel. Stuart Martin 07787552326 Dawn Ledgard Sale HWA Centre April 6th. Details page 9 Rail User Group St Paul’s Church Hall Tuesday April 19th 7.00pm Neighbourhood Forum St Paul’s Church Hall April 19th to follow RUG Cherry Lodge Tea Party HWGC. April 25th. Details page 3 Ladies – Golf day for beginners HWGC. April 29th Tel. Judith. 07708112769 Drone lands in Hadley Wood The attached photo shows a Drone which landed in a local residents garden dangerously close to the footpath used by children attending the Hadley Wood Primary school. The owner should contact the Neighbourhood Police at New Plan for Enfield This document is an update to the previously published Local Plan. It discusses options open to Enfield Council for dealing with future local population increases. Building new homes, improving transport links, creating jobs etc. It is worth reading if you have not seen it already. Section 3 is interesting and possibly relevant to us. It deals with the optimization of so called Growth Corridors, Hadley Wood being described as a secondary Growth corridor. It also questions whether there are specific areas of the Greenbelt that no longer fulfill their intended purpose and whether Greenbelt settlements might be expanded. Five existing Greenbelt settlements are mentioned notably Botany Bay, Bulls Cross, Clay Hill, Crews Hill and Hadley Wood. It is a consultation document only and has already been studied and replied to by Esther Kurland on behalf of the Neighbourhood Forum. We should all be keeping an eye on these proposals. Rod Armstrong Hadley Wood Golf Club Calling all Lady Golfers – Ladies Introductory Morning Friday, 29th April The Ladies section of Hadley Wood Golf Club would like to invite you to an introductory morning on Friday, 29th April at 10.30 am for ladies who would like to take up the game of golf or are returning to it. The morning will include refreshments and a free taster session on our practice ground with our club pros or a few holes with a current lady member depending on your ability. If you know of anyone who would be interested in attending then please email Judith Smith on or call on 07708 112769. We look for to welcoming you on Friday, 29 April. Judith Smith
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