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Project origin f.e.a.r 2


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Project origin f.e.a.r 2

  1. 1. Jin Wang Victoria Na Daniel Beilharz
  2. 2. Visuals -Very ghostly and eerie, deserted areas. - Subdued and monotone; reflects on the horror game genre. -Camera slowly pans around large open areas. - Cityscape; camera slowly moves down. -- Playground ; zooms out to show the empty ghost like town.
  3. 3. - Camera angle is from first person’s perspective. - Red stands out and contrast with washed-out backdrop. - Fast flashes of image montage and game play. - Pacing is slow at first, then reaches sudden climax. Slows down again at ending. - Blank screens cued in-between scenes, Shocks viewers with new scene.
  4. 4. - Camera view obscures major character’s face from viewers. - Eye is drawn to the red
  5. 5. Soundtrack - Eerie and ambient children’s song heard at beginning. - No voice over narration, instead vague in-game dialogues can be heard. - Special sound effects uses during frame changing. - Playground; screeching metal sound, chilling and uncomfortable. - Screaming, heavy breathing, groaning, loud gunshots. - Heart beat monitor indicates death. - Wide change of audio tempo and volume.
  6. 6. The ‘message’ - Horror first person shooter - Includes flashbacks, told in past tense. - Children’s innocence becomes morbid and sinister.
  7. 7. The girl: leaving player wondering who she is.
  8. 8. - Post apocalyptic - Enclosed and isolated location, cold and dark - Abandoned playground. - Bloody hospital rooms
  9. 9. Gameplay - First person shooter. - Player experience fear and shock, unpredictable. - Atmosphere reflects on the actually playing experience. - Identity is left vague.
  10. 10. Beginning Ending
  11. 11. - Tempts the viewer to learn more by playing the game - Leaves the story and characters unclear. - Misleading