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Student info henry


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Student info henry

  1. 1. 此項資料只供教學參考(The information you provided is for this class statistical useonly)學員簡介(STUDENT GENERAL INFORMATION)姓 (Last Name) PAN 名(First Name)Henry MI H電郵地址(Email) (Optional)電話(Phone): 住宅 (Home) ___________________ (Optional)手機(Cell )________________________ (Optional)職業(Occupation): IT Architect (Optional)學習過的書畫(Experience in Art) 請在學過的書畫前打勾(Please check if you have taken any of the following Artclasses) 學習起迄時間與經驗 (years of experience) 油畫(Oil Painting) 水彩畫(Water Color) 素描 (Sketch) 中國畫(Chinese Painting) 山水(landscape) 中國畫(Chinese Painting) 花鳥(Flowers & Birds) 中國畫(Chinese Painting) 人物(Persons) 中國書法 (Calligraphy) 其他(Other)請簡述對本課的要求與期望(Briefly describe what you expect to accomplish from taking thiscourse) Learning basic Chinese painting___________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. 2. 請簡述您想在本課中學些甚麽 (Briefly describe what you would like to learn from this course) Basic Chinese painting________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________