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Project development

  1. 1. (sfgate) Product Digital Development & Advertising Dog Mood Translator -- by Sonny Sun, June 22,13 for Tom Bassett The Original Product: Dog Tracker Dog tracker is a device that tracks the dog’s physical activity data and sends to its owner for them to keep track on their dog’s health condition.     Dog Mood Translator A dog translator is made for translating the dog's feelings, emotions, thinking process in human languages. It also translates human thoughts back to the dog. It does not only track the dog’s physical information but also emotional information in human languages through a smart phone. How does it work: Our brains generate different brainwaves for different feelings we have, different emotions we are in and different things we see. Same as dogs, by collecting these brainwaves we can easily picture our dog’s emotions. It works the same way to translate human thoughts back to the dog. Cultural Background There are more dogs in SF than children. (sfgate) • “I thought the purpose of getting a dog was to share your life with it and give it the best possible life that you can.” -unknown • “Why own a social animal with limited socialization?” -unknown • The younger generation has shifted their culture ideals.They don't have strong pressures to get married and have babies as their parents had.  • Dogs fill the void and allow them to test-drive parenting. Dogs become stepping stones before having a child.   • The Biggest age group in San Francisco is 25-34 years olds • 91% of dog owners consider a dog is an important part of a family. • The biggest concern for them is not being a good dog parent. Because of the “language barriers”, they cannot fully understand their dogs.As the young generation becomes more and more social, they feel guilty for not having enough time for their dogs. • 63% of them are willing to pay more money to buy a good brand of supplies for their dogs even though they don't know if their dogs like them or not.  -nielsen 91% How to Make It Meaningful to Dog Owners? • To Be the Best Parents: To experience the real conversation with your dog, by fully understanding each other, you will always know the truth about your dog and know what they really need and want. • Remove the “Language Barrier” :  Dog mood translator enables you to fully understand your dog and offers you the first opportunity to naturally and emotionally communicate with your dog. • Improve the Relationship: It makes you feel you are always with your dog even you are not.  What Make it Meaningful to All of Us? By collecting all the dogs physical and emotional information we could: • Better understand and control dogs, preventing danger away from dogs and human from both a physical and emotional level. • The data would be significantly valuable for dog supplies manufactures to better optimize their products. • The information and data is accessible to dog related facilities. • The information would strongly improve the working dog performances, like police dogs, sniffer dogs and guide dogs.